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Title: Bloodstained Noble

By: Melissa Norvell

Rating: T

Genre: Psychological/Angst/Adventure/Romance/Tragedy

Pairings: Hetero

Warnings: Blood, Gore, mild-language

Summary: I want to stain the white roses red…with the color of blood. MXF Review and I shall return the favor!



I want to stain the white roses red…with the color of blood. Pristine things are so hard to preserve and often end up being stained nonetheless. The fight to preserve anything pure is often fruitless.

Thoughts ran through a blonde noble's head as his gloved hand reached out to an innocent white rose, cradled snugly in an intricate vase. The menacing limb lifted the blossom as a beautiful man with shoulder-length, shaggy platinum hair and dazzling midnight eyes took in its sweet scent. The soft petals brushed against his pink lips as a small, gentle smile crossed his porcelain features.

I have learned that anything pure in this life…

Frowning, he ripped the petals savagely from the blossom, dispersing them haphazardly across the carpet.

was meant to be tainted.

Petals fluttered across the room, kissing his face as they fluttered by. The man watched them sail by with eyes framed with femininely long lashes. Eyes that held no shine. The color was a dull blue, a lifeless blue, nearly impossible of any human to posses.

Anything frail was meant to be broken. As long as someone wanted to go against the grain, something would happen to destroy anything precious that you hold dear.

However, I will not allow those in my life to succumb to death under a cruel murderer's hand without any given result. I believe in an eye for an eye and the sheer thought of spilling blood is enough to send shivers of pleasure down my spine.

Noble exterior, wrapped over the soul of a cold-blooded killer. If anyone knew of my sick hobby, I would be dethroned. I cannot let the deaths of my entire family go unnoticed or unpunished - seven deaths, seven suspects, and one bloodstained noble out for revenge. I know it sounds like a picturesque murder novel. However, when nobility are involved it's anything but picturesque.

These days, it's extremely hard to put up a front for too long before people become suspicious. Being a high-ranking member of royal society has its perks. I can easily draw people into my traps, simply by setting up an elaborate social event.

After all, I must show off my skills as a splendid executioner. It's not stimulating if you can't see their faces, riddled with horror or the twisted and glorious sight of bloodshed. That's one of the many thrills of the profession and at the same time, I get to wear the mask of being the victimized nobleman.

Prince Yaris Adair Staffordshire III, whose dark inspiration is none other than Jack the Ripper.

To Be Continued…

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