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Bloodstained Noble

Crime 7: Merciless Killer

By: Melissa Norvell


"First, however, I want you to answer my questions, Rin, or shall I say Lucille?" Yaris demanded as he pointed a finger at the long-haired woman in accusation.

Rin smiled. "So, you figured it out? I must give you credit. You're still the prodigy that your father, King Yaris, bragged about. I figured that you'd come here wanting answers. Since there will only be one winner, I'll tell you my reasonings behind everything. I can always kill you later, and bury the information with the body, in the depths of my mansion. I will crush you, and imprison your soul in my home of hell." Her voice was filled with all of the dark promise that she could muster putting into it. This was the final straw, and the game would soon be over.

"Why are you doing all of this? What's your goal in killing me, and why did you slaughter my family?" Yaris questioned. These were the very unanswered questions that he had built his life around answering. The questions that formed the being that he was today, and his very choice and style of life all rode on the outcome of her information.

"My real name is Lucille Ann Ladocise. I am born to a powerful family who owns many famous fashion stores across the world. My parents, Bellanna Catrice and Fitzgerald Bernard Ladocise were top notch, in society and financially. When we met the royal Staffordshire family, my mother thought it would be wise to arrange a marriage between your father and I. We were merely five at the time, and thought of each other no more than playmates. However, we grew to love each other over time. My father hated Prince Yaris II. He was against the wedding and promise to stop it at all costs." Rin explained.

"So, was it your mother's idea to set up the wedding?" Rosillia asked.

"Yes, she was personal friends with the Staffordshire family." She replied.

"I imagine that he broke it up?" Yaris questioned. After all, something had to happen to drive them apart.

"I fell ill to poisoning a week before our wedding. I found out soon afterwards that it was my own father who poisoned me. He told everyone that I had died of a rare illness, and locked me beneath the mansion. For years, I was hidden away from society in that hellhole. I was beaten and tortured as he became more and more controlling. One day, I snapped. I simply blacked out, and when I awoke my father lay dead on the floor. I had blood on my hands." Rin's voice ran cold with her explanation as faint traces of emotion lit her blue eyes. The subject pained her, but she spoke of it anyway.

"So, you killed him?" Rosillia pressed with a stern expression.

"I don't know but I assume that I did. Yaris told me that he'd wait for me. Why? Why did he not wait?" Pain marred itself on her face. The one strand of happiness had been taken from her, along with her freedom and humanity.

"He probably thought you were dead, along with everyone else." She didn't know if that would help the pain subside, but the pink-haired girl tried despite her eminent failure.

"He found another, and when I saw him for the first time, he was with her." Rin's words morphed into hatred. "I tried to tell him about what happened, and he simply didn't believe me and insisted I was crazy. From that moment, I hated him. I suffered through all of that madness and he simply laughed at me like I was a common loon. I happened to run across several people with ties to the Staffordshire family, and together, we plotted their assassination. However, we underestimated you. You were the child who should have never been born!" She yelled in anger as she ripped her Victorian skirt and jacket away, revealing a black cyber suit that was skin tight and revealing of her upper body and pulled out a sword from one of the hidden sheaths at her hips. She rushed at him with great speed. "So, I killed them all!"

The woman attempted to slice him with her weapon. Yaris barely moved in time as she continued her vicious assault, trying to stab and cut him. Red lips curved into a demonic smile. "I don't regret killing any of them! They all deserved it for the hell that they put me through! I suffered because of you! You are the product of everything I hate!" She kneeled on one knee and tried to slice his legs off, but he jumped up. Her blade attempted to dig itself into him yet again and he jumped back. "Don't you want to fight?" She taunted. "Don't you want to kill me? Isn't that what you're here for?"

Running at him, she tried to chop him down the middle and he barely got out of the way this time.

"You're such a delusional woman, my dear. I almost feel sorry for you." He commented cooly as his claws extended. He lunged at her, trying to decapitate her but he only managed to chop off some of her long hair. She turned to chop his back in half but he bent his arm backwards and blocked her with his claws. She spun and tried to cut his side and he blocked her again as their metallic blades clanked. They both jumped back.

Rosillia, who had been watching from the side lines, ran up and tried to stab Rin with her umbrella. The woman glanced over her shoulder and jumped out of the way, leaving Yaris who was turning around to stab her in Rosillia's line of fire. Shock and horror riddled both of their faces as they tried to avoid a catastrophe. The pink haired girl skidded to a stop and threw out her umbrella as it clashed with his claws.

"Do be careful. I'd hate to accidentally kill you." Slight irritation laced his voice for the first time in a while.

She nodded. "Right." The girl turned and drew back, trying to get her but she dodged and the floor dropped. Rosillia tried to turn but her back foot slipped on the uneven ground. Pink eyes widened as she fell, her body was weightless against the air as she heard the sound of crushing gears below her. Yaris grabbed her wrist and flung her to the ground before she lost sight of the floor.

"Try not to let yourself be killed by inanimate objects. It's rather embarrassing."

"Thanks…" She sighed, shaken but unable to recover just yet.

Rin and Yaris continued to fight against each other. Their weapons clashed over and over again. They clashed together with such force that both of them were propelled backwards. Rosillia finally pulled herself from the floor, nearly recovered from her near death experience.

"Killed by inanimate objects? Give me a break!" She ran up and slashed her umbrella towards Rin, trying to get her in the back but the woman dodged and it just went over her shoulder.

"Lady Rosillia Elaine Progmeyer, the granddaughter of the infamous Jack the Ripper. Who would have thought that you would be teaming up with someone who threw your grandfather's name around in false hood." Rin shot with a haughty expression. It was rather ironic, wasn't it?

"I know why he's doing it, so I don't care." Rosillia replied as she continued to try and stab the woman with her umbrella tip. "Besides, my family is cursed by that name. Because of the Jack the Ripper name, I can no longer be wed to a suitable suitor."

"Do tell me more, as if I will ever care!" Rin dodged for a moment, before finding a clearing and jutting forward, cutting the girl across the side as red droplets of blood flew into the air.

"Rosillia!" Yaris called out as the girl landed on her side.

Rin walked up to deliver the final blow, as her red essence spilled onto the mansion floor and the faint sound of cogs filled the air. Her blade was plunged down but blocked by an umbrella. It was Rosillia. She panted heavily as blood poured down her side. "I don't care what happens to me. I never have. What do you expect from a woman who was bartered away to a deranged mad man who wanted to see her organs adorning tree branches."

Yaris ran up behind her with his claws out and tried to deliver the final blow while Rin was distracted by the conversation but his blow fell short. His claws dug into the ground beside of Rosillia's head and she stared at him, wide-eyed. "Pardon me." He smiled politely.

"It's fine…" She blinked as he jumped and turned to claw Rin in the back.

The woman showed off her flexibility, nearly making her head touch the ground in order to dodge him.

"Do you honestly think…" She leaned up, catching his wrist. "That you can defeat me?" The white-haired woman inquired, nearly going into a fit of hysterical laughter as she brought her sword in to plunge into his body.

Yaris tried to dodge but it slashed his side, cutting the blue material of his coat, clean through to his skin. Rosillia attempted to charge at her again. This time, she landed a hit in on the woman, smacking her with her umbrella as she stumbled backwards and lost her footing. Rin's tall form hit hard against the ground.

"Thank you, Rosillia." The blonde replied with a faint smile and a hand over his ribs where his blood was quickly soaking his clothes.

The girl ran over to him with a look of concern on her face. "Will you be alright?"

"I'm not too worried about my health now. Let's concentrate on defeating Rin." He dismissed.


"Defeating me?" Rosillia heard that ominous voice intone as she glanced over her shoulder. She didn't have time to concentrate on anything as she was hit out of nowhere and knocked back. Yaris caught her as Rin charged at the both of them.

"I'll kill you both then! This is it! The legend of Jack the Ripper will die along with the two of you, and I can finally get my humanity back!" Her voice was high-pitched and crazed as she laughed and plunged her sword towards them.

Yaris stabbed forward, his claws plunged in between her breasts. Blue eyes widened in pain and shocked as flashbacks reeled through her head or Prince Yaris II, smiling at her. The two playing together and the way they both smiled.

'We'll always be together, won't we?' Her younger self asked the boy.

'Yes, forever. We'll get married and grow old together. You'll be my queen, Miss Lucille.'

Tears streamed down her face as she fell. 'Yaris Adair Staffordshire the second…I still…I still love you.' Her thoughts trailed as she hit the form, blood and white hair cascaded around her as the faint sound of her sword bouncing off of the ground rung through her senses. 'After all these years…I still love you…I never stopped.'

'All of that pain…I endured it for you…' A girl with long, white hair was struck in the face by an unforgiving fist. Over and over she was slapped, struck with a whip, beaten with blunt objects and burned. Her cries never escaped the darkness of the basement. Her bleeding heart was one that the world forgot.

She was shackled to the wall, hard, cold cuffs held her in place with long chains that were heavy to drag. 'Please…please come for me! I beg you!'

'And from that moment…I waited patiently.'

"Why? Why did you abandon me? Why have you never come to set my soul free?" Her voice faded as she took her last breath and whispered her final words into the air. "My love…"

"There it is…the fall of Lucille Ladocrise." Yaris said lowly with his arm outstretched and Rosillia in his other arm. "I have accomplished my goal. The last conspirator is dead."

"Your revenge is complete." Rosillia replied, but somehow felt empty. Was this what it was like, to come to peace with yourself? To now feel lost because your goal is gone, to rewrite a life you had been filling the pages to for years?

"It wasn't about revenge. It was about feeling at peace with myself. I had to live with that guilt riding on my shoulders. I was committed at the age of fifteen because of what I had seen. Before that incident, I was just a rich brat with no conception of the cruelty of the real world. Everything I ever had was given to me by fame and wealth and I knew no hardships of any kind." Yaris explained with a smile on his face. For once it was no mere façade. His smile was genuine and real, and he was truly at peace with the inner turmoil that he had been fighting since his youth.

"Happenings like that change you, and twist you into a different person." Above everything, Rosillia knew these feelings more than anything.

"I am simply a shadow of my former self, walking on the thin line of despair and sanity."

The pink-haired girl turned to him. "What will you do now?" She inquired. There was no goal left to achieve and now, everything felt hollow.

Yaris pulled a batch of matches from his breast pocket on his blue jacket and struck one of them, throwing it onto the the body before him. Flames erupted and consumed Rin. "We've already painted the town red, so let's set it up in flames, and watch it burn."

Rosillia's eyes widened. "What have you done?"

Suddenly, her arm was grabbed as the two of them took off running. This was the last step of his plan. More than anything, he would watch as the last remants of the past burned with a blazing passion into the ground. The two darted through the ball room and down the stairs.

"This is a little extreme, don't you think?" Rosillia asked as she struggled to catch up with his long-legged strides. She was practically beging drug behind him like a helpless doll.

"I want this place erased from my life. This place so full of memories." Yaris explained with a new found passion in his voice.

Flashbacks reeled through his head of a small boy with blonde hair and innocent eyes, hiding as he looked on in horror at the grotesque sight before him. The screams of his parents as they were being savagely killed run through his ears. His shadow rose, steel claws protruding from his small hands. The images of many dead bodies, most of them prostitutes, an image of Jack the Ripper in the newspaper, the visage of a pink-haired girl's face as she stared in horror as organs hung from the branches of a tree, set against a charcoal gray sky. Baron Rutherford smirked at her in wicked fashion.

"Let it all burn down. Purge my memories and let me start a new!" He shouted, busting through one of the side windows of the mansion. Shattered glass fell around them as Rosillia's body followed suit shock crossed her face and her form felt weightless against the air. She let out a yell as her black dress fluttered around her form before they both collided with the water of the river that surrounded the mansion.

Yaris surfaced moments after contact. "Are you alright, Lady Progmeyer?" He questioned as he glanced at her with his long, blonde locks plastered to his face and the feathers of his coat looking waterlogged.

Rosillia surfaced shortly after. "Must you do such crazy things?" Honestly, they would have escaped using the conventional method. He didn't have to scare the hell out of her by plunging them from a two story fall.

The fallen prince smiled. "Who would I be if I didn't?"

The two swam to shore, Yaris exited first and held his hand out helping the drenched girl as he pulled her from the water. The two of them stood on the bank as they watched the mansion burn to the ground.

The next day, they both stood facing each other. Their wounds had been assessed and taken care of and they both got a change of clothes. They were sound and safe at Yaris' mansion and stood in a beautiful garden, adorned with roses of all colors.

"What are you going to do now, Mr. Staffordshire?" Rosillia inquired, dressed in a pink party dress.

"I plan on returning to my kingdom. I may rule or I may simply run away and abandon my crown. I'd have some gall going back with my reputation. I'll eventually be caught if I am in ractive rule. I'll be assassinated or executed." It was best that he flee while he could. After all, pursuing such a goal would be blatantly stupid of him to do.

"Unless Jack the Ripper shows up where you are and clears your name." A dark smirk crossed the girl's pink lips.

"Oh?" Yaris arched an eyebrow, interested in what she had to say.

"If I do this for you then you have to go into a contract with me this time."

"I am indebted to you." He would have it no other way.

"Be my life long partner."

"What?" He blushed, not expecting that for an answer at all. For once, she had caught him off guard.

"I've grown quite fond of you, Yaris. You're the only one whose desired me this entire time, and I appreciate what you've done for my grandfather. Any man who idolizes Jack the Ripper would be a nice addition to the Progmeyer family." All of this time, Rosillia had growing feelings for him. Now that things died down, and he no longer had a goal to pursue, the only thingt she could do was to offer him her hand.

Now was her time to accomplish a growing goal that she had undertook. It was up to him to grant her heart's desire.

"Well, I can't admit that I didn't fall for your charm as well." He replied, wrapping her arms around her. "I'd love to become your partner."

The girl placed a small hand on the side of his face. "I've grown to love you, Prince Yaris."

The man closed his eyes, leaning into her touch affectionately. "I love you too, Lady Progmeyer, the only one who's stuck by my side all of this time." From point one, Rosillia had been there. She had gone through life and near death to be by his side. There was no one, this entire time for his entire existence had someone been so faithful.

"I'll follow you to hell and back and support you in all tha tyou do." This was a solemn promise that she would never break. Her actions of the past more than proof that she would do what she had intended for the rest of both of their lives.

"My fair lady." His last words were an admittance of his true feelings. Together, they would walk into a new life, living free of the guilt that the past had wroght upon them. It was finally time, for the both of them to shed their wounded wings and be reborn into a life free of the pains of the past.


Written: 4/20/10

Typed: 12/01/12

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