Catching The Thread Of Vanishing Dreams / Break My Stride

Our past relationship holds such an embarrassing memory
That reads like a mawkish and self-pitying teenage diary entry
Even though at the time, we had already eloped into adulthood by
Catching the thread of vanishing dreams, and I just despise how I faked
Being an experienced sculptor able to extract a beautiful statue from
Crude marble when in actuality the sacred journey I pledged for the
Both of us would inevitably get muddled in letters equivalent to scared.

And I'm not stunned that you refuse to pay this ransom like so many
Previously as my world consists of a sea beleaguered with exiles,
A shore stained with blood and a loaded gun anticipating on my heart,
However, I judge that this situation has been subject to the game of
Chinese whispers where the perception of me exterior to this atmosphere
Has generally signalled that my stride is eternally unbreakable when in reality
I'm simply having trouble breathing and want out from this perplex condition.

And today I've come to understand that if my qualms are swept under a rug,
Someday I'll redecorate and the vexations will once again impregnate zephyr
Causing the birth of another thunderstorm, so here is my attempt to give an evince
Call for your hand to guide me towards that blaze of truth identifiable from fifty
Kilometres away yet unreachable at this time, but if you never climb down from
Mount Everest I'll empathise with your emotions, however, I would truly appreciate
And cherish your companionship in regards to erasing this torment within my soul.