Pure and innocent.

It is said that snow can cover up all imperfections…

Flawless and perfect.

Even the crimson blood can't destroy it's flawless complexion.


The day where it all ends…

DokiDoki!! The heart stops for no one!


DokiDoki 1:

The harsh snow

"Kazutoshi!! Watch out!!" A well known woman screeched.

The sound of metal crunching together as well as glass shattering still echoed in my ears, but now a new sound surrounded me. A sound of a heartbeat, my own heartbeat. What is this feeling? I feel so detached all of a sudden… but…

"… You're going to be fine…" A soft voice called to me, "… Just hang on…"

What a pleasant feeling this is… I feel so peaceful… I feel like slipping away from this… even if I can hardly see right now and even though I don't understand what's happening right now… this is just enough. Maybe this is what they call 'death'… what a nice feeling…

"Hey! Boy!! Don't you dare go into the light! It's a fricken trap! Ya dipshit!" A not so pleasant girl yells.

… Is this… what the…

"Hey!! Hey!!! Ya not gonna die are you? Tch, if you do then… I guess you're a chicken!! Hahah, chicken~" After she said this she made some clucking sounds.

Is this… what they call an annoying wake-up call?

"Miss Chiyuki! Get out of here! We're operating on him!!"A loud voice boomed.

"Ehehe~ I'm soooo sorry! I promise not to do it again… but hey, at least he's coming back to life…" The girl said.

"Someone!! Get this girl out of here!!" The voice boomed again. It became quiet and then he spoke, "Geeze… who let her go in here?"

"It wasn't me sir…"

"Oh no… he's waking up…"

My eyes slowly opened to find a bright light glaring down on me and several nurses and doctors staring down on me. Suddenly out of nowhere a sharp pain throbbed in my chest and I found it hard to breath. I reached out and grabbed my chest. What's happening to me? And why am I in a hospital?

"… how annoying…" I coughed as I slowly sat up.

"Mister! Don't move, we're still operating on you!!" A nurse called as she gently pushed me down.

"Sir, how can he be awake? The drugs didn't work or…"

"… it's that damn Chiyuki… she never takes things so seriously…" The head doctor spoke and then his eyes darted towards me, "Give him some more so we can operate on him without anymore hassles."

"…wait… what's going on?" I ask as more nurses pushed me down while I struggled to get up, "Where's my parents? What's happened to them?!"

"Hurry up with the drugs, will you?" The head doctor says as he ignored my questions.

Only then I started to realize my greatest fears… but the only question remaining is… how did this all happen? Slowly my body became so tired and relaxed… could this be the drugs they're talking about… ugh, but I must fight it off… I need to get out of here… but…

My body flopped back onto the operating table and my eyes drooped down as I became unconscious once again and the pain slowly decreasing. Even if I had cheated death I still fear what's ahead of me…


"Yo, mom… I'm late for school… so can you hurry up?" I call out from the lounge room.

"Oh, sorry honey. I've lost my keys… Maybe your father can take you…" My mom smiles as she popped her head from behind the couch. Obviously she was looking for her keys from under the couch.

"… Fine… but he's gonna be pretty mad about being woken up at this time of hour…" I say.

Of course he would...Working late at night, coming home at 1:00 am and only getting his sleep during the daytime. It's like he's some kind of vampire… I turned to mom as she busily searched for her keys behind the curtains. I never appreciated how her hair ever shown so beautifully in the sun's rays… that light brown color…

"Eh? Is there something wrong?" Mom says with her cheerful smile.

I simply just shrugged and continued my journey to my parent's room. I knocked once and quickly opened the door abruptly.

"Hey, I need you to take me to school so…" I started as I walked into the room.

In a response my father mumbled something into his pillow and slowly got out of his warm bed. I'm not sure why my parents don't just swap their cars for a change, like mom using his car when she can't find her keys… but I guess it's much easier this way.

"… damn kids…" Dad mumbled as he stretched out of the bed.

"Looks like we're good to go… see you in the car…" I say as I trudge out of the room and into the hallway to be interrupted by my mom.

"I'm coming too. I forgot to buy something from the grocery store…" Mom says cheerfully.

I don't know where I get my personality from… but it's obvious it's not from my mom. Dad comes out his room with his so-blonde-that-it's-close-to-being-white hair all messed up and sleepy silver eyes. Yep, I take after my father.

"Let's get this over with…" Dad says as he moved ahead of us.

"Wait for me, Kazutoshi!!" Mom calls after Dad as she clings onto his arm.

They're pretty much a young couple and they kind of remind me one of those high-school couples, once that I look back on things…

All of a sudden everything skips over to us traveling in the car. Dad's staring at the road with sleepy eyes and Mom gazing at him with love-stricken eyes while I'm at the back staring at them with a sick feeling. Seeing too much of this 'love' makes me sick…

Despite it being winter I never did take notice of whether it's snowing or not, only now I noticed it. Pure and white… it sickens me just staring at something so innocent… But just then without any warning the car screeches as my father had just noticed that there was a red light.

"Kazutoshi!! Watch out!!" My mom screeches but it was too late as my Dad's sleepy eyes fixed onto my mother with horror stricken eyes.

Within a split second a unseen truck collided with our car from the side making the glass shatter everywhere. Everything slowed down for some reason and I watched as the hit from the truck smashed into my mom first before affecting the whole car.

By the great force of the truck, our car tipped over and over again and stopped when we all were upside down. Mom's long flowing light brown hair drifting upside down in the winter breeze as blood dripped down from her head. Dad was already unconscious and it seemed like he wasn't breathing… as scared as I was I quickly tried to pull off my seatbelt to find my hands covered in blood. I checked where the blood was coming from to find a glass fragment strangely lodged near where my heart was.

"Someone! Call help!!" A woman cried.

I turned my head to find the woman running to our aid. She bent down and looked at me with a comforting smile.

"You're going to be fine. Just hold on… you're parents are going to be fine…" She says.

Is that a promise? That's what I wanted to ask but it was already too painful for me to speak. I turned my head back to parents and stared at them as my mom's life drained away as her blood continued to drip from her head and my dad peacefully holding her hand as a small smile appeared on his face.

"Azuna… I love you…" He spoke softly as blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth.

"Kazutoshi…" She whispers.

She squeezes his hand and smiled back at him. They already knew their fate… but they can't just leave me… they can't be this selfish and just leave me all alone by myself. I wasn't as much damaged as they were and they already knew that but they can't do this to me, not now…

"… Oh, look it's snowing…" Dad managed to say.

"… My dear Yuki…" Mom whispered as she smiled to me, "…Take care…"

"Mom! Dad!!" I yell as I sat up.

I stopped and looked around to find myself back in the hospital and it was already dark. The pain from my chest was no longer there. I looked down to find some bandages wrapped around my torso.

"Sekozawa, Yuki. Blood type O. 16 year old male. Blood pressure, normal. Physical state, stable for now. Parents now deceased… Pierced lung and a few stitching, mental health is unstable for now…" A familiar girl called from across my bed.

My eyes were fixed on a girl who stood at the end of my bed reading the clip board and my diagnosis. Wait… she said parents deceased.

"… Who are you?" I say through my teeth, trying to block the rage.

"Hm? Me?" She says pointing at her face with a wide smile, "Chiyuki! Chiyuki Sotomura! I'm please to meet you, Yuki-kun! I was the one who saved you from going to the nasty bright light that takes you off to heaven~"

"… you're annoying… and why are you in my hospital room?!" I yell.

"Whoa, whoa!! Try not to yell, other patients are trying to sleep." She says with an innocent smile, "You selfish brat."

"What?! I've just lost my parents! Show some respect!!" I yell.

"Hm?" She says with a clueless expression, "You're still alive aren't you? What a selfish brat you are… while others may lose a leg, an arm, their sight or even their whole body you have to go about saying, 'Oh pity me! I've lost my parents while I'm still alive and well! Someone please kill me!!'. Ha! I hate people like you!"

I stare at her expressionlessly. I didn't even want to go that far into the conversation… and I can't remember stating that I'm better off dead…

"Ha! Speechless are ya? You deserve it!" She says with triumph.

I stare at her… and she just simply smiled back in triumph.

"Um…" I start.

"Ha! Don't want to hear it, selfish brat~" She says with another smile.

Out of nowhere blood started dripping down from the corner of her mouth but it seems like she didn't notice it.

"Um… Chi… Chiyuki?" I start nervously as her face became a bit pale.

"Eh~" She coos as she swayed from side to side as the blood ran down her neck, "Chu, Chu, Chu~"

This is getting even more bizarre. I watch with wide eyes as she kept on swaying happily while repeating 'Chu, Chu, Chu~' and before I knew it she coughed blood onto my bed sheets and then collapsed onto the cold floor.

"Hey!! Chiyuki?!" I yell as I pressed the button to get the nurse in.

I crawled across my bed to find her sprawled across the floor with as she stared lifelessly at me with a smile.

"Eh~ The angels are showing me the pearly gates to heaven… cool~" She says absent-mindedly at me, "Nya~"

I sat there with my mouth opened and gaping at her wishing that the nurse would come here sooner.

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