Inspired by the visual novel: Narcissus (You should try it!! So effing sad!! But DarkNeko didn't cry because she's too weird to know how to cry!!)

Full Summary: The half-hearted tale of a now orphaned boy, a very optimistic girl and the other residents of the third floor of a very busy hospital. Yuki seems to find it hard to get over the car accident that took away his parents and is getting too 'angsty' to actually see how lucky he was to death. While Chiyuki tries her best to show the orphaned boy, Yuki, the brighter side to death, but it seems she's a bit "crazy"… actually 'crazy' is an understatement… let's just say she was bumped too much on the head when she was a baby…


Cold and alone.

For what shall I wait for now?

Tears and grief.

Not even one tear flows down my cheek.

Fluffy wuffy bunnies.

Da cutest things of all…

DokiDoki!! The heart stops for no one!


DokiDoki 2:

The calm winter

"Miss Chiyuki… Good morning…" A soft voice calls.

My eyes opened to find my nurse gazing at me with a smile. I already knew what she wanted from me, so I quickly pulled down my sleeve to reveal my wrist so she would take a blood sample.

"… How are we today?" She asks as she pokes a needle into my wrist.

"… I feel a little bit optimistic today, Nurse-chan." I say as I tilted my head to the right to show my bright smile.

"Ah, that's good… there… almost done…" Just as she said that her pager went off but she ignored it.

"… It's something very important… you should get it…" I say with a firm voice.

She looked up surprised and then nodded quickly as she checked her pager. At that she got up from her seat and quickly walked out of the room. So it was urgent… I slipped away from the bed covers and quickly followed her to find some nurses strolling down the hall way with a stretcher behind them.

"Please everyone! Get out of the way!!" The head nurse yelled as she made a pathway straight to the operating room.

I looked down to find a very pretty white-haired boy, still in his school uniform with a piece of glass sticking from his chest. A few inches from piercing his heart… Blood staining the jacket of his gakuran… a school boy?

"Miss Chiyuki! Get back to your room…" The head nurse calls as she storms pass me along with the stretcher.

I couldn't resist my curiosity especially when it's about a cute boy like him. As soon as they entered the operating room I quickly slipped in and scurried under some equipment. I watched as the doctors started to operate on him and for some reason it really didn't freak me out that they just pulled out the glass in a split second… hm, that blood is making me feel hungry…

"… It's pierced into his lung… we have to operate quickly or el—" The head doctor stopped when he heard my stomach growling.

"What was that sir?"

"Ugh… be quiet, stomach-san!" I whisper as I clenched my stomach.

Suddenly something was beeping… no more of a warning sound.

"Sir! We're losing him!!"

"… this isn't good… We need to close up that hole in his lung!" The head doctor says as he frantically went back to work.

"Sir, it's no use! He's slipping…"

Oh no… this cute boy is going to die? Hmph, like that's gonna happen!!

"Hey! Boy!! Don't you dare go into the light! It's a fricken trap! Ya dipshit!" I yell as I crawl out of my hiding space.

All of the doctors and nurses stared at me as I walked towards the operating table with confidence. I placed both hands on my hips and stared at the boy with a frown.

"Hey!! Hey!!! Ya not gonna die are you? Tch, if you do then… I guess you're a chicken!! Hahah, chicken~" I say and started making some clucking noise.

In response his eyebrow twitched in annoyance. Yes! Success!! I breathed in deeply and was about to yell again when the head doctor grabbed my wrist and scolded me.

"Miss Chiyuki! Get out of here! We're operating on him!!" His voice boomed.

"Ehehe~ I'm soooo sorry! I promise not to do it again… but hey, at least he's coming back to life…" I say as I pointed at the machine showing that his heartbeat has finally became stable.

"Someone!! Get this girl out of here!!" His voice boomed again as he threw me towards a nurse.

She quietly guided me out of the operating room and slammed the door in front of my face.

"Geeze, people can be so rude…" I say shaking my head in disappointment.

I was about to leave but then decided to take one last look of the cute boy. I opened the door just a bit and peeked through the crack. Surprisingly he was already awake and was now trying to sit up. Could this be… the power of love? Ehehe~ I knew that love always triumph over all but I never knew it was this strong!

"Another good deed done~" I sang as I walked blissfully down the hallway with a smile on my face, "Another good deed~ Chu~"


I was staring out of the window when the head doctor from before barged into me room. I looked at him and gave him a smile and went back on gazing through the window.

"Miss Chiyuki!" He voice boomed again and in return I ignored him.

"… My, it's snowing… how nice…" I say pointing at the window.

"Miss Chiyuki, because of you our operation almost became a disaster…" He spoke firmly but then his voice became soft, "But somehow thanks to your stupid shenanigans… you saved him…"

"Thank you for giving me the credit, Doctor-sama." I say as I glance at him and gave him a smile, "So he's still alive?"

He nodded as he slipped into a seat. "… You know you've been here for two years now… don't you think it's best to go home?"

"I have no idea what you're saying, Doctor-sama. This is the only place where I belong…" I say lifelessly, "… it wouldn't be the same without me…"

"I know that but your parents are worried—"

"They're not my parents." I interrupted.

It became quiet and I continued to stare at the window. Small snowflakes slowly made their way down to the ground so they can pile up to make snow… the perfect thing to hide imperfections… the perfect thing to hide secrets…

"Miss Chiyuki… it seems your condition is stabling… we'll send you off tomorrow so you can have some time at home… with your family." He says and quietly leaves without saying goodbye.

It was already night time by the time I decided to explore the hospital once more. I exactly knew where everything was and there was absolutely nothing new to me… except for the new patient… As I passed the empty information desk I made a quick decision to visit the new patient. I reached for the folder where it shows the new comers and quickly read through it for any recent patients and continued on my journey through the hospital.

After storming into a few rooms I finally walked into the right room only to find him sleeping peacefully. I slowly tiptoed towards him and carefully kneeled next to his bed. I stared at him for a while with dreamy eyes as he slowly breathed in and out… it's so peaceful to watch him. His white hair was brighter than ever in the moonlight and his face was so cute.

"Nyaa~ I wish I could stare at you forever!" I say.

Then I just realized that I didn't even know his name. How can I forget such an important thing! I quickly skipped over to the clipboard that had his details and read over them. Yuki Sekozawa? What an interesting name…

"Mom! Dad!!" The boy yelled as he sat up, drenched in sweat.

A nightmare? Could it be that his parents died… I quickly shook off the thought and decided to distract myself by reading out his details.

"Sekozawa, Yuki. Blood type O. 16 year old male. Blood pressure, normal. Physical state, stable for now. Parents now deceased… Pierced lung and a few stitching, mental health is unstable for now…" I say.

I looked up to find him staring back at me and instantly our eyes locked. Wow, his dark blue eyes are amazing!

"… Who are you?"He says through his teeth.

I stared back at him wondering why does he sound so angry but then remembered that he asked me a question, so I may as well not be rude to my guest.

"Hm? Me?" I say with a wide smile, "Chiyuki! Chiyuki Sotomura! I'm please to meet you, Yuki-kun! I was the one who saved you from going to the nasty bright light that takes you off to heaven~"

"… you're annoying… and why are you in my hospital room?!" He yells and suddenly I'm starting to think he isn't that cute at all…

"Whoa, whoa!! Try not to yell, other patients are trying to sleep." I say, smiling so innocently, "You selfish brat."

"What?! I've just lost my parents! Show some respect!!" He yells again. Man, he's getting annoying…

"Hm? You're still alive aren't you? What a selfish brat you are… while others may lose a leg, an arm, their sight or even their whole body you have to go about saying, 'Oh pity me! I've lost my parents while I'm still alive and well! Someone please kill me!!'Ha! I hate people like you!" I say smugly.

He stares back at me expressionlessly, obviously in defeat. Ha, shows him~

"Ha! Speechless are ya? You deserve it!" I say with triumph.

I smiled back in triumph as he stared at me. Nihihi~ Hm… I feel light headed all of a sudden…


"Ha! Don't want to hear it, selfish brat~"

"Um… Chi… Chiyuki?"

… Hey that nauseous feeling is coming back… hm, it's that same feeling when I…

"Eh~" I say as I feel my body swaying from side to side, "Chu, Chu, Chu~"

I'm slipping from my conscious state… this always happen just before… oh wait, it already happened. I looked down to find that I had coughed out blood on his bed. Oops, my bad~

"Hey!! Chiyuki?!" I hear him yelling but my conscious state was already gone.

It appears that I've collapsed on the floor because for some reason the ceiling was staring down on me. Man, I can't remember seeing a ceiling in front of me…

"Eh~ The angels are showing me the pearly gates to heaven… cool~" My unconscious self says, "Nya~"

Aw man, now I'm gonna have one of those out-of-body-experiences. Damn they really make me sick and queasy. My 'spiritual' self watched on as poor Yuki-kun frantically watched my lifeless body while a nurse rushed to my side.

"It's already useless." I mutter to myself, "Heh, it's unlikely someone's gonna hear me…"

I shrugged as more nurses rush into the room. It's already getting too chaotic… I need to take a walk… I quickly walked out of the room and made my journey into the hallway… I may have forgot to mention that these things happen all the time, so I'm pretty use to having these 'out-of-body-experiences'… Heh, I'm sonormal it's not even funny.

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