The Gun Man Chapter I

I had spent the last three weeks at our cabin learning how to fast draw and had ridden into town this morning looking for Pete Gilliam the man who had shot my father, now I found my self standing in the middle of the street with smoke rolling out of the end of my colt six gun., my heart beating very fast. Looking up I saw the sky was very blue and the breeze felt nice as it blew down the dusty street it was a good day to be alive a man lay dead ten feet in front of me I had just killed him it was my first gun fight. I put my gun back into its holster, walked over to the marshal who was standing in front the dry goods store(do you want my gun Marshal Truman?)He looked at me shook his head "no kid go ahead and keep it for now but stay in town until Judge Perkins has his hearing" turning he started walking away ,he stopped and turned back to me" Kid try not to kill anyone else." looking at hum I said (ok Marshal ,do you know when I can get a bed?)"Rooming house is the last building on this side of the street Kid" I headed off down the sidewalk looking for the house, finding it I took off my hat and went inside they were all setting at the table having supper.(I'm looking for a room and something too eat)A gray haired lady at the head of the table said" have a seat young man and eat we will see too the room after you are finished" I sat down with the others and had my meal. They sat quietly eating just looking at me guessed they had heard about the gun fight and my chest got bigger with pride knowing they were scared of me. After dinner lead me too my room" that will be a dollar young man" I paid her went in the room where I washed under my arms and put on a clean shirt, going out side I sat in a rocking chair on the front porch watching the towns people go by. All of them looked at me most of them picked up their pace when they saw I was looking at them and some even left the wooden sidewalk too cross the street to get as far away from me as possible. One boy stopped "Mr. marshal told me to take care of you're horse I took it to the stable"(thanks young man)I tossed him a dime which he caught in his left hand, giving me a big smile he left, that was the last of my money but I knew either I would be rich or in jail by tomorrow..

The judge heralded his hearing at noon the next day took him all of thirty mints too find me not guilty of any crime and ordered the marshal to pay me the reward, I followed the marshal too his office where he counted out eight fifty dollar bills on his desk them had me sing a paper for it,I picked up the pen and wrote my mane on the paper I could see the surprise on his face'right them I was glad that I had learned too read and write when I was up the moneyI thank the marshal"do not thank me Kid just pay youre bills and get out of my town"(will do marshal.)Turning I left his office stopping at the general store I got my self set up with supplies for the road,I went too the rooming where I picked up my bed rool and then the stable where I picked up my out of town I stopped at my mother cabin and gave her half the money I had gotten from the marshal,then I headed off not wanting anyone coming their looking for me I was sure Pete Gilliam had friends who would be coming after now I guess you are wondering how a sixteen year old kid had gotten that fast with a gun,because it was all my father had left me and I had been learning too fast draw since age eight My mother had taught me and my older sister too read and write,she had been a school teacher before marring my father and moving out too Kanas. I knew I would have no problem beating Pete Gillam to the draw the problem was pulling the triger on a man and I had been able too do that after the next town I went too the post office mailing a letter too my mother letting her know I was allright and where I was the clerk where I might find a room and a good meal I headed where he told me to go knocking on the door. A woman opened the door(are you Ms. Booth?)"yes young man"(I need a room and something to eat)"I have a room but the next meal will be breakfast you ok with that"I was so we settle on a price and she showed me too a room where I put up my cloths laying down I went too sleep. Getting up next morning I use the bowl full of water on the dresser to clean up and then I put on a clean shirt feeling ready to face the day I left the room, Ms. Booth was stiil fixing breakfast so I went to look arounf the town and check on my horse,the town wasn't much it was even smaller than the town I came from.