The Gun Man Chapter IX

I sat their looking out over the town and its people the ones I could see anyway,Ms. Booth came out and called me in too dinner when I reached the table I could see Sally setting their(are we going too talk Sally?)she gave me a look"Im not sure weather to speak to you or not"(look Sally I took the job as deputy sheriff for you what else do you want?)"will Kid its better than being a bounty hunter"(being a bounty hunter pays a lot better than being a deputy)Ms booth came into the vroom then and we did stop talking .After dinner with Sally I went back on rounds meet the marshal and we started working the town together since it was Friday night we thought it would be better that way. By 900 pm we had three drunks in jail and with my help `the marshal had broken up two fights and ran a number of cowboys out of town. By 100 am we had put the town to bed and were in are rooms I had taken off my hat and threw it on the dresser unbuckling my gun belt I hung the gun on the bed post. Setting on the bed I pulled off my boots laying down on the bed I fell asleep I woke at 900am next morning went down and had breakfast with Ms. Booth she had coffee I had the breakfast(you seen the marshal today?)"no not yet Kid"(if you see him tell him I'm headed to the general store and the on too the office) I got up headed out the door" good morning Kid"(morning Mr. Hightower give me some of that stick candy)"Now that you been deputy for a month how are you liking it?" I stood at the counter eating candy thinking over what he had ask me he had moved away from me too take care oh he was back in a flash"heaar you go Kid" he handed me a new bag of candy" its on the house"(thanks Mr. Hightower)I left the store and started walking towards the office, the marshal was waiting their to talk with me. "There is a gun man in the Lucky Dog looking for you said you killed his brother now he looking to kill you"(Ill stay away from their until you can run him out of town)"ok Kid" When he reached the rooming house later that afternoon Sally was their, when she saw him she threw her arms around his neck" thank god you are all right I heard about the gun man and was worried about you"(why Sally?) She broke out crying and ran out of the room I thought to my self women Ill never understand them. After their wedding dinner Travis, Ms. Booth and the marshal walked to the grave yard where she placed flowers on her husband grave and then on a fresh grave with a head stone that said The Kid. As Travis looked on he said(nice touch Ms. Booth0"I thought so now you and Sally can live life in peace since we have something too show people when they come looking for The Kid"