First Date

The Adventures of Love Series

By: Alyssa

Running… running… all we can do is run. Dane and I are being chased by this crazed lunatic. His thumbs are replaced with daggers. We sat quietly watching him sharpen them, but then he looked our direction. I was screaming, but I didn't realize the high pitched sound was coming from me until I felt my throat start to ache. Then I was positive the strange man, with blood red eyes, knew we were there. It wasn't long after Dane looked at me that he yelled, "Run! We gotta get outta here!", but I was one step ahead of him. Dane looked over at me and I was already 20 feet away from the bushes we thought we had stayed cleverly hidden in.

This was supposed to be our first date. The lake made a beautiful setting. The sun was sinking below the horizon and the sky was so many majestic colors. We wanted to just take a walk around the lake and sit and watch the sunset, but this may be our last chance to go out on a date. If we knew me had mutual feelings sooner, we may have been able to avoid this happening.

Anyway… I thought we had the advantage, considering all he had were 2 metal rods for legs. We both had on running shoes. The insane lunatic cleared the space between us faster than I thought possible. One thing we figured out: He has to slow down to turn corners. We made as many sharp turns as we could without getting dizzy. There was no avoiding the fact that we both were going to die. At least we could die together. All I know is that if Dane dies, I don't want to live. "Lexi!" I heard him say. "Lexi, I love you." I was so shocked to hear him say that that I almost stopped, but I knew we couldn't.

"Dane… wow… I love you too." Then I tripped over a tree root. A sudden rush of panic swept over me because I thought I had broken my ankle. I saw Dane suddenly stop and turn around. I didn't want him to get hurt so I screamed, "Dane! Just run! Don't worry about me!"

"Lexi, I can't just leave you here to be brutally slaughtered! I couldn't live without you!" I saw the look of pain in his eyes. I didn't want to die. I wanted to be with him forever. He grabbed me in his arms and ran faster than I had ever seen him go. Before I had realized we even escaped from the psychotic maniac, we were in Dane's backyard.

Dane took me into his house and up to his room. His parents were asking what happened and I'm guessing that's because we both looked terrified. They followed us up to his bedroom and Dane turned to his dad. "Will you please go get an icepack? And mom will you stay here with Lexi while I got get a towel to clean us up a bit. Please. I'll explain later. Just please let me take care of my girlfriend and myself."

Both his parents exchanged glances. "Your girlfriend?" They actually looked happy to see that we were dating. Dane's dad ran downstairs, Dane ran to the bathroom, and his mom sat down beside me on the bed.

Dane re-entered the room and started washing my ankle with a warm, damp cloth. I flinched when he first started, but I didn't protest. We gradually both became clean. I had an icepack on my ankle and Dane had propped my foot up on a pillow. "You're the best," I said. He winked, sat down beside me and began telling his parents of our unbelievable adventure.