Alley Samantha Raus

The Adventures of Love Series

By: Alyssa

It had been a whole year since Dane's and my honeymoon. It didn't seem like that long though. Now we had a baby girl. Her name is Alley Samantha Raus. She's 2 months old now. This was the newspaper article on her:

Alley Samantha Raus

On May 10th, Alley Samantha Raus was born. She is

the daughter of Alexis Anne and Dane James Raus.

Alley has bright red hair and big green eyes. She was

born in the home of Dane and Alexis. At birth,

Alley was 6.7 pounds.

Dane and I were so proud of our baby girl. At this time, she's asleep. Dane and I were standing over her crib and Dane had me in his arms. We were looking at Alley. Suddenly, the door bell to our new house rang. I scurried to the door. It was my father. "Can I please see my granddaughter?" Dane and I led him to Alley's room.

"This is Alley Samantha Raus, your granddaughter," I stated. She smiled in her sleep as I said that. I began crying at that moment. The father I had never met was now meeting his granddaughter. Alley would never get to meet him. I never technically got to know him. I want to know what sent him over the edge.

"Dad, why did you kill those people?" I looked at my dad and saw the distant look upon his face.

"I was depressed. My parents beat me growing up and I just couldn't take it. Your mom was pregnant at 16 with you and I was upset. I didn't mean for it to happen, I mean, the pregnancy. We were being stupid. I didn't know what I was doing. I was thinking when I killed them. It was tremendously dumb," dad replied.

I was crying so hard now. "Why did you kill yourself?"

"Alexis, you don't understand. I should have never came into your life. It was a mistake. I caused so much pain. Then I saw you with Dane. You were so happy. I was so mad. I didn't know what I was doing. I'm so sorry." My father began crying at that moment.

Alley woke up and started crying too. Dane picked her up. He was rocking her and saying, "It's okay, Alley, it's okay." She stopped crying when dad walked over to her.

"Can I hold her?" dad asked. I nodded and my father grabbed her. He looked down at her big, beautiful eyes and whispered, "Alley, I love you. I'm your grandpa and I'm sorry, but you won't see me again. I hope you never forget this moment." Dad was looking down at her and trying so hard to stop crying. "Lexi, Dane, I want to give you advice. Never leave your baby. Never leave each other. Love each other and never, ever leave. You guys are perfect. I hardly know you, but I love you both. Promise me."

Dane and I looked at each other. We said together, "We promise." My dad smiled and looked down at our baby girl again. He just sat there rocking her for what seemed like hours.

"Alley, Alexis, and Dane Raus, I love you all." He handed me Alley and continued, "I am very, very sorry I caused you all so much pain. I didn't mean to hurt you so. I am going back to my grave and I will never come back out. You can visit anytime. This will be the last time you see me."

And there, before my very eyes, my father again disappeared. This time, though, he would never return…

The End