Sense. What is sense? Sense is how we rule our lives. Sense is a dictator that determines how we speak, act and live. We speak Sense. The follow red your time tick. By society this previous sentence does not make Sense. But really why does it not make Sense? It does not make Sense because the words do not fit together; they do not form an understandable sentence which is clear in a person's mind. But to the person who is looking it is clear, it is open to be interpreted in any which way. So Sense should not exist. Sense is something which we have been told to conform to, something which we have grown up following. It has controlled our lives, told us how to think, how to feel. So that is how people are different; they do not make Sense, even though to themselves they do. Sense is what makes people normal, so without the existence of sense there would be no normal nor abnormal. In a world with no Sense, in social terms we would all be equal. Sense is what dictates our lives, we follow it without a second thought, but if we spared a thought to what might be considered senseless then maybe we would realise that without Sense things would be different, maybe better.