Maybe seventeen was quintessential
So eighteen might just be the same
But somehow
Overnight I became
"An Adult"
[With a Capital A]
And responsibilities to match
Not the least of which
Is apparently "growing up"
[Whatever that means]

But clich├ęs and family heirlooms aside
The legality of my existence is now affirmed
Overnight I have
Matured enough to do what was
Illegal only a day before

And the people who I thought were the ones
Are being reconsidered
And the ones once reconsidered
Are being considered once again
And I'm being reminded that
When one doesn't have a best friend to make
An Awkward Best Friend Speech
One always has a family member
Happy to step in

But beyond petty details and unexplained overemotionality
Growing up has it's benefits
Like an unexplained sense of perspective
That has arrived out of
Those rain clouds
That muddied up the drive

Reminding me that
I'll never change the world
Unless I get up and change it
And when one is surrounded
By the most remarkable females
Who seem to understand
The exact right thing to say
When words [momentarily] escape
One cannot help
But decide
To change it
Just so that they can sit back and say
"Yep, she's ours"

So to the Sweeney's who are unlikely to read this
[For the simple fact of them not knowing the link]
Thank you for reminding me
About what I forgot
And for giving me the power to say
Nobody is going to rain on my parade
And to those who know me
[And have known me since before the instating of my existence]
And still love me anyway
One day I'll be thanking you
In front of people who will look over enviously

So thank you to seventeen
For being quintessential
But it is time for eighteen
To be avant-garde