I look out the window and ask myself why I cry

Do I cry because my life if misrable

Do I cry because the one I trusted hurt me

Do I cry because all that was is gone

Or maybe I just cry to cry

Questions flowing through my mind I try again why do I hate

Do I hate because of all the lies he told me

Do I hate because loveing him would feel wrong

Do I hate because all memories turned to just memories

Or maybe I just hate because everyone else does

Why Why Why are these negative emotions

Torwards someone I hate yet love

Torwards someone I laugh yet cry for

Torwards someone that has protected me from everything

except himself

Negative yet positive emotion towards one person

That I have known my whole life yet haven't

That I have loved and always will yet not in the same way ever again

Someone who knows me better than I know myself including how to hurt me the most

Someone who hurt my whole family and in the end that ended up including me

Someone that leaves me confused and hurt

Someone that goes by many names but to me I just call him Father