The sun is beginning to set,

Spreading twilight across this land.

A smile threatens my lips,

But It quickly goes away,

For I lost that right long ago.

As the moon rises in the night,

Illuminating my pale skin.

The stars reflect in my numb eyes,

It's the only thing that shines for me.

I am in a dream now,

Standing in front of a locked door.

I don't know how to open it,

But I know someone is inside.

The clock sings again,

Lost memories bring me a headache.

I forgot someone's name, someone very important…

"Who are you?"

Only silence.

My hand grasps the small hand of my teddy bear,

That was left alone on the floor.

A tear slips down my cheek,

And lands on it's head.

It's the only reminder,

That I am still alive.

The moon is now in the middle of the sky.

Dimly lighting the bleak world where I exist.

A shadow appears on the other side of my room.

I am scared for I don't know what it is.