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Chapter 2

"The Legacy"

The Heartless was still going under it's innovations. In the past four years the club still remained open but with it's old boss still six feet under business would never be the same. The establishment fed on crime. It needed that extra money from protection, drugs, and just simple hits to keep the entertainment going. A band hadn't played on the stage in years. The last song they happened to perform still remained stuck in Silverman's head. He stared at the empty floor with a big glass of whiskey still in his hand.

"Hey boss, where do you want this?" one of the renovators asked. He had come from the back with a huge deep fryer.

"Put it in the back. Actually, wait. I dunno." Silverman muttered. "I wasn't expecting any of the grills or that trash until after we redid the dining room."

"Uh," the man looked down at a sheet. "says here you ordered this last week."

"Just put it in the back."

The old gang wasn't the old gang anymore. His new workers were all imcompetent. Back when Saber was alive, he managed White Fang on the eastern edge of Hollywood. The very night Leon rushed in and took him out seemed like a golden opurtunity. He'd wanted White Fang to be his organization. The crime syndicate was since finished. Even though he still had a stockpile capable to start a war, without a real goal or anything it was pretty much junk. As he awaited more of the renovations he started to grow even weary. Before even putting his head down his cell phone started to go off. At first he hesitated to answer, but he ended up just picking it up anyways.

"Silverman." He muttered.

"Hey boss, there's some guy out front who wanted to speak to you. He wanted to talk to you about some guy. A Mr Goashima?" the voice on the other end protruded. That name. His skin curled.

"Send him in."

Silverman felt hard for once. He could never forget that name. Leon Goashima--the man who ruined everything. As the renovator came back into the lobby with his slip, Silverman made eye contact.

"Hey we don't have any room to put this fryer here!" the renovator said aloud.

"Just take it back. You're fucking fired!" Silverman shouted.

"Damn buddy, I'm just doing what I'm told."

"And I said get the fuck out of here! Go! NOW!" Silverman slung the glass towards him. The man ducked under the cup before running out the front door. He cut around a rather small yet bulky person blocking the way.

"This is a Charles Silverman, right?" the chubby man asked.

"Yes, and who might you be?" Silverman replied.

"The name's Xavier, I used to work for your boss. Saber, ring any bells?" the man asked.

"He wasn't my boss," Silverman laughed and crossed his legs. Xavier walked up to the table and reached out with his stubby fingers. He grasped onto the chair and tugged it close. There was a loud screech on the floor from one of the legs. The hair on the back of Silverman's neck rose. "He's a business parter... or he was."

"Yeah," Xavier muttered. He looked down to see a big scuff mark on the floor. His first reaction was to try and wipe it up by sliding his shoes back and forth over it. "I'll pay for that. Actually, I think this will settle it. Mind if I sit here?"

"Yes." Silverman already seemed agrivated. Saber must've fired this man before he died or maybe this fat bastard had decided to skip work that night. Xavier sat up in the chair before letting out a groan. The sight of him was almost disgusting.

"Well let's get down to business. You know me, I'm all about fair business. I don't like to fuck around either, so bear with me," Xavier sort of growled as he lit up a cigarette. He then lifted the fresh coffin nail up and waved it around. "mind if I smoke in here?"

"No. Not at all! You said you had information on Leon Goashima."

"Whoa, I didn't say that! They're putting words in my mouth, honest! Heh Heh," Xavier already proved to be a nuisance. If it weren't for what he knew, Silverman would've had him rubbed out already. "just kidding. I don't know much. Leon's been under the grid. You see, I got connections. You know what I mean?"


"There's this broad Sabre used to date, I'm talking high class broad. I'd rip it a new one and flip her over and then tear two more. The bitch left him and ran off with some dude named Brad. I'm talking this bitch was hot! Whoo wee!" Xavier shouted with a high pitch type of squeel.

"My patience is running thin already."

"Sorry boss. Where was I?" Xavier seemed lost. Maybe he was delusional. "Her and Leon have a little girl now. I don't know where Leon and this broad lives, but I know somebody who might. I gotta a tip see? I know this smokin' hot broad named Arlene. She sees Leon every week. I never bothered to track him down though. I mean a Drifter like Leon is tough to get. I'd grease him my self, but you know me."

Xavier started to laugh. He reached his arm out to slap Silverman with the back of his palm but was too short to reach.

"You're not helping me. I know Leon has a big price on his head, but all the people we had going after him just gave up. It's not worth it anymore." Silverman said. He lost hope again.

"That's not true! Oh do I have people! I know this guy that knows this guy. You know how that works? Right?" Xavier asked. Silverman wasn't as enthusiastic as him. "Eh, anyways. You know, you don't seem interested anymore. I'll go elsewhere."

"No, enlighten me. You better. That guy who cut you off was getting read to turn that back into a kitchen. You're fucking me right now so you better fucking enlighten me!" Silverman yelled.

"A kitchen? You're turning this place into a restaurant? Saber would be turning in his grave right now! I should've taken over."

"But you didn't, you dissapeared."

"Not true! I actually struck gold so you know. I know a guy who knows a guy. However that guuy who knows that guy knows Leon. Also that guy that that one guy actually knew was best friends with somebody Leon killed. Also that guy that the one guy knows actually used to work for us!" Xavier explained with the best of his knowledge.

"I'm lost."

"Thought so. Well that guy happens to be ending his enlistment next week. He's gonna need work. Come on man, these are the Clinton years! We're not fighting no wars. We have one willing warrior right here with experience and connections to Leon. We can do this!" Xavier exclaimed.

"So has he agreed to this?"

"Erm, no. Not actually, you gotta call him. You're the one with the guns and what not."

"I thought you said you had people to hunt this man down."

"Well I know this guy that knows this guy who used to work for us. And I know this guy that knows some other guy, and he knows some chick and so on..." Xavier continued rambling.

Later that night...

Staff Sergeant Motniv constantly contemplated revenge for all of his friends. It was never going to an easy task. Much of what happened to them wasn't really in his power. Each night he'd be up until one before going to sleep. Three hours. That was it. Come one o'clock he'd call it quits. Just like Leon he'd be in his own little world inside of his living room. On top of the hearth rest every single war memorabilia that meant something to him. As he flipped his 3rd Battalion coin in his hand he smiled and looked at old pictures of him and his war buddies.

"Well Jimmy, it's been a while. I wish I could've caught the bastard who did it." Staff Sergeant Motniv said. He stared up at a little photo of him and another young marine. "I'd slaughter him just for you."

The photo was nicely framed with perfect printed letters beneath on top of a fine gold plate. Staff Sergeant Motniv glanced at it again. Corporal Shaun Motniv and Lance Corporal Jim "The Enforcer" Daly. It seemed like yesterday that photo was taken. This was that kind of pain he'd always kept bottled up to everybody. A few moments later he ended up falling asleep again. After that little encounter he didn't see Jim but here and there. He'd heard about his death one day on duty and things weren't really the same since. His landline phone began to ring, but he didn't bother getting up for it.

"Good morning Staff Sergeant, this is Silverman. We wanted to talk to you about a good friend of yours and a former employee. You might be interested. His name was the Enforcer. Well just call me whenever you feel like it. I don't wanna bother you and I didn't mean to wake you if I did. My number is 760-525-7420." the answering machine went on. Staff Sergeant Motniv was already wide awake and enraged. Whoever this Silverman was, he sounded pretty timid and the fact he knew the Enforcer was angering enough.

"Im interested." Staff Sergeant Motniv quickly added.

Downtown, dawn...

Leon just couldn't get to sleep that night. Every few minutes he'd wake back up and find himself staring back at the cieling fan. This last time drew the line so he was forced to try and sit up. Liona rolled over and reached out for him. Before she could get close Leon just pushed his weight away and stood. He had to get up. Of all the people he shot and just walked away from it was until now it all came back to haunt him. Instinctively he slid on his old white tee from the day. It was still inside his closet next to it--the old vest and head band. He wanted to put it on but it wasn't going to be necessary. Still that small urge from his youth kept building up. Leon was now 24 going on 25. He'd grown up--but not enough. Before he could think about it the vest and headband were already tight and secured on his body. A mirror.

"Staring at that man in the mirror is always frightening. Sometimes you dig a hole so deep you can't crawl out. Instead you find yourself falling down. The more you think about it, it's just a grave--not a hole. I made my grave and I guess I'll sleep in it. God, what's happening to me? I wish I could redo it. That very moment I wanted Charlotte and her son Sean back."

Leon, please don't find me. The voice was majestic. He could tell it was Charlotte. It was time to grow up. Liona was his wife now. He had a beautiful young girl that had him wrapped around her finger.


Leon quickly darted out of the room and into the hallway. He never felt more lucid. After getting into the clear, a faint cry for help rang through his ears.

"Daddy!" Osaka's high pitched voice cried. Leon's heart jumped back into his chest. Before it could beat he was already running down the seemingly endless hallway. Osaka's door was in view, but still so far away. The room become to push itself away from him. The walls around it began to stretch further and further as the screams only became even louder.

"Osaka!" Leon screamed. He was already winded. Eventually he caught up to grab hold of the knob. The shear force of him grasping it caused it to slide right off. Oh shit! The first thing he even thought of doing was lifting his leg and driving his heel forwards. The small wooden door shattered under his brute strength. Chips off the remaining hatch soared across the room before colliding with globs of blood. The two collided in midair. The walls were filled with blood stains. Leon's flesh curled. "Not you!"

In front of him he could see a ghost from his past. Saber lifted his blood stained katana towards Leon while cradling a bloody corpse in his left arm. It was Osaka.

"Osaka!" Leon screamed again. Saber smiled before doing a quick about face. As Leon tried to close in, he started to feel dizzy. His opponent only dropped his daughter on the ground before fading into the wall. All at once Leon snapped back after hearing her scream.

"Mom!" Osaka cried. Leon lifted up his head before seeing that it wasn't real. The whole thing was just another nightmare. This one was too real. Too real for comfort. Liona came rushing to the bedroom with her pink nightgown. She froze after seeing Leon on his knees. The entire room was trashed. As Osaka sat back in her bed crying, Leon began to pull on his hair.

"Leon?" Liona asked.

"I'm sorry baby." Leon replied as tears poured from his eyes. Liona quickly bent down and cradled him. She tried to do what she could to comfort him. Osaka jumped out of her bed before coming to do the same.

"Daddy, are you gonna be ok?" she asked.

"I don't know." Leon tried to choke back every tear. He stood. "I've gotta get real help."

"I know. Leon, I really don't want to do this." Liona said finally.

"I had to get help. I knew exactly where she wanted me to go. Just a few weeks with real professionals. I was going to get over this if it killed me."

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"Hell on Earth"

"Well I'm getting help, but I don't think these doctors know what to do. Osaka's going out of town with a good old friend of mine, but now we're all in danger. That Xavier guy might be a fat piece of crap, but he's smart. The enemy is about to make a move on me and my family. I want them to get me, but they wont. I'm not going to let them take my family if I have a say in it!"