A/N- Thanks for those who are actually taking time to read this. I admit this story has a slow start and the action hasn't blasted through. The first Drifter was just run and gun, explosions, death, mayhem, and then the story really began to unfold. A fight scene is yet to happen so far but plot is important. I don't want a rush job. This story isn't well written, but I want to help get back into the story and get a feel for all the characters before popping them off. I know chaps are loaded with dialogue but dialogue is important for character and plot development. But I hope to have this story more hardcore than the first even though that will be hard. The first story was pretty hardcore...

Chapter 3

"Hell on Earth"

The knocking continued. Liona stepped over towards the front door and turned the knob. After peeking through, she smiled before greeting her old friend.

"Brock!" Liona exclaimed.

"Hey-hey! Long time no see. Where's the kiddo at?" Brock asked. He was still in uniform. Following the destruction of White Fang, Brock made a quick recovery and continued his work with the police force. The last time he saw Liona and Leon was atleast a year. He and Leon kept in touch before their paths had to split.

"Uncle Brock!" Osaka exclaimed with an estatic face. She was already overjoyed.

"Hey you!" Brock said back as he squatted down to her level. Liona laughed as her daughter ran to hug the officer. Brock picked her up and faced Liona. "So where's the big guy himself at?"

"He's upstairs using the bathroom. I normally wouldn't ask you to do this, but I'd feel more comfortable having you watch her than just taking to her a daycare." Liona added.

"I know what you mean. I got a little bun in the oven too and I'd never let some stranger watch my kids." Brock said as he stepped into the kitchen. He placed Osaka down on the counter before looking at the setup. It was a nice house. Liona pulled in big bucks working as a lawyer on top of the huge savings she had from dating Saber. "You gonna be ok right here?"

"Mmhm!" Osaka said before sitting down. Brock turned to Liona and opened his arms.

"Come on, where's some love for your old buddy?" Brock asked.

"Brock, you're too much." Liona replied before giving him a big hug. They seperated before turning to face the fine glass table in the center of the kitchen. "I hope this isn't going to make things hard for you."

"Naw, it's fine. Me and the wife have lots of free time. She's always home cleaning so it'd help to have some company for her. That woman never leaves home! Like picture this, if a tree fell on a woman would it make a sound?"

"I don't know."

"Of course not, trees don't grow in kitchens."

"What?" Liona asked with an almost offended voice.

"Haha, I'm just playin. I tell her that joke all the time and she doesn't get it either." Brock shook his head. "I gotta talk to Leon real quick if you haven't."

"Go on ahead."

Brock stepped away and looked around for the steps. It'd been so long since he'd been here tha he'd forgotten his way around the massive house. After wandering into the living room he found a staircase between some picture frames. Quickly he made his way up the long and winding staircase.

"Hey Leon, you here? Come on out!" Brock shouted. Upon reaching the top he noticed the shattered door at theend of the hallway. "Geez."


Malcolm and John were across the street. The two mobsters were watching the outside of Leon's house eyeballing all of the surroundings. John tried to keep a sutble as possible while scanning for any one inside.

"Silverman said nothing about there being cops in here!" John exclaimed.

"He never said this would be easy. That cop should leave soon. We just need to go in and get that little girl." Malcolm said.

"Shouldn't she be ouitside or something?"

"It's the Drifter. Saber fucked his life up so bad I don't think he'd ever let that kid out of his site. I wouldn't."

"Yeah, this is pretty bad. I dunno what this Leon guy did to piss our boss off but damn."

"No, we did something to piss him off. Saber kidnapped his woman," Malcolm said while bending his head down. "he just wanted to get some dough but there was nobody to pay off the ransom. Leon went off the grid trying to get her and eventually Saber just put her down."

"That's fucked up. Man, I don't even wanna do this but I can't argue with cash."

"Shut up and just keep watch."


Leon was only in sweat clothes at the very moment. At the moment he seemed calm, but appearances were always decieving. Brock poked his head into the door and slightly tapped his fist on the wall.

"Yoo hoo." Brock said.

"Huh," Leon gasped before turning to him. He was pretty happy at first. In an instant he rose to his feet with an angry face. "you son of a bitch!"

Brock lifted his fists up. Leon lifted his arms like he was ready to tackle the assailant. Brock took gaurd before feeling two firm arms wrap around him. He felt relaxed now.

"BROCK!" Leon exclaimed as he lifted him up.

"Put me down! I get it!" Brock shouted.

"So you're the one Liona called?"

"Yeah," Brock gasped before hitting the ground. "I'm gonna watch the little tyke for however long it takes you to get better."


"Sorry, I didn't mean to say it like that. I do need to talk to you first before you go in."

"Shoot." Leon said as he folded his arms. Brock leaned up against the computer desk as he began to jog his memory. Just thinking about Leon going to talk about his problems made him a little worried.

"Well for starters, don't ever--ever--ever mention anything about the old days. White Fang, your time on the run, and especially the poeple you killed. You've got the biggest mobster body count than any one I know. That's saying something brother! Fuck you should be a bounty hunter." Brock said aloud.

"That'd be nice. Man I've kinda wanted to get some action. It's like I don't even have a testosterone rush anymore. No adrenaline. Nothing. I used to get high on that shit!" Leon exclaimed.

"That could be your problem. I mean if I had fun everyday of my life and then got bored, I'd go crazy. Shit I could make you a bounty hunter in thirty days. You don't need help man."

"No," Leon said before pulling Brock out into the hall. He pointed at the door to Osaka's room which was still trashed. "I did that. I've gotta get help. Liona wont let me stay at home with Osaka like this."

"She's afraid you'll hurt them?"

"I wouldn't blame her really." Leon muttered. He lowered his head and stepped inside the room. Brock scratched his head. Once again he was a t a loss of words. Before saying anything else Osaka stepped into the room with her E-tool.

"Uncle Brock, can I bring my E-tool?" Osaka asked.

"Go ahead." Brock replied.

"Hey hun." Leon said as he faced her.

"Daddy are you going to come back?" Osaka asked again. She was really confused. A child as young as herself didn't really have a grasp on everything.

"I'm not going to be far. You can see me whenever you want! I'm just going to be going somewhere to get help." Leon replied.

"I can help you daddy!" Osaka muttered with another bright smile. She really did have Leon wrapped around her finger.

"I know you can! That's why you're gonna come visit me. Now you and mom need to go get your stuff ready. Brock's a busy man now."

"Ok." Osaka replied before wlaking away. Brock smiled. He was a little jealous that she wasn't his kid.

"Your little girl is smart. I last saw her when she was like two and she still remembers me!" Brock exclaimed.

"Hell she'll be four next week and already she's walking around and talking. That's too much." Leon said as he started to bow his head. There it was again.

"Imagine when she becomes a teenager." Leon's face cringed.

"Don't remind me." Brock stepped out of the room to let Leon sit and pack what he'd need. He was limited to just a book and a deck of cards. This would be the first time in years he'd be helpless like this. Not again.

"I knew that my life was going to get a lot harder after this. I've got problems. I wish I knew what it was when I was younger that helped me push on. I started to think back. I was hoping I'd find the answer in this hell on earth."

Next Chapter

"Born to roam"

"Well I finally checked in. Not much help here. But as I lay here helpless my family and friends are slowly about to make amends with the enemy. I hoped it'd never come to this but it will. Don't worry Osaka, stay strong until I get out."