In the Rain

I'm eating lunch like it's any other day, when IT happens. Or maybe it's been happening, longer than they both care to remember, but that isn't important because for them, this isn't any other day of the week. It's THE day, the one that changes everything. They're standing in the courtyard, grass at their feet and clouds weeping from above. If there was such thing as fate, this would be it.

He's staring at me like he doesn't know why we're here. How could he not know, is he stupid or something? He's drowning in the rain, and I in the pain, both waiting for what's coming. But we know; we know, even if he wants to pretend.

"What is WRONG with you?!"

She's screaming at me again, like I'm to blame for what's going on. What's going on? I don't know what's wrong with me. All I see are her eyes, pretty little browns that could swallow me, and the world, up with a single smile. She's covered in raindrop freckles which constantly "drip" and "drop" down her button nose. I'm hooked and we know that, even if she wants to ignore it.

"What's going on?"

I'm watching them watch each other. They're standing, pacing, shaking fists in the rain that seems like a curtain to their show. I don't know what's going on, I wish I did, though. Is it wrong to say that their hurt fascinates me?

He IS an idiot.

"How could you not know?"

She's beautiful in the rain.

"Tell me what's wrong."

He can't see it. I'm crying, I'm angry, and he can't see it. That's a problem but not THE problem. I watch his clueless stare. He doesn't know.

She's glaring at me. She knows I don't know, but won't admit it. I never expected her to. In her anger I see beauty; denial makes her glow. Ah, but in that gaze I can see…she doesn't know.

"Everything is wrong."

"I don't-,"

"That's the problem."

"You don't-,"

"-Can't take it anymore."

I feel a finale in the wind as she stares at the boy. Not angry, just accepting. I take a bite from my sandwich knowing that after this drama, life will still go on. But why, when there is so much lost?

He watches me walk away from the rain.

She'll never know.