Sarah and Jami had been friends since they could remember. They went everywere together; the movies, convinent stores, even the bathroom. They never seperate. One day they were walking to the local library, when Jami wanted to stop for a snow-cone. "May I help you?" the woman at the window said.

"Yes I'd like a rainbow snow-cone with extra flavor, and a blue one for my sister here." Jami replied to the woman. The woman handed them the snow-cones and they walked on. Sarah was always one to notice things that weren't right.

"Is it me or is that blue box car following us" Sarah asked, "did you not notice it followed us into the snow-cone place too?"

"Actaully I did notice that," Jami replied, "but I thought it was a coincidence. Kind of like it's a coincidence now because this is a small town these people might just be trying to get someplace and this road leads there."

"Um, well my theory on that is, if they were trying to go somewere they wouldn't be going that slow!" exclaimed Sarah.

"You're right, I'm kind of scared now..." Jami sighed. The girls were silent after that, the car kept following them, but they just tryed to ignore it. After walking for about ten minutes of silence Jami spoke up, "They arew still following us, I'm scared to death, We need to tell someone."

"Well were pretty close to the police station, we could take off running and go tell Chief Fernando." Sarah suggested.

"On my count, one, two..." Jami had no time to finish, a man had just jumped out of the car running at them!

"Holy crap! Jami run I'll try to hold him, I've been in karate since pre-k! Hurry You're like my sister, I can't let anything happen to you!" Sarah shouted.

"No I can't we promised we'd never leave each other in danger." Jami explained, "Let's run to the station, Now!" They took off running, Sarah had always been just a little faster then Jami; Sarah ran into the staion at least five seconds before Jami did. Before Jami could open the door the man had grabbed her and took off running with her in his arms! "Help!" she screamed, with no such luck because she had already been thrown in the car.

Sarah had just got the police to run outside with her, "She's gone!" Sarah cried. "She's my sister! They've taken her! Hurry help her, find her! Do something! I can't lose her! We've never been seperated!"

"We are going to try our hardest sweetie." Chief Fernando promised. "I've never failed a child kidnapping case before; We always find them."