"Who are you?" Jami sobbed, " Why did you take me!"

The man kicked her. " Shut up! You need to know nothing but the little pieces I tell you!" he screamed. She then began to scream at the top of her lungs.

"Get me out of here! I want to go home! Take me home or I will call the police!"

"Stupid, stupid, girl, you honestly think that you can call the police, don't you? You must have really been out of your mind." he chuckled.

"Shut up! I just want to go home! I don't even know why you brought me here! Would you at least give me answers?" She was now fully and completely into tears.

"Well here are the reasons, One: You and your little richy looking friend were walking around town like you didn't believe anything bad could happen to you. That makes me sick! Everyone should be cautious! There are people like me everywhere in this world! You just happened to run into me! I could not pass an oppurtunity like this to capture you and your little richy friend and demand a ransom! Oh and how right I was!" He explained.

"Are you stupid? I am not rich! Far from it my friend, or should I say evil retard! Because my family nor me are rich! My best friends family is rich, but not mine! I'm her best friend, butjust because I'm her best friend doesn't mean I'm rich!" Jami told the man. Jami had never been rich, she had told the man the full truth, but she had left out one small detail; Sarah's family not only was rich but they owned the worlds largest popcorn factory, Dellwood's Fine Popcorn.

"I see. Well exactly how much do you think your best friends parents would pay to get their daughter's friend back?" He shivered at the thought of all that money.

"Do not bring my friend into this! You probably have already hurt her enough!"

"Shut up you ungreatful little brat! If I were you I would thank me for not killing you!"