They're watching you, with their plastic little eyes
Watching you tell your tragic little lies,
Wrapping bed sheet around your chest,
Clinging to hope and trying to forget,
Never wondering where it went wrong, or how you got along
Never on the high road, but always on the low,
More than willing to take, but never give
When push comes to shove, you're drinker, not a lover
Not a fighter or a winner, or a person who even tried to take a shot,
Because you were too busy thinking about failing.

Every second you don't take is another you'll never get,
Hoarding time like gold, rich in material, but never experience
No substance to your desires, no need necessary to be fulfilled
Just insatiable thirst griping your throat in desert air,
Stumbling to consume more and more.

You moan in faux ecstasy, but if it pleases the court. A motion.

Struggling to conserve the daylight, you float and frolic around
There's nobody quite like you, in our little town.