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For those of you who don't know, Josef Mengele was a German (Nazi) during the Holocaust. He did experiments on Jews that had anything special about them (Twins, blue eye, green eyes, etc...). Some of his experiments consisted of making siamese twins, doing open heart surgery without anethetic, seeing how long it took for a jew to drown, etc... This girls powers were created by a brain gurgery.


Joseph Mengele smiled.

The only one to have survived his surgery was standing in front of him. She was heavily drugged so she would not hurt him. She was currently lighting fires, and moving them around. She had no match, no lighter. She was doing all of it with just her mind.

"Expand them." Mengele ordered.

The girl did as she was told. The fire swelled. Mengele smiled at her.

"Good. Now put it out." Again the girl did as she was bidden. Mengle ushered her back into the building.

He had finally succeeded in one of his most ambitious and secret experiments. He had created a powerful weapon out of an ordinary human girl. She could now control the elements of nature (fire, water, earth, and air). Hitler would be pleased. Now he just had to make more like her, make an army.

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