Chapter 3: The Fight

The next morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, but I couldn't bring myself to wake up the rest. They had run a lot yesterday, and they deserved a brake. I was worried to stay still for to long, though.

Eventually Hugo woke up also. "How long you been up?" He asked tiredly.

I looked up at the sky. It looked like it was probably about 7:00 A.M. or so, judging by the sun.

I sigh. "A while. I wanted to wake you guys up, and keep running. I just don't feel like it's safe here. And now they're all depending on me to keep them safe. I want them to sleep, though." I looked at him hopefully, crossing my fingers he would have a brilliant idea of why we should be perfectly safe. He just looked me over carefully and nodded.

"Yah. I've been feeling that way to. Should we wake the others and get on the move?" Hugo asked.

I shrugged. "They deserve their rest."

Hugo smiled. "It's sort of cute how much you care about the kids when you're not drugged." He said jokingly.

I rolled my eyes at him. "They're my family now, of course I care about them. What should I do about sleep, though?" I ask.

"Lets wake them up, and keep moving." I nodded. Together, Hugo and I woke up the others.

As soon as we were all up, I stood up and started speaking. "I know you're probably all still tired, but I don't feel safe here. The Nazi's may have tracked us down by now, so I whant us to keep moving. Are any of you to tired to run?" I asked. Everybody shook they're heads, even though some of them still seemed drowsy. I couldn't help but wonder if they felt just as uncertain as I did. "Right. Let's go then."

"Wait." Neta said as we all started to head for the door of the rundown barn. I stopped suddenly.

"What's up Neta?" I asked.

"Someone's out there. There are people all around the barn!" Neta said anxiously.

"Mengele? Hitler? Owners of the barn?" As I asked each one Nita shook her head.

"I think…I think they're soldiers, Chaya." She said in alarm. "What should we do?"

"I think we may have to fight them off." I said hesitantly. Then I started firing off orders. "I'll go out the front door first, throwing fire balls. Samuel, you follow me as a wolf. Try to take down as many as you can." Samuel nodded. "We'll try to draw all of them out to the front. Hugo, wait until their attention is drawn to us, then lead Gavi and Neta out the back window, and take all of their weapons. Gavi, fight by hand. Neta, try to immobilize as many as possible." All three of them nodded.

I swallowed. This was the first time we'd actually fought to save our lives, or fought to kill. To be honest, I was scared. I tried not to show it, to give the others courage, but I could tell they were scared themselves.

I took a deep breath and marched out the front door, fireballs whizzing around in circles on my hand, and ready to make more. As soon as I saw the soldiers I launched all of the fire balls at them so fast that they could easily be confused as burning bullets. Several soldiers went down as my fire balls hit them.

Then Samuel came running out of the house as a wolf. He growled dangerously before launching himself at a soldier.

I continued to throw fire balls.

Finally there was only one soldier left at the front of the house. His eyes widened and he quickly radioed the soldiers behind the house to come to the front for reinforcements. As soon as he finished his message Samuel leaped upon him, and ripped his head off.

I winced a little before turning to face the soldiers that were coming running towards us from the back of the house. As they ran, I saw a Nazi symbol glistening on their sleeves. So I was right, I thought, Mengele sent people to come get us…unless if it was Hitler.

The soldiers quickly caught up with us, and I started launching more fireballs as I saw Hugo, Gavi, and Neta come running out after them. Hugo stopped soon, and I saw all of the weapons that the soldiers weren't holding onto whiz out of their holders. They also started clinging onto the tranquilizer guns they had pointed at us.

I waved at Neta to catch her attention, then I thought as hard as I could, tell Hugo to make them shoot each other. Neta nodded and I saw her close her eyes in concentration as she passed the message on. Suddenly the guns started twisting in their owners hands and the triggers started pulling. The soldiers quickly dropped the guns, but they kept shooting.

Several of the solders just stopped fighting as Neta took over their minds. Gavi ran up to those soldiers, so fast I could barely see him, and snapped their necks.

I quickly stopped watching what everyone else was doing when I spotted a whole line of soldiers coming towards me. I quickly made a huge gust of wind nock them over. Samuel leered at me in a way that I was sure would have been a smile had he been human, and leaped on one of the soldiers while it was still down. I saw Gavi do the same.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a soldier advancing upon Hugo. He didn't notice, because he was concentrating so hard on making the guns shoot the soldiers. I made a strand of grass quickly grow, and wind itself around the attacking soldiers leg. The soldier tripped, and I threw a fireball at him to finish him off.

Finally there was only one soldier left. I saw all of the guns turn toward him, Gavi start running in his direction, Samuel growling at him, and Neta turning to face him.

"Wait!" I screeched at my family, who all came to an abrupt halt, staring at me curiously. "Don't kill him. Surround him." I ordered.

They all scrambled into a circle around the one remaining soldier. "Who sent you?" I asked him.

"Mengele. He wants you to go back home." Said the soldier.

I sneered at him. "Home is not where my family is in danger. Besides, Mengele doesn't care about us, so why did he really want us to go back to the concentration camp?"

"He didn't really say." He panted, clearly afraid of us. "He just said that you guys are dangerous, special, and very important."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Why are we important?"

"He didn't tell us." He said.

I sighed. "If we let you go, will you tell Mengele that he would be wise to leave us alone?"

The soldier hesitated before nodding slightly. I stepped back to let him go, and he immediately jumped up and ran.

I turned to my family. "Let's get going. And I think we may have to stay on the move for a while." What I didn't tell them is that Mengele would probably send a bigger threat next time, and that I was afraid that we may not make it for much longer.

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