Broken, bruised but still quite beautiful, Meredith lay on the kitchen floor still dressed in her white simple satin wedding gown that was strapless and hugged her skinny frame to her knees and abruptly poofed out, she had thought it glamorous the very first time she tried it on four months ago. Her mother's bird's cage veil clipped into her butterscotch colored hair swept into a large twirled bun at the nape of her neck, was beginning to fall loose in a messy but somehow attractive way. She curled up tighter, knees up to her chin and tried to take deep and even breathes to slow her pounding heart, the dress was too tight on her. Too tight, it was like a cage, she clawed back at the buttons but they wouldn't budge at all. The pretty Sapphire ring on her finger was a rock, bounding her forever to a dead man, but she'd never take it off her finger, ever. Today was supposed to be the best day of her life. To be the beginning of her with life with Danny, their Life together as a married couple. Her satiny dress shifted as she twitched and the tears started coming. One minute he was down on one knee proposing, and the next he was fallen dead into her arms during their first kiss as man and wife from a brain aneurysm unknown until that very moment. They had been together for six whole years, and it had only taken a split second to rip him away from her forever. And now he was being taken off to the morgue. Instead of being the beginning of his life, it was the very end. She clutched her bouquet of purple orchids to her chest tightly and then sat up slowly, reaching for a steak knife in the pull out drawer of the counter. She closed her eyes and let the memories overtake her. His large hands sliding their way down her throat and his lips moving against hers in fluid and soft motions. Dancing in the rain and hot shower sex, the feeling she got when he touched her like that, running her fingers through that thick brown hair and him calling out her name near orgasm, napping with him on humid days. Holding his hand in the car, holding his dead body in her arms. The tears streaming down her face now were thick black rivers of mascara and eyeliner that was pooling on the hardwood floor pressed to her cheek. "Don't do this." she would almost hear him croon nervously. She closed her eyes and smiled "You jump I jump. Remember?". Today was supposed to be the beginning of everything for them. Next month they were moving into their new house, and they decided to try and start trying to conceive a baby. Today was Danny's last, and would be hers, too she decided. Meredith quickly plunged the knife into her chest without flinching. She let a moan of pain escape her lips dying for his kiss, before letting the knife drop with a clank into the puddle of black and now her rusty red blood. Nothing had ever smelled so sweet like death did lurking before her. She welcomed it willingly as she kept thinking of her Danny, and that seemed to make things better. The pain was being to subside slowly, she almost forgot that this was death because it tasted so sweet on her tongue. She moaned again and heard Danny's voice say "it's over, almost over baby, but don't you dare say goodbye". She laughed, and then the pain hit her again. "Why?" she replied feebly. "Goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." he shrugged and put his hands in the pocket of his tuxedo pants. She cried out in pain, there was throbbing, there was burning that scorched her from the inside out, the blood rushed faster out her and her heart was . Please just save me from this darkness, she thought wildly trying to clamber her way into Danny's arms, "where are you?!" she moaned loudly, vision blurring and head spinning. She felt her heavy heart pause in her chest and stutter to another beat, and then it was still. She took a shallow breath and suddenly everything went completely black and she was in Danny's arms again. "See? Now you're safe." he said weakly, and stroking her hair gently, It was like they had never been apart and now they never would again. She tilted her head up, still smiling, to the sky and Danny planted a bloody kiss on her waiting lips.