In the beginning there was the darkness. It was complete. Then from the darkness came the Stars, travelling to find their home they settled in it's empty space. Soon they realised that they were lonely and so they sang into the darkness,

"Bring us friends and we will sing for you always."
As the stars sung, they shone brighter then ever before and made the Darkness seem so much blacker. This pleased the Darkness who wanted them to sing for Him always, and so from the darkness came the Sun and the Moon. No longer alone, the Stars were happy, it was complete.

However soon the Sun and the Moon became restless. They loved each other and the Stars who had given them life but they wanted something to watch over, and so they went to the Stars.

"Please, bring us friends and we can sing together for the darkness."
And so the Stars and the Sun and the Moon all sang to the Darkness and this pleased Him. From the Darkness emerged the Aert. Aert was wide and Aert was barren. Now that the Stars were happy, and the Sun and the Moon were happy they sang for the Darkness and it was complete.

But the Aert grew restless, it too wished for something to fill it's surface so that it may shelter something in the Darkness. So the Aert went to the stars and said,

"Please give me the gift of something to fill me, so that I may shelter something in the Darkness. Bring me friends and I will sing for you always."

So once more the Stars and the Sun and the Moon and the Aert sang. And Water poured forth on the surface of Aert and filled it, and Wind, which moved the waves across Aert, gently whispered to them. They were happy and it was complete.

However in time the Water and the Wind grew restless. Although they loved each other greatly they often argued amongst each other. So they went to the Stars and asked,

"Please bring us friends, so that we may have someone else to talk too, then we can all sing to each other in the Darkness."

The stars thought about this, they did not want the young Water and Wind to be unhappy, for they loved them greatly and so along with the others they once more sang to the Darkness.

"Please bring us friends so that we may sing together always."
And from the centre of Aert rose Land, it burst forth from the Waters, shaping and dividing them so that the Wind and the Water had someone new to talk to. This made them happy and it was complete.

The Land however was jealous. All around him the Wind and the Water played, but he had no one to call his own. Day and night he cried to the Stars.

"Please bring me children of my own so that I may have someone to love!"

The Stars were tired, they had not sung for themselves for a long time, but they could not leave the newly born Land to wallow in despair and so they sang. This time the others did not join them for they had soon forgotten their promise to sing to the Darkness who had created them. The Stars had to sing alone to the Darkness.

"Please bring us friends so that the Land may have someone to sing with and we shall be complete!" They begged the Darkness.

The Darkness was angry that the others forgot their promise but it had come to love the Stars for their pure hearts. It was for them alone that he gifted the Land with a further creation. Sending life to the Land, plants grew and animals spread soon there was no room for them and they overflowed into the Water. The Land grew jealous of this and threw up great cliffs and mountain ranges to trap them, and keep Life to itself.

The Stars saw this and wept. They had been happy and existence complete. They had only wanted someone to love and sing with them to the Darkness.
The Darkness saw this and grew angry. He had given the gift to Land freely and had wanted Life to flourish and so He struck the Land so it could not sing to the children it so dearly loved. Wind and Water who had long ago forgotten their promise to the Darkness to sing to Him always where stripped of their words, so that although they could sing, they would never be able to tell each other secrets as they once had.

The Aert lamented, her children could not sing to her, and soon she withdrew and lost herself inside her core. She was grieved that her children could not love, and would never be complete.

The Life on the surface were lost without their guiding song. The Stars were too tired to sing to them as loudly as they once had, and so the Darkness cradled them hoping one day they would be complete.