Dear Writers Block,

It's not you, it's me. To be really honest I never thought we'd come this far, but it has to end. I've changed and outgrown this crazy, messed-up world we've created together.

I'm not saying I regret the times we spent together, they have been some of the most memorable in my entire life. I can still remember the day we met, who would have thought I would meet someone as utterly distracting as you online. I was only searching through some websites, trying to pass the time away, when there you were, and all of a sudden I couldn't think of anything but you. You took my breath away, and broke my heart all in that one encounter. No one has ever swept me off my feet like you did.

But now I'm tired, and I so fed up of hearing all about you distracting other writers. In the begining I didn't mind, but that was then. I know you meant it when you said I was special, but I feel like we are in different places in our lives. You want to go out, meet new people and I'm looking for something more permenant. To be honest I don't think you'll ever be ready for the kind of commitment that I need. I can't ask you to be something you're not.

I've met someone else. It's early stages, but I really think that it could go somewhere. His name is Idea and with him I feel like I can be myself. It's not that I was pretending with you... oh who am I kidding, some part of me was always trying to impress you. I wanted recognition, something, anything back from you. I should have realised sooner that it's in your nature to take without giving, you don't even know your doing it. Like that time in Paris when...

No, now is not the time for reminiscing. I hope you can find someone else. I want you to be happy. Find someone who can devote all their time to you, who doesn't feel guilty about blank pages.

I hope you can forgive this letter, I felt that if I saw you in person I wouldn't have the courage to end it. Call me cowardly but you know me, I never liked goodbyes. I hope someday, with all this behind us, we can be friends.

I'll always love you.

Yours Sorrowfully,

Papa Mike