When one is lost in a dark dismal cave, faith and hope will guide you, making you stronger and brave. Hope serves as a lantern, to serve at your aid. But without the fire of faith to light the lantern, the path to escaping the darkness isn't paved. Along the way, there will be snakes, traps and bats. So we must enter the cave of darkness well armed, wielding powerful spiritual weapons and maps.

Is there an easy way out? Well, that depends. It depends on the depth of our inner black pit, and how deep in we were sent. Some require little to escape such a pit, whereas others have a much harder time, even with a lantern well-lit.

How much longer can we go before our lantern runs out?

We must always refuel it, this I have no doubt.

To refuel it we must always hold on tried and true,

to our hope and our faith, that a better day will spring forth anew. For without faith and hope in a better tomorrow, we are lost and alone,in a dark world of sorrow.