Hey guys this is a random story okay... I don't have a tittle for this story... so... I have not clue where I'm going with this story.. If you like story about monsters and random stuff then yeah read this story .. It might not make sense so yeah

Hey guys here are the Characters :

Aireo Lockwood - 18 years old. Shares a two family house with my sister, Taylor. Parents died in car accident. Uncle caught her having sex in the living room. Westchester high school. She's a junior year. Her best friend is Flow Raynold. She looks like Lady Soveregin.

Jake Bleaker - 18 years old. Boyfriend of Aireo. looks like Robert Hoffman.

Taylor Lockwood - sister of Aireo. Looks like Briana Evigan. She is 18 years old.

Flow Ryanold - She is 18 years old. best friend of Aireo. Look likes Julie Cai.

They all go to the same school which is Westchester high school. They are all juniors students.