I know its been a while well thats becuse I had writers block and well... I never finish my story.... I alwyas start new ones.. and then never finsih storys.... anyays enjoy this and maybe it not have alot of erros and I hope it does make sense.

This is on Wattpad.. just diffrent characters.. same plot... okay... so yeah enjoy the story Chpater 14....

Third P.O.V.

Air was juts about to pull out of the drive way when Sev kocked on her window. She rolled it down and said " yes?"
" um... listen .. I was wondering if... you would like to go the carnival ...you know as friends?"
" okay.. two condition."
" whats that?"
" pay for me and my friend Flow and you can't return what I gave you?"
"um..what are you talking about?"
" you'll know.. anyways what day?"
" this staurday."
" okay.. sHould me and my friend come by here and then we go."
" No.. um.. well Why don't me and Fo come and you and your friend up."
" um okay." whiel getting out a paper and scrbing her address.

The End....