The Legion

Chapter 1: The Beginning

** Disclaimer: Obviously this is fiction. **

In the pre-dawn hours of June 6, 1944, Lt Col Alex Ramsey was standing in the landing craft as it churned its way through the sluggish waters. The clouds were low, hugging the water, obscuring their destination ahead. Alex looked down at his men, standing there stoically, and waiting for the events to unfold. Their destination was Utah Beach. The plan was simple. Land ashore, kill all the enemy, and press inland to secure the beach. Alex turned towards the water, and whistled a little tune. His 13th Legion was unmatched; the elite, best of the best. He was confident that they would be victorious in their part of the grand plan, schemed by General Eisenhower.

The 13th Legion was coming ashore with the 4th Infantry Division, a total fighting force of 23,000. The attack on Utah Beach was being led by Brig. General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., a man Alex respected immensely. Shortly after light showed over the horizon, Alex saw land coming into view. He took out his scope and scanned the beach. Besides a few bunkers, he didn't see a single soul. General Roosevelt came up and stood beside the young Colonel, and spoke. "It's going to be a good day, I think." Alex nodded in agreement. "Well, Alex. I want you to take your men, and strike due south, and come around the rear, so that it will be a two-front assault. Them Germans will never know what hit them." Alex nodded again. He really was a man of few words.

The landing craft came ashore with a spectacular crunch, as it grinded along the beach. The doors came down, and Alex urged his men forward. The 13th Legion surge forward and took a sharp left coming out of the landing craft. The 4th Infantry was doing a great job, decimating the defenses in the bunkers, and effectively providing covering fire. Lt Col Ramsey noticed that their position seemed a little off, and mentioned this to General Roosevelt, who in turn said, "Oh well. We'll start the war right here." That was the last time anyone ever saw or heard from the 500 man strong, 13th Legion.

Alex pressed forward with his troops, moving quickly. They encountered little resistance, quickly dispatching the small groups of troops they came across. Alex kept pressing south, looking for a way inland. However, cliffs kept Alex from pressing in to the forest. Finally, about 15 clicks south, they finally found a narrow path that led them into the interior. After Alex got his men off the beach, they struck due north, trying to get back to the landing zone. About 10 clicks towards Utah Beach, the 13th Legion came across a sizable German force, running to intercept the 4th Infantry. The 13th Legion spent three days in an intense firefight, before the German force was cut down to size. By this time, the 4th Infantry had moved inland, and the beach lay desolate. They had left the 13th Legion behind, and left them to die.

It wasn't until June 14th, when General Eisenhower was looking at lists of casualties that the grievous error was discovered. Out of 23,000 troops that landed at Utah Beach, 197 were killed in action, and exactly 500 were missing in action. All the names belonged to the 13th Legion. General Eisenhower immediately ordered a detachment of the 101st Airborne to proceed to Utah Beach, and search for the lost Legion. On June 16th, the 101st Airborne located the bodies of all 500 members of the 13th Legion, all in a group. They had been pressed into a tight formation by enemy troops surrounding them. Instead of being taken prisoner, they all had pulled the pin on a grenade.

General Eisenhower immediately ordered the 13th Legion be fully disbanded, and reassigned the Legion to the history books of the US Marine Corps. Over time, when being taught about the history of the Marine Corps, cadets are told that these were the face of brave Marines, the members of the Forgotten, the members of the Lost Legion.

Fast forward over 25 years, the height of the clandestine organizations. The members of the Joint Chiefs decided to re-organize the 13th Legion, but still officially declare that the Legion doesn't exist. It would only be a small group, about 20 people. Hence, the idea of the 13th Legion, 50 Battalion was born.