Disappointment rings true and apathy becomes the glue,
You fix regrets and broken hearts, but they're never really mended
One day the glue will dry and you'll be picking up the pieces once again
On that day, what will you do? Will you try to fix the broken bits?
Try to shove the pieces where they cannot fit?

I was just looking for some answers, the ones I could not find
The index was full of blank pages and I lost my study guideline
I imagine you in your underwear just to ease my mind
If I pass out from blood rush, just leave me where I lie

There's a certain vigor on your lips, I can taste it in your kiss
A wild thing inside, begging to be let loose
So let's mark your skin and bruise my chest,
We've only got half an hour left

Polar opposites, you and I, snow to sunshine every single time
A hard outer coating, is what you'd like to believe
But is it just for the prize inside?
Or am I just a pretzel waiting to thaw?

You're looking at the forest for the trees; I'm just looking for the bears
While you're walking on sunshine, I'm trying not to step on coals
You'll be dancing in the rain; I'll be getting struck by lightning
We're just two sides of the same coin with only three easy payments of nineteen ninety-nine

Let's throw our cares to the wind like paper planes made of blank index pages,
Line by line, covered in romantic context, and lots of innuendo in the subtext
We'll keep our eyes on the present, because we didn't win a prize
This is just existing.