Chapter 01

"In the wise words of the great Aristotle 'Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.' Love is the great compassion shared worldly, not only in humans but in this entire universe. Thus like the Languages of old and of new. Welcome my young students to the Language of the Scholars!"

Why couldn't he just say English. It was just English class, my worse subject. I mean sure, I can write essays and articles. But all that Shakespeare and Aristotle stuff? Why couldn't they stick to one set of English and just keep it like that? I groaned to myself sitting in the back row of the class hoping that the teacher never picked on me to explain anything. The entire year we would be studying the works of Shakespeare. Note to self: Get an English tutor.
Mr. Williams continued on to explain the great works of the Shakespeare's tragic and brilliant mind. I drifted off, was summer now. I stared to the window, I felt the ocean breeze on my skin again and the shiver runs up my spine. A new year, a new beginning.

I looked around to my classmate's faces; I had to smile when I saw how engrossed some of them were when I laid my eyes on him. He was here too. He was relaxed in his chair, sort of into what Mr. Williams was saying and half not into it. He was relaxing comfortably; one leg stretched out resting and the other upright and bent at the knee. It was so graceful and at the same time so lazy. I caught myself staring at him for too long, so I looked down at my Romeo and Juliet play book.

New Years Eve Day. More like night time in the city. I stood there my first time alone watching as the countdown began and the drunks off their heads. It was a rowdy New Year's and it wouldn't be New Year's Eve if it wasn't. It was dark all around me, I held mum's necklace in my hands as the fireworks started off.
'Happy Birthday Mum...I miss you.' I whispered as a red one exploded colouring everything, I smiled, it was so beautiful. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind, no one noticed as I tried to scream for help, the fireworks drowned out my voice, I was dragged into an alley and slammed against the wall. I moaned as my head banged against the wall and Mum's necklace slipped out of my hand. My eyes fluttered and I felt like I couldn't move. The man I couldn't make out picked up the necklace.
'This is all you have?!' he growled at me while he cursed like he expected more. My head spun and I felt something sticky in my hair.
'Didn't your mother ever teach you how to treat a lady?' I turned a fuzzy silhouette came towards us. I heard snippets of something I couldn't put together before I blacked out, from too much blood loss. I woke up with a splintering headache, I groaned as I sat up...where was I? It was the early hours of the morning. I was on a park bench?! I looked around feeling lost, but there at the end he sat cross-legged reading Romeo and Juliet.
'Who...are you?' I tried to say it more came out like 'whoooooouuuuuu gahh youuuuuuhhh?' 'I hope your alright, your head doesn't look so bad now. I saved you last night.' He said closing his book he turned to look at me. His jet black hair that fell messily everywhere to the base of his neck, his ice blue eyes that were deep and soul searching, he had a wide long face which made him have very defined features and a pointed nose. His face looked like it was carved by Michel Angelo!
I nodded, his voice echoed in my head, I tried to focus and closed my eyes for a few seconds.
I closed my hands gently. I gasped. Where was it?! Mum's necklace. My heartbeat rose, where was it? I panicked I couldn't lose it. I padded through my pockets and around my neck.
'Are you looking for this?' He held up Mum's necklace. I snatched it from him by accident not realizing that I was and held it gently. What would I do if I lost it?
'I'm sorry for the misfortune which encountered you last night. I would have taken you home, but you might have thought wrong of me. I waited with you through the night do not worry, I didn't violate you in any way.' He smiled as a personal joke to himself as he said that as if reading my thoughts. My head felt slightly better. What a strange guy though.
''s early, I best be off.' He said standing, I could make out a sculptured body under his buttoned up shirt. He turned to walk but looked back at me.
'Happy New Year.' He called me to me before he smiled flashing pearl white teeth. I watched him walk off, a weird tingling feeling spread over me.

That was months ago, I admit I had dreamt about him many times, seeing him come back to me. I would never have guessed that I would see him again. I began rehearsing in my head what I'd say to him..."Hi, my name is Willow, I don't know if you remember me...but you saved me on New Year s Eve, and you left before I had a chance?" I questioned how it would sound in my head...soon I was paranoid it was just a guy who looked like my savior. A frown came on my face as I rested my head on my table. This was probably why I sucked at English. I mentally laughed at myself.

I had dozed off sometime during class but the bell woke me up, I jumped with a slight startle, so much the boy next to me turned to wink at me and slipped me a piece of paper. "U r so hot when U sleep.' I rolled my eyes and ripped the paper to shreds stacking my books I walked out without a second glance. I hated people that commented on my looks. It just annoyed me; those compliments really didn't mean a single thing to me. I was fumed, so fumed I totally forgot about Mr. Saved-my-life-but-I-don't-know-your-name. I groaned punching in my locker code and shoving my English books at the back, where I hope will disappear. I grabbed out my art books and went to the art room. After a morning nap I was in a good mood to paint, I wasn't the best painter but it was the only class I was in with Mina. Mina = my best friend, she always knows the right thing to say. I quickened my pace as I walked to the room; I had already forgotten my fumage before. I got in as Mina was setting up paints. She was one of the greatest painters, our topic this time was to paint someone else. So being my best friend she decided to paint me. "Sit." She commanded she was eager to get painting and I enjoyed this cause I didn't really have to do anything but sit, I complied by piling myself onto the stool and smiled slightly. She gave me a thumbs up as she began to paint glancing at me every now and again. It would only take about 30 seconds before she would ask me what's been happening lately.

"So..." Here, we go I thought the words wanted to jump out of my mouth but I kept myself calm and not to eager.

"Well, English was a bore, remember my New Years Eve?" I questioned trying to keep still; she glanced at me dipping her brush into a bright green, like my eyes.

"Mhm..yeah. You almost lost your Mum's necklace." She said, partly distracted. I ignored that because I knew how hard she was trying to paint and keep up this conversation.

"I told you about that guy..." I drifted, waiting for it; the suspense was building in my heart.

"Oh! That hunk of a fellow?" She said her brush smoothly embracing the white canvas.I nodded even though she couldn't see.
"He was in my English class." I whispered, she dropped her brush midsentence and stood up leaning over her canvas.
"Did you talk to him?!" she whispered back to me, the others around us glanced at Mina before going back to their own projects.
"No, some bumbo head got me fumed and I forgot about it...But gosh Mina this is like...I don't something." I said biting my lip gently. She winked at me.
"Will babe, a guy like him and a gal like you together would be per-fect-o!" She said putting on a Italian accent on the 'perfecto' she picked up her brush and began painting again. I turned slightly trying to catch a glimpse, but she quickly covered it.

"No Will, you know you can't look until it's done." She said I sat straight on my seat and waited. I tried to imagine how it would look like but all I could picture was myself...light flawless creamy skin, heart shaped lips, that were usually glossy with lip balm, long black hair straight at the top and wavy from the middle to the bottom that curved down my back with a medium side fringe that evened out my oval face. My evergreen eyes that were hazel in the sun and almost black when it rained. I stood about 5'6 around the same as my mum. No matter how many ways I tried to picture it I couldn't see how Mina would paint it. So I began to think how I was going to paint her. She had shoulder length brownie orange hair, light chocolate brown eyes, a long face with a long nose. Her lashes were long and gave her face a more balanced look. I liked it when Mina smiled, she had a great smile she features didn't squish together like mine did; it made her look relaxed and really pretty. I sighed as I thought about it.

"So...if you and this hunk really do become an item, please ask if he has any single cute friends that like painters." she said winking at me, I giggled at her, we didn't have to say much but it was how much we didn't say that made us great friends. It was because we knew each other that well we didn't have much to say.

I was full of life when I walked to my locker at lunch time. I quickly punched in the code and grabbed money for the cafeteria. I closed my locker door and my heart almost jumped a beat.
"Hi." It was him...leaning against the locker next to mine. I didn't realize he knew I was here. My eyes widened and I was lost for words. He tilted his head to the side gently, he looked really really goregous standing there with his hands in his pocket, he looked really comfortable and cool I had to admit. My heart was beating hard, mostly from the shock he had given me. I put my hand to my chest.
"You scared me." I finally managed to say. "I didn't even hear you." I said laughing nervously from the shock. His lips tightened into a perfect straight line.
"My apologies, I didn't mean to startle you." He said apologetically, I smiled at him.
"Excuse me for my rudeness, but do you remember me?" He asked me, his eyes widened a little as he pulled a little closer he was almost a head or two taller than me so he looked down at me.
", you saved me on New Year s Eve. I never got a chance to thank you." There, I had finally after all that time said thank you. I'm a little OCD when it came to thank yous. I always had to say it when someone helped me or whatnot, otherwise it would stay on my conscience until I did say it.

"Excuse me?" He looked at me questionly. Had I got the wrong guy? I was a little embarrassed now for not remembering, his face lightened.
"Just joking. I did save you on New Year s Eve. Haven't got into any trouble then have you?" I shook my head and blushed a little. I had to pull myself together before I started giggling like a little schoolgirl. I shook out of it.
"Are you heading to the cafeteria?" I asked starting to take a step towards it, he followed the direction I nodded my head to and shrugged his shoulders tagging along with me. I guessed now I wouldn't get any of the good food left. It didn't matter seeing him was way better than anything the cafe had to offer.
"Are you new I never noticed you before?" I said playing with the money in my hand to keep me calm.
"No I've been here 3 years." He said frowning, I felt so embarrassed.
"Oh my...I didn't...see you..." He chuckled at me and I felt like an idiot.
"Just joking love, I'm new." He said with a sly grin, I had to laugh along with him. We connected so well I felt so calm like it was natural. It's a good thing right?

We entered the cafeteria and I joined the line he joined to follow me. I looked at the food, but it didn't exactly seem appealing at the deserts tray there were a few jelly cups left so I reached to grab one, but who other than Natasha Gray stood in front of me. She was the Barbie doll of Sundance Academy and my public enemy number 1. She just hated my guts for reasons even I didn't know. She glared at me before looking down to see what I was going to grab.
"Oh look there are 5 jelly cups left." She said innocently holding her tray. She looked to the cheerleading table. "There's one for Lily..." She picked up a wobbly cup. "One of Ashley..." She said picking up another. "Two for Jamie and Jackie...and oh look one for me!" She said picking up the last cup. She smiled innocently again at me before throwing daggers at me.
"Guess there isn't any for you." She said, sending me the right message 'you're fat.' With that same look she once sent Mina crying. I didn't budge, I knew I wasn't fat but I didn't brag about it. I simply reached over her and grabbed a chocolate pudding cup.
"I'd offer you one Natasha, but...I know you just started your diet." I said biting my lip and looking down her hips. She growled at me and shoved past me I only smirked. She paused as her eyes came in contact with him. Funny calling him, I realized I didn't know his name yet. "Natasha Gray, head of Sundance Academy Cheerleading squad. Dance and aerobic instructor and part time model. And you are?" She said flashing her oh so fake lashes at him.
"Terence Orphan. I'm new." He said with a brief smile. She placed a hand on his shoulder so provocatively.
"Why don't you come sit with us, I got the last jelly cups." There it was the invite that anyone would die for. The invite made me sick, I rolled my eyes. Terence was probably into her, why would he like a girl like me? I paid for my pudding and trudged over to the window where Mina, Alice and Viola were sitting.
"Hey." I said meekly. Alice was deep into writing her music, two headphones in. Mina was scribbling on a napkin probably a portrait of her crush Vince Holister, he was the pianist sitting on the other side of the room. Viola was reading a novel and nodded her head to me as I sat down. I felt annoyed that he probably was already wrapped around her finger.
"Way to leave a guy hanging..." I heard his voice as I scooped my chocolate pudding into my mouth. He was standing there with a jelly cup in his hand. Alice, Viola and Mina all looked up as he pulled a chair to our small table and they all had the same sort of expressions. Alice actually unplugged her headphones and her pen stopped and her mouth wide open staring. Viola accidently let her book fall to the table and lost her page mark though she didn't care and Mina accidently drew a line across her portrait of Vince Holister. Mina leaned across the table and whispered to me.
"Mr. Hunk?" I only nodded at her playing with my pudding. She gave me the nod of approval as she sat upright in her chair.
"Guys this is Terence, he's new." I said, he nodded to each of them who were still gapping at him.
"Hey." He said digging into his jelly. I cleared my throat as a symbol for the girls to stop staring they got the message and went back to what they were doing. It was pretty awkward but it was soon erased by Terrence.
"Wow, fun way to spend lunch..." He said sarcastically, I couldn't help but smile at him and he smiled back. Alice only stared at him and turned the music up on her iPod, her blonde hair bounced as she bopped her head with the music.
"So why didn't you sit with her?" I nodded my head over the glaring Natasha.
"Why would I?" He asked me with a confused look.
"Cause everyone would want to?" I asked stupidly, it s not like I would want to...but you many damned people wanted to.
"I'm not everyone love." He said, he stared deeply into my eyes and I felt myself flush. I looked away and stood up from the table and accidently bumped my leg.
"Ouch." I mumbled feeling clumsy. I rubbed it quickly and straightened down my uniform. He stood up.
"What are you doing?" I asked as he followed me out of the room.
"Walking with you? Or can't I do that?" I blushed, it was one thing for someone as charming as him to even talk to him but he chose me over Natasha...It seemed almost surreal.
We walked in silence I don't even know where, but it was nice, almost familiar and safe. "What brings you to Sundance anyways?" I said striking a conversation as we aimlessly wondered the hallways.
"It's quite a personal tale actually. Perhaps I shall tell you in time." He said, I looked and searched his face for an answer but found none, so I left it that he would tell me in his own time. He leaned down towards me his hand gently placed on my chin, holding me to look at my face. His eyes were mysterious and gentle. I held my breath as the bell went. He let go gently running his hand through my hair.
"I...must get to class, I shall see you again..." He murmured quietly as if he was disappointed the moment was ruined. I resumed breathing as people came through the corridor, I leaned against the wall my head fluttering and I smiled a little.

Was...was he actually going to kiss me?