"You didn't help me to unpack all of this stuff. Driving me here was enough." I said as Terrence lifted the last of the boxes into my new uni room.

"I don't mind. Besides how else would you manage it all by yourself?" He asked raising his eyebrow; I shrugged my shoulders at him. It wasn't that I didn't want to help me but the entire way girls came out of their rooms just to stare at him. It wasn't my fault that I was still feeling a little jealous because of that.

"Why do you have that jealous look on your face?" He asked bending down and looking at my face, I blushed and looked away.

"I don't have that look on my face." I said stubbornly.

"Oh… is it because all those girls looked at me when I walked in?" He said nudging me slightly, I pushed him playfully. We stared into each others eyes for a moment, we were only pretending to be happy but we both knew our time with each other was almost up. It hurt more than I thought it would, knowing he wouldn't be here. But I tried to make most of our time together.

"It's okay; you know I still will only have eyes for you...forever and always." He said softly, I looked up at him blushing. I said nothing; I didn't know what to say.

Don't go.

"Will you be leaving now?" I asked as he pushed the boxes into an empty corner.

Say that you'll stay…even for a little longer.

"Probably…" He said shrugging his shoulders; he stood there for a moment just staring at nothing in particular.

Is it selfish to ask for a few more moments?

"I'll…walk you out then." I said getting up on my crutches; I could feel the slight tingle of Terrence's heavenly nature. As we walked together, girls giggled in their doorways trying to get one last glance at Terrence, I looked up at him as we walked. He stared straight ahead as if he was oblivious to any of the attention the girls were paying him.

Forever and always…

"So is this goodbye?" I asked as we stood in front of Terrence's car, it felt so surreal saying goodbye.

I hate goodbyes…

"I guess…" Terrence said he leaned against the car door, hands in his pocket, the wind played with his hair and I stared into his eyes, feeling what he was feeling.

"But you should know, if anything I'll always be here if you're in trouble, or if you just miss me at all." He said, he leaned down to me and pushed the hair off my face slightly. I thought he would lean in for a kiss but instead pulled me into a tight embrace. I hugged him back and for moments we just stayed like that because we knew the moment we let go it would have been over.

Please…don't let go.

"I don't want to let go…" I blurted out over Terrence's shoulder, I felt my body tremble scared to let go of him.

"It's okay." He said pulling away from me. "Because you'll always know that I am yours, forever." He said caressing my cheek gently.

We stared at each other for a moment before he pulled away from me stepping over to the driver's seat of his car.

"Goodbye Willow Sutherland." He said softly before getting into the car and driving off into the distance, I stood there waving until I couldn't see the car anymore.

Tell him, tell him you don't want him to leave. Tell him before he's gone forever.

"Goodbye Terrence Orphan." I said even though he was probably already long gone. A single tear ran down my face, as my heart felt like it fled with Terrence.

I turned back and walked to my room in silence, the girls in the corridor were all gone back to their own business and I suddenly felt just a little lonely. I returned to my room and sat on my bed staring around my room a little. There was a soft little knock on my door.

"Come in, it's open." I called, I watched as the door opened timidly and a young looking woman poked her head through the door. She closed the door behind her and smiled at me. She had dark red hair that touched her shoulders and a pale complexion.

"Hi!" She said cheerfully. I smiled back at her; her eyes flickered to my crutches before she looked back at me.

"I'm Kat Valentine. Nice to meet you! I live next door." She said holding her hand out, I shook her hand and she still smiled at me.

"I'm Willow Sutherland. I just moved here." I said pointing to all of my boxes.

"Oh yeah, I saw you moving in. Was that guy you were with your boyfriend?" She said, sitting down on my desk chair, as if we were already friends.

"No, he's a friend. He just gave me a lift here." I said, she nodded and she was quiet for a moment.

"He kind of reminds me of someone I know." She said nodding her head as if she agreed with herself.

"OH I know, why don't you meet him?" She said suddenly. I stared at her for a moment; she was so open and quirky.

"What?" I questioned, I don't think I heard her right. She just jumped the gun and asked me to meet her friend? I looked at her strangely for a moment.

"Want to meet my friend? You look lonely now that your friend is gone but, my friend will make everything all better. He can be a jerk sometimes but he's a good guy." Kat smiled at me innocently.

"Isn't it a little…quick to be saying something like that? " I questioned her curiously; she looked at me seriously for a moment, her brow bent in thought before she returned to her perky smile.

"No. It'll be fun. Besides we're friends right?" She smiled at me again; I couldn'thelp but feel like it was suspicious.

"Maybe…when I settle in a little more okay?" I asked, she nodded her head at me happily like I just made her the happiest girl in the world.

"It's a promise then." She said holding out her pinky, I laughed a little at her taking her pinky in my own we made a pinky promise. "Don't forget."

A month went pass so quickly and I felt so right at Uni. There were no backstabbing girls or watching eyes, people tried to help and I felt like they weren't just doing it out of pity. People here really wanted to be my friend. It kind of felt like it was the best decision to come here.

"You're missing him." I snapped up from my thoughts to stare at Kat who looked down at me with a mischievous little smile.

"What?" I asked, putting gown my pen. I didn't even realize that it was the end of our lecture.

"Your friend! The one who helped you move in. You're missing him!" She said nudging me lightly, I came to realize that Kat's personality was spontaneous and she wasn't the type of shy person who made friends by getting to know you first. Once she knew you, you were automatically deemed her friend. Her open personality shone through the darkest loneliest moments and her smile was all it took to make a person's day.

"No…I was just…" I fumbled, so maybe she caught me thinking about Terrence. Sure he was still on my mind and I doubt he'd ever leave but still…

"No, no, don't deny what I know. I see right through you, Willow! But why don't you come see my friend with me. He's amazing! He'll make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside, like…he's the sun. Plus he's really good looking and…" She began but suddenly stopped, her eyes narrowed and her face got serious.

"Kat?" I questioned, I turned to look to where she was glaring at but saw nothing. As I turned back to look at Kat her expression changed and she smiled at me as if nothing happened. There was a strange presence in the air as if I was being watched, thinking about it sent a cold chill down my spine.

"It's your birthday tomorrow anyways…" She said hinting, in my lost thoughts I had forgotten what we had been talking about.

"What?" I said snapping back to reality.

"Your birthday. It's tomorrow." She said again as if it was obvious.

"Yeah…how'd you know?" I asked her, yes tomorrow was the fateful day I'd turn 18. The day I'd get a little bit closer to my own demise, oh well that is a terrible thing to say. I laughed to myself mentally for that dark comment. Kat only shrugged her shoulders as she winked at me, I smiled back but something just felt odd about the way she had acted just a moment ago. I brushed the feelings off and got on with my day.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLOW. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY WILLOW!" I jolted up in bed and looked around me, Kat came jumping into my room wearing her silk pj shorts and black tank top. I stared at her, then at my clock that said 6 am then back at Kat who was jumping wildly around.

"Kat! It's 6 am." I said, so yes, I wasn't a morning person…and she had ruined my beautiful dream about angels.

"Yah? It's 6 am on your birthday!" She said enthusiastically. She came and jumped onto my bed holding a box that seemed to appear out of no where.

"What's that?" I said rubbing my eyes, trying to push the sleepiness away.

"Your birthday present. Open it. Open it. OPEN IT!" she said, it almost felt like she was more enthused about her birthday than I was.

I undid the perfectly tied ribbon and inside was a simple invitation.

"I'm taking you out for dinner tonight!" she squealed excitedly. I smiled at her as I yawned, I was still so tired.

"Okay, well I'll leave you to get ready see you at 6!" she said skipping happily out of my room. I didn't even bother to tell her it wouldn't take me that long to get ready as I fell back onto my pillow and dozed back into a beautiful sleep.

Later at 6 Kat picked me up from my room and taking her car we drove to a fancy restaurant.

"I might be a little underdressed for this Kat." I said looking at my plain light blue summer dress. I remember the last time I wore this was Valentines day last year. Kat shook her head as she locked the car.

"You look beautiful, lovely." She smiled at me as we made our way into the restaurant. We were immediately seated as it looked like Kat knew the people that worked here.

"You look like you know everyone here…" I said after Kat waved to the 7th waiter that passed her in the restaurant. She shrugged her shoulders at me and just smiled innocently. Suddenly Kat's eyes narrowed before she excused herself suddenly and stormed off in the direction of the bathroom. I shrugged my shoulders and played with cloth of the table.

"May I take your…." The vaguely familiar voice trailed off, I looked up and before me I caught my breath. He was here.

"Dylan…" I whispered.

So I am SO, SO, SO, SO, SO SORRY IT'S BEEN SO LONG. Exams for me are just around the block but I thought I'd get something out for you guys…yeah so well the story will be ending soon. So I'm so sorry this has taken ages to get out. But as soon as exams are over which are like 2 weeks I will try to update as often as I can!

Till next time my lovelies. Xoxo