Draw your Shadows

Chapter One –Watch the Dreams-

Author's Note: For those of you who will try to steal this story from me will fail, just a quick warning to spare your time.

Summary: A story like none other, just as the world. One girl names Megumi unknowingly sets her life in misunderstood gears. Bringing her friend also into her tale, the book brought it all to them. A blank book with one written page in all, leaving the rest to one girl. She writes about her fantasy world, based on the introduction page. An adventure she gets placed into every night she falls asleep, but the day is the most worst. During the day she must endure her worst nightmares and survive. If the book is to be destroyed, she is to no longer exist. The evil she created with her own hand... is something Megumi must conquer on her own.

A tale like none other rest before your very eyes. Take the adventure of a life time through a world far different from yours. See what hides in the shadows of everyday people and everything able to cast one. What is it you think lives in the dark depths of our world, could it be another? A place where the sky is stained red and the sun is hidden from sight. If you were to live in such a place what would you do, where would you go? Adventure throughout the land and find the key to the lock that is the answer. See creatures that are remarkable for research experiments. Why must a story always take place with a boy and a girl on a life changing adventure? Soon afterward they would find love, and live a happy life… Not all endings can be so; no one wants to endure an ending which is predictable. This way you must write your beginning and your departure. Sleep in your daydreams and live in your nightmares, dare to the very end. If you don't finish your tale then you shall never exist…

"What kind of person writes a one page book with the rest of the pages blank?" She flipped through each and every white piece of paper.

"I don't know maybe you should place that back…" She continued to violently play around with the merchandise.

"Hey kid, you break it you buy it!" A laugh escaped her mouth.

"Ha ha I'm not going to break it!" A loud rip caused a frown to glue across her face.

"What did I tell ya?!" She shoved it to her friend, displaying the ripped out blank page.

"Hey mister what kind of book is this?" He didn't even looking their way.

"Like I now some guy came in here and paid big money to display it!" The girl handed him the five dollars it cost for the book.

"What a waste of money, Megumi you can keep that old scrap!" She looked down to its beautifully decorated cover. Hiding the smile she wanted to show for her excitement.

"Are you supposed to write in it?" She opened the cover showing the introduction paragraph. "It isn't designed like a normal book would be?" Her friend sighed.

"Oh who cares let's just go home already!" She frowned and followed close behind her friend to exit the building. Reading the long paragraph somebody hand wrote. She turned the page and saw the words, "Chapter One".

"Are the readers supposed to write in it?" She mumbled under her breath. Not watching where she was walking nearly her whole head was consumed into the book. She came to a sharp halt when bumping into somebody's back.

"Hey watch where you're going Megumi!" Her friend said over her shoulder.

"Hey uh Asuka, do you have a pen I can borrow?" She looked back at her with a strange face.

"What would you want a pen for?" She shrugged her shoulders with a pout. "Here," she dug in her pockets and handed her a black ball point pen.

"Thank you!" The green light they stopped for turned red and they both crossed the street, mocking the cars in the progress. Megumi clicked out the pen and thought about the chapter title. She kept thinking of something out of the ordinary, and remembered the opening paragraph, "red sun," she thought. Getting slower with her pace she steadily wrote the words "Red Sun" next to chapter one. She looked closely as the words began to absorb into the book. Turning into permanent font of any other ordinary novel you would find.

"Huh that was weird?" Asuka grabbed hold of her arm and dragged her along the sidewalk. Not knowing she came to a complete stop.

"What's with you and that stupid old coloring book?" Megumi frowned and walked along with her friend to her home. The novel held to her side, so she didn't drop it.

"What're we going to do tonight?" She asked hoping for excitement.

"Nothing special why," she sighed and stayed quiet for a while. "Your Mom just wants us to watch over you for the weekend. We're a boring family don't expect anything out of the ordinary!" She made Megumi giggle as they walked up to her door.

"Mom I'm home!" Pots clattered from the kitchen while the girls lay their bags down by the door.

"Oh hello I'm making dinner right now!" She yelled from the other room. Asuka made a disgusted face with the smell flowing around the house.

"Gross are you trying to kill us?!" A sarcastic laugh echoed from the other side of the house. "Megumi and I are going to my room for a while!" They brought their bags with them, to Asuka's bedroom down the hall. "You get the other bed as usual!" Her bags were thrown onto the overly decorated quilt.

"I'm going to go take a shower just chill out here for a while kay?" She nodded and pushed her thin rim glasses up the bridge of her nose. As Asuka walked out of the room Megumi pulled out her new chapter book.

"Okay let's see…" She turned to the first page and thought for a while. "What do I put?" She wrote seven words, "This story begins with a girl named," and stopped there. "I never wrote a book before… What should her name be?" Tapping the pen against the hard cover she went through her mental list of Japanese girl names.

"Sakura," she proudly exclaimed. As she wrote each letter, S-a-k-u-r-a she waited for the ink to sink into the cream colored pages. Ten seconds pass and still nothing, "Hey what gives?" She shook it as though it were a malfunctioning computer. Touching the page with her finger she discovered the ink was still wet and now smeared onto her finger. A sigh came from her lips and she noticed something strange, the ink was disappearing! The name Sakura had vanished from the page, leaving an empty spot for a girl's name.

"Huh," she said acknowledging its way of disapproving. "What other name could I use?" She listened to the shower that her friend was bathing in. The very sound calmed her like listening to a waterfall, deciding to use her own name in the book. It isn't something she would normally do, but she decided to try something new. M-e-g-u-m-i she hopefully waited for the words to go into the page. Her face brightened when no ink got onto her finger from touching her name.

"This story begins with a girl named Megumi, what next." She said aloud. Megumi had always been a fan for fantasy stories. She started putting more and more words into the empty page, shortly after she was interrupted by Asuka.

"What are you doing?" She laughed as she towel dried her hair. Megumi watched her as she started brushing out her tangles; her glasses began to fall down her nose again.

"I'm just writing for the heck of it!" Asuka had a sly grin spread across her face.

"Ah ha ha make sure to add my name into it. Make us both hot cleric babes with some cute guys in it with elf ears!" Megumi breathed out a small chuckle.

"Maybe I'll just do that Asuka!" She held the book closed with a large red rubber band tied around each cover.

"Girls dinner time," Asuka's mom yelled from the kitchen, a now pleasant smell filled the air.

"Mmm smells good, right?!" She had a childish pout planted on her face.

"Hmph she's only cooking good food because you'll be staying here!" Megumi laughed and the two girls left to go eat…

After chatting for some time with Asuka's mother, they ate to their heart's last content. They walked back to their room with bloated stomachs, and plopped down on the bed. "Ah I'm so full!" Megumi smiled welcoming the warmth from the bed.

"Yeah I haven't had a dinner like that in ages!" Asuka stopped to brush her wild and curly dry hair. While her friend was busy with her own problems Megumi took out her new book. Pulling off the rusty rubber band she had kept in her pocket, she turned to her current page. "This story begins with a girl named Megumi. A lonely girl lost in her own thoughts, thoughts of the world outside her own. Someday she wanted to go outside her home, and venture throughout the land. Go on an adventure, explore the world around her. Make new friends, and hopefully no enemies. If only her big brother would allow her to leave, he says it isn't safe out there. He says people are trying to kill her, but why? What could be so special about Megumi, something she didn't know… about herself?" She re-read everything she had wrote, thinking about what she could add?

"Is that your story, geez I didn't you would be so hooked on something like that?" After Asuka placed her hair into a neat braid she sat down on her bed. "How is it so far," Megumi knew she wasn't the least bit interested.

"You can't read it until I'm done!" She stuck her tongue out and cleaned off her glasses with her shirt.

"Oh come on we all know you won't be finished until your near thirty years old!" She gasped and ignored her for the rest of the night… Her eyes were getting awfully tired and she kept spacing out instead of writing. She yawned and looked over at Asuka, she had fallen asleep half on her bed. A giggle came from Megumi as she shoved her friend's feet underneath her covers. "I'm stuck here for an entire weekend," she sighed and tucked Asuka in. "Such a baby," she thought to herself. As she stepped back over to her side of the room she put the rubber band back onto her book, tucking the pen under with it.

She looked up to the ceiling trying to make out pictures in the spiky looking paint. She felt so tired but couldn't fall sleep, she was too excited about writing. But she also knew she would feel too tired the second she opened the book back up like usual. She took her glasses off and rubbed the bridge of her nose, hoping to get her contacts soon… She stretched her arm over to the table next to her; the dim lamp light was ready to die out. As she placed her glasses next to the book she clicked off the only light left in the room. Now complete darkness she could feel a deep sleep coming over her…

"Megumi," a faint voice was heard from afar… "Who's there," she replied back. Waiting for an answer she didn't get one. She looked down at her body and found her floating in mid air. "Ah," she panicked at first but calmed back down shortly afterward. Realizing she was in no danger, she began walking on invisible steps trying to find land wherever she could.

"Welcome Princess," a deep middle aged voice came from ahead of her. She kept walking toward the voice eventually seeing someone. A boy a little older than her, jet black hair, and purple eyes, "whoa," was all she could think. His smile was so gentle and warm looking she felt safe yet scared around him.

"Where am I?" She took the hand that was offered to her. Walking to the nearest window she nearly fell over in shock. "What is this," her voice echoed around the room. The world she was in was like none other. Giant mushrooms and grass taller than her skyscraper buildings! All kinds of monster like fish floating around the sky. The room she was in had circular windows too; the window's rim was orange and stuck out quite well. With the rest of the walls a deep magenta color, it was all so beautiful, the sky most of all. The most wonderful colors she had ever seen together, bringing warmth to her face. Orange, pink, purple, red and white all cascaded into one sky with no sun.

"Welcome to Ravaging Tides, Megumi!" She looked back to the boy in complete shock. "I must be dreaming of course I am I fell asleep!" She touched her face and it all felt so real, so alive. The air had a fragrance that no one could possibly describe. A world hidden in the shadows, mixed with all a child's fairytales. People you would never be able to dream together, are all here walking underneath Megumi.

Author's Note: It's kind of hard to explain what the world looks like. Even though I can picture it perfectly, I know a way you can see it. On You Tube there you can try looking up Perfect World TideBorn. It's like a mermaid fantasy but my story isn't based off of mermaids.

The story will slowly be updated; I will type for it on my own time.