Discreet Ways

What would you do if I ran away

And you never saw me again?

You'd probably be insanely angry,

But at that point,

There'd be a 99% chance

That I wouldn't care.

I wish I had the strength

To run away.


And what would you do if I had an accident

And hurt myself in newer, deeper ways?

Would you even notice properly?

Would you bother? Would you care?

I'd probably be upset at you on purpose

So you might see

The hell you've put me through.

I wish I was brave enough

To speak up to you.


And if I died?

What would you do? What would you be?

You could find some way

To, instead, blame me...

But would you be sad?

Would you cry?

Say, "Damn it! I wish I'd noticed, I wish I'd cared"?


I'd do it

So you'd finally see me,

What I was, and what I meant,

And to escape this silent torment.

I wish I had the courage

To die.


And if you didn't





I would notice.

I'd care.

And I would be


I would be sad.


Do the internally dead mean nothing to you?

A/N: This is basically about someone's feelings toward a relation or friend or someone with a lot of influence in their life, and they feel trapped, because they can't express their feelings toward them without being afraid. So they imagine all these ways and levels of ways that they could possible get this person's attention, to force them to care. But in the end, it's all in desperation, because they know they couldn't go through with any of these thoughts just based on morals and fears. And you can't really change someone if they don't want to be changed anyway.

Also, note that this is purely an idea based story, and while I do use emotions to write, I've never actually been in a situation nearly as drastic as this, fortunately, and if anyone reading this has, I meant no harm.

Thanks for the reviews for my other stuff! Please read and review this one, too!