invisible ink

Between bus stops and basements
I wanted to find myself
On rooftops and rainy days
You wanted to get lost
And wander the lines
Criss-crossing your mind
You say that you're fine
Well, tell me what that feels like

I write all my letters in invisible ink
You are afraid of what the neighbors might think
But they won't meet our eyes
And they don't know our names
And they speak in a code I can't break
Like you couldn't break mine

I hold your hand and you pull away
From what someone will see or someone will say
But I'm more afraid that no one will see me
Or touch me or need me
And I don't need another person
To tell me I'm sensitive
Or cliché or repetitive

Because we both know that girl
Who wrote her songs alone
While the kids from good homes
Ran away with her clothes,
That kid who walked barefoot
And learned about snow
Learned to feel the world,
Is not really gone, not far,
Not yet.

And because we both know
It's easier to leave
A mark on oneself than a
Scratch on society
You smile and sigh,
"It's my fault, I gave in."
And I'll take all your faults but I can't
Take them away.

Now I stand in the wreckage
We should have predicted
(Did we predict this?)
The debris of dreams
Mumbled apologies
I search for a sign
And what comes to mind is a scene

The barefoot girl comes in from the cold
Shakes the snow from her hair
Takes her place in the crowd
And the teachers say, "Sing"
And they hold up a card

And as the words hit the crowd's many eyes
Its voice rises up like a heavenly sigh
Trapped under the ceiling to crash with no cry
As the girl with no shoes lipsyncs in time
Or improvises while wondering why
No one else sees
The card is blank white.