Hi. I'm Greneck Mist. Surely you've heard about me, Greneck Mist? Uhh, you haven't? Ahh, that's a shame! I'm the legendary green fox of the kingdom of Archazia who vanquished the evil monsters in the forests and..well, to make a long story short, that's what happened. Actually, a lot more happened. Just listen to my stories, ok? I, like many of you, have fur, and my name is Greneck Mist. OH REALLY? You don't have fur? OK, well, just sit down next to your buddy Greneck Mist here, and let me tell ya'll a tale. A tall tale? No, friends, I have a short tail. And I'm a short fox. Anyway, heh, I like you. Whoever is reading this, is my friend. I like friends. And I like you. So listen to my stories, ok? I'm a tough fox, and a sensitive fox. I'm shy, yet outgoing at times. And I have wings, ok, maybe not wings, but I had a dream that I was a warrior angel who fought one eyed blobs and…ok I digress. Isn't that strange though? And there were all these celestial beings that were trying to help Earth evolve and they were using me to do so and…yeah, I digress. Anyway, back to the basics: I'm a green fox. I live in a forest. I've been around lots of magic kingdoms. I like making new friends. I like defeating evil and stuff.

The only life I knew through most of my teen years was the forest of Varasharah Kaledantiah Koranathia. This forest was located in the kingdom of Archazia. It was a beautiful forest. The animals would dance around me and gather to play musical instruments for me. I myself was, and still am, a fox. A green furred fox. I was, and still am, Greneck Mist, the Forest Fox. I had no friends, except the woods, the wind, and the trees. And they spoke to me. And I spoke to them. And the whispers of nature echoed in my mind like hauntings. Pleasant hauntings. As for food, I fended for myself. I caught wild turkeys and had delicious blackberries as a side dish. I was a true adventurer, with a kind and noble heart, and a strong will. That's what people told me anyway. I was told a lot of things. But what am I to believe about myself, and the universe? What do I think? There are so many things left to be unearthed in this mysterious world. So many people to reach out to and help, so much evil to destroy, so many places , and most of all, so much food to eat. What? I'm a fox after all.

I gave the remaining food that I had no room for to passers by who seemed to be poor and struggling. They looked up to me, and wanted to learn my ways, to fend for themselves. So I taught them how to fish and hunt, and they appreciated it. Weeks passed on my journeys through the forest, and I was suprised to come across others of my own kind. I met both other foxes, and wolf people as well. They too were shocked and stunned by my survival skills. Everyone else used powerful weaponry, whereas I relied on natural god given fox instincts.

They soon realized the errors of their ways when they saw the efficency of my hunting and fishing skills. The animal people realized they had lost touch with the animal in them. The raw instinct that doesn't hold back, it just does its time, I met many friends, a white furred female wolf, another boy green fox my age, and an entire band comprised of flute players, dancers, and fiddlers. They were all incredible people coming from different walks of life with different shades of fur. One day monsters attacked the forest. So I set out with my friends to dispel them.

The monsters:

Monsters were scary things. I had always heard many tales of them. Octopie that tried to strangle the beasts that tried to harass the bears that dined on the flesh of the purple people eaters. WOAH, I got a lot of detail in that sentence. Anyway, moving on, one day, monsters invaded the forest, and I, Greneck Mist, had to defend my friends from them. Most of the monsters were giant scary demon growly things with horns. I just pounced on them and clawed them to death. Then me and my buddies had a feast. You're invited to. Yeah, you, the reader. That's right. Everyone is a friend of Greneck Mist,

that is, whomever wants to be. Like my black hair? Heh, whatever.

The next day:

The next day me and the gang had a dance party. I got to

dance with a beautiful female fox my age named Ashecka. She

had orange fur and raindrop blue eyes. She asked me if I was

single. I felt all shy, so I just laughed at first. Later, I

told her I was. Then we decided we'd get married one day.

The next day:

The following morning, me and the gang toasted marshmellows,

while the fiddlers played and the animals tried to steal our

smores. While trying to find a place to "claim territory", I

had a run in with a vulture. Yuck!

The next day:

So the entire band showed me the Elf Kingdom off in the

distance. I had never known life outside the forest. The

music band promised me they would take me there the next time

they went on tour.

The next day:

I visited the elf kingdom. I got to do lots of fun things. I learned how to play the flute. I played video games at an elven arcade. I even got to try out the IMPERVIOUS ring that made me impervious to all evil creatures.

The following weekend:

Me and the boahs drank some root beer. Nuff said.

The next Monday:

I learned how to hula dance with help from the girls. It was

awkward, but fun, and I was able to pick up the moves pretty



I learned how to use a gun. I had never used one before. When

I heard hunters used them to shoot foxes, my natural

inclination was to be scared to death of them. But after

realizing I was a fox "person" it seemed ok. Sort of. I still

prefer using my bare claws to take down prey though.


Me and my friends sang campfire songs and ate cheese and drank soup. If there are two things I love more than grass and dirt, it was soup and cheese, shared among good friends. Ok, I know that sounds weird, but it was fun. And I drank authentic Kaladantian iced tea.

Greneck's next journal entry is pending.....

to be continued.....

Greneck Mist wants you to know...you're his friend, his special friend, and you always will be. I left some paw marks of peace, hope, and truth, right here on this page. Cool huh? Not the most professional though.

! ! ! ! !

! ! ! !!!!!