Summary: Chloe was just an ordinary 17 year old girl, from a wealthy family... right? At least thats what she thought, until she was kidnapped by a ridiculously hot guy who claims that her father is the leader of a mob organization! What?! Now Chloe is being held for ransom by Braeden who is the heir to his fathers mob, which just so happens to be her fathers biggest rival organization... Chloe and her parents have never been a close and loving family, but when she is held for ransom her parents love, or lack of, for her is brought to light. Braeden and his family and organization, ironically, seem to be the only people she can trust now.

Chapter One: All Fall Down

"Chloe!" My mom called impatiently from the bottom of the steps.

"I'm coming!" I yelled back, looking at myself in the mirror one last time- wishing that I didn't have to go to this stupid ball- before running down the stairs. I have to admit that I looked pretty good. I was wearing a gold strapless dress that fit me perfectly, making my nearly non-existent curves more defined than usual. The color of the dress complimented my shoulder length brown hair, and the gold heels made me look a lot taller than my usual 5'4.

"Chloe, for god's sake, we have to be there in ten minutes! If you don't hurry up, I'm leaving without you." She threatened.

I raced even faster down the steps of our four story house – well, more like mansion. My father was a "business man", I'm not sure what exactly he does but it allows us to live a life of luxary. Most people stereotype me as a daddy's girl, they say that I'm spoiled and ditzy because of the money my family has – but I'm far from it. How can you be a daddy's girl when your dad's never home? And as for spoiled, I could care less about material objects, my father may give me money sometimes but I rarely use it. I would much rather be a part of a family that truly cares, then be a part of one that thinks they can buy your love with money.

When I reached the bottom of the steps I saw my mom standing there with her hands on her hips and an annoyed look on her face. She was wearing a bright red designer dress that barely reached her knees and huge diamond earrings that made her platinum blonde hair even brighter. Unlike me, my mother is a very materialistic person, and she makes it very clear that because of my lack of enthusiasm for the subject, I'm a failure as a daughter.

"Chloe you better tell your father that it's your fault we're late." I just lowered my eyes and walked out to the waiting car. Our body guard, Anthony, was following behind silently like always. I found it a little odd that we had a bodyguard, but my father had insisted; saying "it's just a precaution", a precaution from what exactly… I have no clue.

"Did you hear me!?" She yelled when I didn't reply, following me outside.

"I'll tell him it was my fault." I replied quietly, whispering thanks to the driver as he opened the car door.

"Good." My mom said, completely ignoring the driver.

I was being forced to attend a ball hosted in honor of my father. I don't see why I have to go. It's not like my presence would make a difference, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. So here I am, on my way to a stupid ball that I don't even want to go to. Normal seventeen year olds would be jumping at the chance to go to a ball, and dance with guys. But to me, it was just a pointless ritual where people spend thousands of dollars – which could be used in so many other ways, like for charity – on dresses and tuxes that they probably only end up wearing once. Then they stand around talking about money and business and dance a few songs with people they don't even know. Sounds like fun, right? No.

The ride there was silent, thankfully. I don't think I could have stood anymore of my mother's nagging. It took about fifteen minutes to get there, which put us about ten minutes late.

When we pulled up to the elegantly designed building that the ball was held at, it looked like we were at a Hollywood premier or something, there were so many people. There was even a red carpet! As my mom and I stepped out of the car, we made our way through the people milling around outside and up to the guy at the front doors.

"Names please?" He asked in a bored voice.

"Mariette and Chloe Marchetti" My mom told him with a smug smirk on her face, knowing that man would recognize the name immediately.

"Oh! Yes, of course! I'm so sorry, go ahead." His face turned beat red when he realized who we were.

We walked pass the poor guy and made our way into the building. In an instant we were surrounded by maids and butlers who took our jackets and led us to the party.

We were led into a huge room that held a few hundred people, all dressed in designer gowns. I was in awe by the sheer amount of people, and the beauty of the room itself. I stopped walking and admired it. There was a crystal chandelier that was hung on the tall cathedral ceiling, and it reflected specks of light everywhere – kind of like a disco ball. Mother however was not fazed by the beauty of the room.

"Let's go find your father. He will want to know what took us so long." She did not wait for me to reply; instead she just grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me across the room in search of my dad.

After what seemed like hours, but was really just a couple of minutes, we finally spotted him in the center of the room talking to a few burly looking men. My mother just dragged me right over and threw herself into my father's arms, ignoring the three other men.

"Why are you guys late?" He asked in a hard voice after my mother had unattached herself from him.

My mom gave me a pointed look.

"Oh, umm I just took a little longer getting ready than expected…" I said quietly, avoiding eye contact.

"Why? Did you not think it was necessary to be here on time? Did you not want to be here to support me?" He spat, with an angry look on his face. I was truly frightened of what he would do next.

"No! I just… I don't know. I just lost track of time." My voice was timid.

"You just lost track of time? Ha. It seems you care about other things more than you care about your own father. We will talk about this when we get home. Now go do something. Go mingle with the men. Maybe you can marry well and finally do something good for this family."

I eagerly obliged to his command. I was on the verge of tears, and would take any excuse to get away from him. I'm used to his hurtful words now, but that doesn't make them any less painful.

I quickly walked to the opposite side of the room, far away from my father, and just stood there for a moment trying to regain my composure. I didn't want to "mingle with the men" but I knew that my father would most likely be watching me, so I went up to a man and asked him to dance.

He had average looks. About six feet tall, with black hair and dark brown eyes – he happily agreed to dance.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out onto the dance floor. Right when we reached our destination, a slow song began playing. He grabbed my hips and pulled me close to him, and I put my arms around his neck.

"What's your name?" He asked, pulling me a little closer as he did.

"Chloe Marchetti" I said, watching as his eyes lit up in recognition. "How about you?"

"John Quorra" He replied "Your Alessandro's daughter aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am"

"Must be a pleasure" He said.

"Yeah…" I lied.

He pulled me even closer to his body, and his hand started to travel lower down my waist – making me extremely uncomfortable.

"Do you work with my father?" I asked, trying subtly to push myself away from him.

"Yeah, I do." He didn't offer anything else.

"Oh…" I tried pulling away again, but his grip was too strong.

"Umm, I better go." I said, but he made no move to let me go.

"Why leave so soon, we were just beginning to have fun!" He said, surprising me when his lips crashed down onto mine.

Now I was really scared. I was just getting ready to knee him in a place where it would really hurt when he was suddenly yanked off of me. I looked around, confused for a moment until I realized that my body guard, Anthony, had pulled him off. This is the first time I have ever been thankful for something my father has done. I guess I know what he meant by "precaution" now.

I was crying for real this time, and when Anthony came back over to make sure I was alright I told him that I was going to go to the bathroom. And without another explanation I ran out of the ball room and into the restroom.

I curled myself up in the corner of the small room and just sat there, waiting until my tears stopped flowing. I know that I am being stupid, I mean it was only a little kiss; but nothing like that had ever happened to me before, and it really shook me up.

My eyes had finally run dry and I stood up and straightened my dress. I knew that I probably looked like a mess right now but I didn't really care.

I started to make my way to the door when a large hand covered my mouth from behind. I screamed in surprise but the hand caused it to come out as merely a muffled whisper. I tried to twist myself out of his grasp, but he held me to his chest with iron strength.

I heard noise coming from the other side of the room, and looked up to see another man, dressed in black. I screamed as loud as I could this time, and was able to make the slightest of noise thorough the hand.

"Shut her up!" The man holding me said in an urgent whisper.

The other man quickly advanced, causing me to struggle even more. It was in vain though, he reached us within seconds. I noticed something flash in his hands, then felt a slight prick on the top of my arm right above my other captor's strong hands. Right away, the world around me started to get fuzzy and I felt myself begin to fall into my captors embrace. I felt myself being turned around in his arms and lifted off of the ground, then saw a flash of bright blue eyes before the world around me turned black.

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