I'm climbing, climbing, climbing a mountain

It's tall and it's steep, and it's hard to reach the top.

I will keep trying, I will never stop.

How long will I climb, how far I will go,depends not on

the tools in my backpack in tow.

It's all about what is inside of me.

It's the same for you, and everbody.

Bring lots of water, it's a long trip.

But most of all, bring yourself, and that's all you need,

to get to the mountain's summit, feel great powers and


People who make fun of you, view them as rocks, they want to make you fall, but hey, just let them fall instead. I didn't let them fall, now my soul feels dead.

On the top of the mountaintop, are great powers of lore.

They're powers of darkness and light, magic and might, and so much more.

It need not matter, what you do at the top. Be true to who you are, and don't ever stop! Climbing, climbing, ever so high, it would be so more convienent, just to know how to

fly! With a magical cape, we'd soar through the sky! Believe in yourself and you shall not ever die!