Many extraterrestrials exist deep in space,

while others are inter-dimensional, and warp from place to place

They took me, they snatched me, they beamed me away.

Whether to Heaven or Hell, I cannot quite say.

Whatever it may be, whatever the case,

I'll never forget the familiar face,

the one with large piercing black eyes,

like the vastness and darkness of space,

that looks through your soul, and gives you a stare.

Some almost smiled at me, but when it came to my mental well being, they did not seem to care.

Some are of light, some are of darkness, demons of power and great unearthliness.

A part of me loved them, a part of me dreaded them.

They walked as fast as light, carried me, then brought me back, as far as sheer terror, there was no lack.

But scared and frightened of them I am no more,

For I am now a powerful wizard of lore.

I sometimes still walk amongst the darkness, and I walk amongst the shadows,

the darkness and shadows of my untamed altered mind.

But I leave all the visions far behind,

Of incredible beings, some tall and some little.

Their messages were littered with riddles,

Pull up a chair, want some of my Skiddles?

I don't know what to make of the beings, my memories are shattered, like a broken vace.

Yet I still remember that oh so familiar face.

and I get a little chill as I look back at the memories, the


What did they want with me?

What does it mean?

If I knew would I tell you?

Will my girlfriend be green?