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Band kids and Orchestra kids are rivals, simple as that. Blondes verses brunettes, Calvary High verses Michigan High. I go to Michigan High, known for the talented and Calvary known for the rich and gorgeous. Although Michigan has some gorgeous students, Calvary is just known for students otherwise looks fit for royalty.

So as an attempt to patch up the rivalry Calvary and Michigan are going to put on a play together. Can anyone say disaster?

The drama teacher at my school, Ms. Bentz, will be working with Mr. Weinstein from Calvary for this whole play.

The play was written by some kid and it's generally about this girl, who's in an abusive relationship and the brother of the abusive guy becomes friends with the girl he ends up falling in love with her. Then there's the fight scene and the brother rivalry and in the end the girl gets pregnant with the brother's child and she moves away and in the end comes back to the father of her child.

I'm auditioning for the girl and I'm Nikki Sparks. My mom's last name is Sparks and she's been married so many times that she just keeps it the same. But when you add it up she's currently, Michelle Devanathan – Michaels- Ford- Kingsley- Thomas- Pratt- Sparks. She's were I get my commitment issues from.

"Ms. Sparks! You're next after…Ronnie Wilson." Mr. Weinstein tells me. Ronnie Wilson is a whore, and okay I have a whore moments but she's a whore and an annoying one at that. She's skinny as hell and she's not exceptionally pretty but she'll put out. Can you say, future hooker?

Soon enough her boring lame audition is over and I'm next.

"Ah! Finally Ms. Sparks!" Ms. Bentz rejoices. I'm not an amazing actor but I am pretty good, at least at this school.

Mr. W looks at Ms. Bentz like she's mad and clears his throat, "Alright so you'll be auditioning for Amanda correct?" I nod, "Please read from the top of page 95."

I let out a deep breath and read:

"S-so maybe- maybe I'm in a bit of trouble and my life is a mess but I'm in love. In love! My heart pounds and- and I babble like an idiot. I love the way his touch feels and the way it seems like he can see into my heart-"

"But love shouldn't be like that! You should feel like you're flying, like everything is so effortless and you're on the tips of your toes. And your heart will sink but it's okay- because you know- you know- that the person you're in love with will catch you. It should feel like it feels when we're together."

I'm not sure when he got here but this guy is such an amazing actor. The way he said it made me believe almost that he was truly feeling those emotions.

"Luke," I start to talk but the mysterious boy grabs onto my arms and presses his forehead against mine. I look up like I should in the script; I reach up to graze his face and his eyes flutter shut and our noses touch.

"Cut!" Mr. Weinstein says, "I think we've found our Amanda. I step back from the guy and for a moment it looks like he's going to follow me but he doesn't and walks away, disappearing behind the curtains.

For a moment I look at where he was, confused and then look at Ms. Bentz, "Really?"

"Yes really, that was amazing. We'll post up the final cast tomorrow." She smiles, nods and I leave.

Yes! I'm beaming as I walk away.

"Okay so," Tracey says as she bites into her burger, "you got the part?"

I roll my eyes and half heartedly at the crumbs falling from her mouth, "Yeah! I did at least they said I did and well Ms. Bentz just gave me an obvious hint before I left- she nodded and smiled which is a good sign."

I chew on some fries and I look as the waiter drops off my refill and leaves, "Okay so tell me about the guy."

"The man of mystery? Well he was gorgeous, cerulean blue eyes, dirty blond hair- it could've even been a light caramel brown and he had freckles- Jesus I love freckles- and these gorgeous lips. He was a few inches taller too."

I finish off my burger as Tracey starts talking, "Sounds goreeee-geoussss! But of course You'd stop caring about him soon enough Nik, you always find some new guy to fawn over or date someone. Ms. I get bored easily."

I chew and swallow the remnants of the food and roll my eyes as I take a sip from my , "Leave me aloneee, it's not my fault I have high standards. It comes with being a girl."

"Yeah, but your standards are way higher than usual."

"I blame my mother." I laugh.