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Lame, lame, lame and just plain tragic. Can you say pitiful or what? Oh the woes of shoe shopping for shoes. Why is it that finding the perfect pair of shoes in mind is such a difficult task?

I go shopping with Tracey like its out business. We're intense shoppers. I don't have any sisters so Tracey is basically the sister my parents never gave me. Well I guess my mother, my dad- who knows where he is. Okay- I know where he is, he's living in Greece but my mom can't know that.

Short summary, my dad- Richard Maris is a banned topic with my mom. No, he isn't a jerk dead beat or anything. He actually wanted to be a part of my life and marry mother dearest but she refused. She broke up with him and moved away and erased him from her life besides me, the result of their 'love'. The end. How amazing right? Not.

So now we email each other and send letters and packages. He even secretly sends me large sums of money on rare occasions. No child support since they never got married and she kicked him to the curb but mother doesn't need it with her gold digger antics. Just kidding, she's not a gold digger but you know I may be bitter towards her but I do love and appreciate her occasionally.

"Nik, so to detract our minds a bit, tell me about the gorgeous blond." Tracey requests as she plops down on the cushioned seat.

"Again?" I whine.

"Yes again, I'm the one with a boyfriend remember?"

"Uh duh I remember, you guys are so uneventful like a fucking old couple."

"I know! I mean I love him but after dating for two years we're just…" in substitute for a word she sticks out her tongue and spits a bit.

I theatrically wipe away the nonexistent spit on my face, "Thanks. Well there's not much. He's gorgeous as hell, stuck up and personality wise, nothing like Ryder- besides the competitive thing. "

"Ryder, the mystery man right?"

"Right." I confirm.

"Well knowing you, you'll hook up with one of them and then find some new guy. Keep an eye out when you go to Calvary for practice- hotties galore!" She sings.

"Oh totally and I bet you'd want pictures."

"Uh DUH! But not of the hooking up part save those for the guy."

We both burst into a fit of loud obnoxious laughter then calm down before we start laughing again at the old memories.

"Hello there gorgeous." Ryder greets me at the large glassy entrance of Calvary.

"Hey you." I smile at him, "Waiting for me?"

"Oh of course, been waiting to see your stunning face all day."

"Shut up, liar." I bump into him as we walk.

He grins in this half grin that's oh so sexy.

"So what's up between you and Joseph?" I inquire as he leads me to the theater.

"Me and Joe-Joe? Oh," He laughs, "Well his dad committed some crime and since my loser dad is a lawyer he was the one who put him in jail years ago. He's hated me since 'cause he was close to the guy. And me being me, I be a jerk to him and push his buttons. My dad ended up cheating on my mom with his secretary –typical right- and then he felt the need to rub that in my face and then we've always just hated each other. I've been into acting since forever but he's been doing plays longer but I've always been better than him."

"Uh huh," I take a moment to digest it all, "That'd make an awesome movie."

"Oh totally, we'd both play ourselves and then you can play my sexy fine beautiful love interest that I steal away from Joe and then we live happily ever after. In the movie of course."

"Oh of course, there just might even be a totally hot sex scene- even if some parts are censored. Like way hotter than the movie adaptation of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist or like close to R rated lovin."

"That scene just sounded really hot."

"Well you have yet to hear me or even see what I can do." Ryder wiggles his eyebrows suggestively at me and grins.

"I'd most certainly would like to."

I laugh and he puts his arm around my waist as we enter.

Rehearsal just ends in a breeze and it was actually so fucking fun just because of Ryder. The thing is is such a great guy. He's funny and flirty, he's an amazing actor, he's sassy and such a bitch to Joseph and he knows that he's a jerk but he's okay with it- and I love that in him.

Joseph though, I barely know the kid even though he's just as painstakingly gorgeous as Ryder, he doesn't seem to have much personality and he just hates Ryder and acts. He's a good actor-kind of but he's not amazing. That kid needs to let loose and I think I'm a great person to help.

"Hey Joseph!" I call after him.

He slowly turns around and the light is behind him and it looks like a heavenly scene from a movie. Oh God what has my life come to?

"Hey." He says with no extra enthusiasm or smile.

"Want to do something today? Or this weekend? You know we haven't exactly gotten to know each other."

"Yeah you and Ryder seem really close." His tone was almost resentful.

"Uh huh, Ryder is a great guy."

He laughs so loudly it seems almost fake, "I'm sorry but Ryder Jones is not a great guy."

"Well I guess we have different definitions. I'm okay with guys being a jerk at times cause I can handle it. Bitch at me and I'll show you a bigger bitch."

This time he laughs for real and it's so cute with his dimples. I feel like I'm practically staring but I guess it's acceptable because he's staring too but he's like grinning and his head is tilted and his tousled hair is just so perfect.

"No wonder Ryder can't get enough of you, so want to go out to dinner Friday? Unless you're busy because you just seem like you have a life besides theater."

"I really doubt that. And I guess I do."

"Oh please all the flirting isn't just meaningless when Ryder compliments you, he just has more guts than other guys I guess," he snorts with disdain, "But I gotta say, don't fall for him and don't date him. He's a player, a flirt that's it- he's great at faking feelings and portraying emotion."

"Do you think he's a good actor?"

"Hrm," He contemplates this as we walk down the hallway together, "Well he's a jerk and a pompous ass but he's got some skill. I'm still way better than him and you're better than all of us. You're also insanely gorgeous so you've a lot going for you."

"Shut up, you're starting to sound like Ryder. But I think he's an amazing actor."

"Well that's because I know him, I know he's a fake and a douche and a jerk he's not good enough of an actor to make me forget our history. Oh Jesus, sounding like Ryder? The things you do to me."

I shake my head at his flirting, it's really rather adorable, "You make it sound like you two were gay lovers."

"Not even, if I was gay or even bi I wouldn't even touch Ryder."

"If you guys actually stopped hating each other and got over the rivalry I think you guys would be like best friends."

He snorts in a weirdly attractive way, "Yeah best friends my ass."

I just shake my head and chuckle a little bit as we depart ways to get into our cars.

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