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Imagine being like a little spec of dust on a sofa cushion. Imagine a world were showing your beliefs was against the law. Well that's my world. If you want no part of my world stop reading now. If you want to learn more about me keep reading, but read at your own risk.

My name is Kara, and this is my life.

I have always been a social outcast. My family has never really had money or anything, but that all changed the day I met my friends; Lillie, Torrie, Chris, Kasey, Eli, Emilina, and Bay.

Well we are all kind of different. Not like mental or anything, but we, well let's just say we kind of, sort of, have "powers". Not really big powers, but we all can, truly, do something unique. For instance, Lillie: she is able to control one's mind; Torrie: she can see the future; Chris: he has the power to change shapes; Kasey: he can sense when something evil or bad is near; Eli: he has super strength, Emilina: she can mock anything, as in change her appearance, voice, ect., and Bay: he can somehow (we haven't decided how he is able to yet) control lightning. I, well I can control anything water related, I've always been connected to the water. I can never figure out why but it's just life.

I can not really tell you how us group of "freaks", as people like to call us, ended up as best friends. If I told you I would be lying, because I truly have no idea. It just happened. Fate I guess. We all have a special bond with each other: some more, some less. An example would be Lillie and Eli, there is tension between the two, but they try their best to get along for the sake of the group. Torrie and Bay, they really like each other, you can tell by the way they act around each other, but they would never admit it. Kasey and Emilina, Kasey so likes Emilina, but Emilina could care less. Then there's Chris and I. He loves me ask a stranger and they could tell you so. The sad thing is I don't see him that way I see him like a brother. I have told him many times before but he would never listen to me....

Well out of our drama. We ran away from home two weeks ago. The police are on are tails. The reason: we told our beliefs and stories to the police, and that's kind of against the law. (Our bads.) So we are kind of in a bad predicament. Only one good thing that came out of all of this, we have each other. Well we have been on the go, as I said, for two weeks now. The 8 of us are really trying to stay hidden, but that hasn't worked out really well for some of us. Not to mention any names, Lillie because she keeps trying to start fights with the government. The crazy chick. Ha she's always been one for being a smart aleck and really sarcastic, but she wouldn't be Lillie if she wasn't like that.

Then we have our problems with Kasey, he's always trying to trick us with his power. What he does is he tries to freak us out by telling us the government is near, and that always makes us run and hide. After a while he will holler at us with something mean like this, "Hey retards! Y'all can come out now! It's called a prank!" So now you kind of see what I mean.

There's always Kasey that makes Eli mad which starts a "big" fight. I told you Eli has super strength, so when Kasey does something stupid like that, it sets Eli off. Eli picks up Kasey, because he's so scrawny, and throws him in the air. Sometimes it take Kasey about five minutes before we see him again. Yeah, I know it's kind of crazy but I'm just trying to explain my life to you.

Well we have Torrie and she's a psychic, like I told you, well her visions aren't always correct, they change a lot. By a lot I mean you can never really rely on her visions. We normally use her visions to see what we are having for lunch the next day. This of course is fine by me 'cause we kids eat a lot.

Emilina, what can I say? She's like my sister, well all of us are like siblings, but Emilina is just crazy! By crazy I mean she loves making fun of us with her powers, she is all the time changing her appearance, and making us think she's a member of the government just to freak us out. Kind 'a like Kasey if you ask me. I wouldn't trade her for anything, but it kind of is annoying at time, if you know what I mean.

Chris, oh gosh, he is like the funniest dude you have ever met, along with his brother Eli, well Chris kind of, sort of, has the biggest crush on me. I'm sorry, but I don't see him that way. He's like my brother and I just never have seen him that way. Well Chris uses his powers to change into animals, most of the time. When he changes to an animal he goes and finds the government, and tells us how far or close they are to us. He takes his powers seriously, most of the time; he occasionally uses them to pull pranks.

Then there's Bay. He's my brother. Biological, yes. He's not like Chris, Eli, and Kasey. They are all like my brothers, but they are not my brothers. He can control lightning. I know cool, huh? Problem is, he likes to blast people, such as me, but he also uses his powers for good. Like starting fires. Boy does that come in handy.

Me, well I can control anything water related. It's kind of cool really. It comes in handy at times, except when I get mad at someone and accidentally put out the fire on cold nights. Well I get along with everyone just fine. For some reason when I'm not around the group gets a little crazy, but they hold up fine when I'm around. Go figure. Enough about me. Let's get to my life.