Chapter 5:

"You two know each other?" I asked Eli more than I asked Amelia.

"Yeah. We used to be close." He emphasized 'used'. Weird.

"Okay if you are gon'na be like that I'll leave. It's your fault for going with her. Not like it's mine. You suggested breaking up!" Amelia screamed at Eli.

"Okay you can't just come here and start screaming at my brother." Said Chris. Ooh! Go Chris! I thought.

"Okay let's just all shut up. Eli start with the story. You said something about it. Now the whole group gets to know." I said. He sighed.


(Over text messages)

Amelia, dis is imprtnt. I can only tlk 4 a min. tho. Message status: sent 4:01pm 6-7-08

Okay, wat? Message status: sent 4:02pm 6-7-08

Ur rentz dnt lyk me do dey? Message status: sent 4:02pm 6-7-08

Well nt rly. Y? Message status: sent 4:03pm 6-7-08

Dats wat I thot. Cuz. I thnk we shood break up n jus b frens. Its so der is no truble between ur rentz n me. I sti luv u tho. Message status: sent 4:05pm 6-7-08

I dnt rly no wat 2 say. I lyk u a lot n I dnt wanna lose u. Bt if its 4 d best I guess…… Message status: sent 4:09pm 6-7-08

I g2g Message status: sent 4:11pm 6-7-08

Amelia's p.o.v

I layed down on my bed crying. The love of my life had just broke up with me. Over a text message! I couldn't believe this was happening! Ugh! I hate my life.

Eli's p.o.v

I was gonna kill myself. I loved her. That was the hugest mistake of my life! I couldn't live with myself. Gosh I was gonna miss Amelia.

I went to town with my brother Chris. We went into the store. Chris's favorite place, Wal-Mart. We ran into a girl that I had seen around before, Kara, I think.

"Hey Kara!" Chris told her. He went to school with her. They were good friends but I never really knew her.

"Hey Chris. I know this is a bad time. But you know how I told you about my "secret". Well the government found out. They are after me. I have to leave town. You wanna come with? I'm not alone. My other friends are coming. They have the same "secrets" to you know? Kinda like me and you." She whispered to Chris. I overheard.

"Woah, wait Chris. She is like us?"

"Yes" Chris replied.

"Okay Chris enough chit-chat. I have to leave now. The others are waiting on the border of town. I have to go now!" Kara said.

"Okay. If Eli can come to."

"Whose Eli. Oh yeah your bro." She looked at me. "So you coming or not?"

"Sure I have already lost most of my life today anyways." I said. We headed off to the border.

[End FlashBack]

"That's what happened to me and Amelia." Eli said. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. Wow. And now that I thought about it, Amelia was that girl from middle school that I hung out with! Gosh had she changed.

"Yeah. That's what happened. That was the worst day of my life you know." Amelia said looking at Eli.

"It was mine too, and I'm really, really sorry. I shouldn't have done that." Eli said.

"Yeah sure. You say that. But I thought we were perfect for each other. But then you went and did that. If that's what true love is, I don't want to be a part of it." Amelia popped off.

"Amelia, I said I was sorry. Will you please forgive me?" Eli asked.

"Woah, woah, woah! Hold up here! My best friend Eli just asked you to forgive him. Eli is one of the tuffest guys I know and he's about to cry over a girl that evidently does not care about him. He is asking for your forgivness. So if you still love him like you say you do; give him another chance." Torrie said.