i need this, and time goes around
my eyes, my ears, my mouth -
i exhale. my breath comes in sweet
tangled messes.

gradually it slows and i now know
that a horizontal cloud spreads over
the length of my head.
i need this to subsist.

my existence stays and i jump from rock to rock
ready to dip my toes into the pond -
i need this, i need to burst, i need to go, i need to
find time to twist around my hair.

i need to make a wreath of inspiration, tie it around my hair.
braid it through. soon i will realize the truth.

the cloud resting in its horizontal existence bursts and with glee little raindrops
soak my teeth! gradually the stains flee and hop to and from my eyes and ears
and mouth and nose! the time has unwound from my eyes and the
gold begins to show!

i have finally reached big hope.

now someday i will explain how the cloud ripped in two and faded from grey to white to clear
to blue. it has left us and will never return. but
being vertical has left me thirsting for the sweet droplets to come around
and pound my face with beautiful water.

i exhale and understand
that in existence comes time's necessities
and soon i believe that a vertical, skyward gaze
can bloom into a million shining hopes, refined bouquets of new gold;
i exhale and close myself up, close the eyes, the ears, the mouth;
i am stunned, a stunner, stunning. now i am something.


it has been a long, long time! this is the first piece i have written in awhile. i hope it is as enjoyable to you as it is to me. interpret as you please; to me it is about working too hard for something i really want, finally getting on the correct path towards this goal, and all the things that this path entails.

i am working hard and happy. i truly, truly hope you all are happy too.