Something bad was happening! My stomach was turning in knots and I felt a large pressure on my shoulders. My heart was pounding as tears were begging my eyes to let them fall. "Brooke," I heard my twin sister crying out to me from the bed beside me. "Something's wrong. I just feel it." Her eyes were filled with such sorrow and I could see that through the dark room.

"I feel it too," My words were low like a whisper. I could barely breathe as I struggled to sit up. She followed my motion as we were living in fear. "Let's just try to sleep it off." I told myself that everything was going to be fine even though there was a thought of evil lurking in the back of my mind. She was whimpering from the pain she felt. I knew she was feeling the pain, because I was feeling it too. "Liz."

"I can't," she started breathing heavily. Her words were uneven as the pressure was too large to even handle. "I keep hearing something bad. It's something extremely bad." She sounded like a little kid but she was in fear. Who could blame her? I finally did something that I hadn't done in awhile. I cried for help. I cried for him. I cried for God! I'm a regular church attendee, but I never prayed on my own.

Dear God,

Something is wrong. I feel like I should live in fear for the night. Something is telling me that someone isn't going to be alive tomorrow. Someone I love will be dead. Please, release me from this fear. Release me from the depths of Satan's grasp. He's the thief in the night. I need you. Father, I love you, and sorry I haven't truly met with you in awhile. I promise that I will meet with you more often if you liberate me from the bondage that holds me now.


I was tightly squeezing a pillow against my breast. My heart was jumping up and down as slowly the fear was going away. I heard him in a low whisper, "She'll be okay, and I promise you. Rest now, my child." I knew it was him because that thought wasn't coming from me. It had to be him! My grasp on the pillow weakened as my hand fell to the floor. Looking at Liz, she had fallen asleep peacefully.

I reached under my bed and grabbed a Bible. For the first time, I read the Bible and realized how powerful scripture was. God does work in mysterious ways. He used this evil experience to turn it into something that helped me meet with him every single day. This evil experience was turned into God mysterious work.