AB+1: Erstes Blut

"You might be wondering about who I am. If you are, then rest assured I will tell you. At least I will tell you who I was. Throughout most of my childhood, I was lonely. My parents didn't always get on well with each other, and as soon as I was beyond that age where one thinks naively that 'everything will be alright' I recognised their hostility. I grew up amid many siblings, but slowly each of them left the house, as did my father eventually. All too soon, I was left alone with only my mother and my one younger brother. Many years prior to my father leaving, I had given up on caring though. I was beyond having any feelings of care towards other humans. I had a handful of friends, but none of them had ever known what I did.

By the time I had turned 17, I had seen far more of the bad in humans than most people thrice my age, and had seen less of the supposed good than most of those a third of mine. I spent most of my time alone, often spending hours on end on my computer, doing whatever kept my boredom away the best. I rarely touched my school books, not because I was stupid, far from it. In fact I was the best in my class at all things academic, but because of that, school bored me: when I could speak German better than anybody in the languages department, there was hardly any incentive to learn, and same went for when I had proved mathematical ideas that my teachers could barely comprehend.

What else do you want to know about me? My name? What would you do with that? If you must know, my name is Corbett, Corbett Dierdre. What do I look like? Why do want to know that? Are you a stalker? Well look at me and you'll see my brown hair, my slightly large nose, my brown eyes and how my face is perhaps a little thinner than most. You'll also notice that I am not particularly muscular, at least I don't look it, but I am certainly not fat or anything similar thereto.

But why am I telling you this? You could just look!"

These are the words I said to the girl sitting in a chair opposite me. The chairs that she and I were in were large comfortable cushioned one, both in a middle-toned red colour with a yellow-gold trim. We were in a large room with dark red wallpaper adorning the walls. The door was of sturdy wood: oak I think. There was a window, but that was covered by a curtain the same colour as the walls. The carpet on the floor was just about the only thing in the room that wasn't red, it and the coffee table between myself and the girl both being pure black.

I was carefully studying the girl all the time that we spoke. She had long black hair, tied into a single long plait. Her eyes were pink, similar in hue to those lacking any pigment. Her skin was similar, very pale, and it almost seemed as if you could see through it, if you stared hard enough at it. There was no doubt of her beauty, although her high cheek bones and slightly pointed but small nose gave an impression of being rather haughty.

She spoke to me again, "Well then Corbett, it seems that we're in this together now."

I smirked, "Indeed, princess."

She gave a wide grin at my use of the title, seeming rather strange on her proud face, and it let me catch a glimpse of her teeth, especially her two very long canines.

Maybe some more explanation is needed of my situation. As I told the young princess, I used to live with only my mother and younger brother. It was one day when I returned home from school and had unlocked the door to my house that I saw something that nobody could be prepared for: I saw my mother and brother on the floor, blood dripping from their throats. It was clear that they had been dead for a while. They had probably been attacked when they arrived home, which would have been about an hour ago.

Most people would have freaked out at seeing two family members dead. But I am not one to act in such a way. The only worry going through my head at that point was that whoever did this might still be in the house. I knelt next to my mother's body, and moved her now red hair to examine her wound. There were two small puncture wounds neatly inserted into an artery. When an artery is punctured, because of the pressure of the blood, a large volume is lost relatively quickly. Also, as this artery fed the brain, she would have died within minutes.

Whoever did this knew what they were doing, but there was something strange about the wound. Near the two puncture marks were the marks of something else grazing the skin. If you were to connect up all the marks, you got a shape similar to a half oval. From that and the nature of the marks, it almost looked as though she had been bitten. By a human nonetheless. A human with very sharp canines.

I heard a very slight noise coming from the stairs up from the front hall, and looked to see a girl standing there, her black plait hair was stained with blood as was her black dress, and around her mouth was the same substance, which was clearly visible on her teeth, which I could just see through her grin. Her pinkish eyes were focused on me.

I stood up from where my mother lay, and slowly came closer to the stairs, all the time keeping my eyes on the girl.

She tilted her head, "Why're you so quiet, when all the others found their families, they screamed, cried and shouted hysterically. When they saw me covered in their beloveds' blood, they would scream all the louder, and some would try to kill me. Regardless, it ended the same. So human, why don't you run or scream? Why don't you cry from fear, or attack me from stupid sorrow?"

I said nothing, carefully approaching the left of the staircase. When I reached the foot of the staircase, my hand reached to the left, reaching past the banisters, and securing itself around a length of wood. I pulled the object up, and held one end in my right hand, while my other hand had a firm grip in the centre of the wood.

The girl watched me carefully, "What are you doing? You think a piece of wood will save you?"

I let myself smirk for a moment, as my hands pulled away from each other, revealing shining metal contained within the wood. She watched slightly bemused as I drew my sword from the wooden hilt. I had spent a fair amount of time practising with the blade I now held in my hand. It was fairly long, what one might call 'a hand-and-a-half:' not long enough to be called a two-handed sword, but too long and heavy for somebody inexperienced to wield in one hand.

I pointed my sword at the girl, "Tell me, why did you do this?" My voice was emotionless, it was the way I always spoke, I had carefully trained myself to hide my true feelings.

She gave me a lop-sided grin, "So forward aren't you. Well I'll tell you: I wanted to turn them, but they weren't strong enough to survive. They had no real reason to live, so they died."

I stared intently, trying to work out the meaning in her words, "By 'turn them' what exactly do you mean?"

"Into vampires, like me," she said without any hesitation.

"So that's your game is it?"

"Don't you believe me?"

I didn't reply for a moment, until I started chuckling, "Believe you, of course I do. That's the only way this crazy scenario makes any sense isn't it? But tell me, why are you so desperate to turn them?"

She looked startled, "W-what do you mean."

"You spoke of 'others' who you had tried this on, with the implication that you have tried many, but with no success. So tell me, why bother?"

She glared at me, I had obviously hit something important, and her reply was strained, "Unless I turn somebody, I'm all alone. The rest of my kind are gone. We were hunted almost to extinction by vampire hunters three centuries ago, and since then our numbers kept dwindling. I am the last vampire who was born in this world, and the last alive."

Something hit me then: she was alone. A single lonely girl in a hostile world, and all she wanted was a friend. She seemed so very similar to me. I felt an emotion hit me, unusual for me: compassion, something I had thought I had lost a long time ago.

I lowered my sword. "You're all alone... and scared aren't you," my voice's emotional mask was breaking as I spoke, "You just want somebody to understand you, and to truly care about you. To be with you whenever you need help. That's right isn't it?"

She looked at me curiously, then nodded.

I sheathed my sword, and put it down, then reached up to my collar, removing my tie, and undoing the top few buttons. I also pulled off my blazer, and threw it down next to my sword. Then I looked back at the girl, "Then come, and turn me."

She looked at me in shock, but then slowly came down the stairs, until she stood on the step above me. She was short enough that even on the step, we were at about eye-level. "Are you sure?" she asked me in a quiet voice.

I tilted my head to expose my neck, "Having doubts? Isn't this why you came here?"

She nodded, then slowly she opened her mouth, showing the still-bloody fangs that she had used to kill my mother and brother. I briefly wondered what I was doing, being kind to this murderer, but then I looked at her eyes. Those eyes showed clear worry about what would happen when she bit me. I could easily die, just like all those others.

Before she bit, I stopped her, "Can I just ask one thing, what is you're name?"

She looked into my eyes again, now with a look of curiosity, "Alicia Wight. Princess of vampires."

"Well then princess, please continue."

She opened her mouth again, and moved it to my neck. When she bit down, I was in pain for only a few seconds, before I felt my consciousness slip away as my surroundings went black. I fought it, with all my strength. Why was I fighting? For my life of course! But there was something else, when I thought about it hard, I could see the image of the girl, Alicia's face. When I thought of her, I redoubled my efforts to break back into full consciousness.

Eventually, I broke through the darkness, and my eyes flew open. I had moved from where I was, and I now lay on a bed. My school shirt had been removed, and I could still feel the bite in my neck. The fact that I could feel all that, told me that I was alive. I looked around. The room was small, aside from the bed, which was a bright red, there was very little in the room: a wooden chair and a desk over in a corner, with a second chair placed by my bed, where the girl from earlier sat.

When she saw me, she smiled, her fangs showing slightly, although now they were cleaned, as was her hair, and her outfit had changed. To a grey t-shirt and black skirt, much less grand than earlier.

"You're awake, thank goodness. When you collapsed I thought you'd died too. But it seems that you survived."

She now had a beaming smile on her face. I opened my mouth to say something, but as I did I felt something strange. I felt my teeth with my tongue, and felt that my canines were now far longer than they had been.

Alicia was smirking at the way I acted, letting out a light laugh. "Yes, you're the first person who I managed it on! You've become a vampire just like me!"

And so, that was how things began to change in my life. That was how a beautiful princess came into my life, how I lost my family, and how I became a vampire. Things from here on, could only get weirder.

Bis Bald