AB+7: Siebten Leben

I was sat in the meeting room staring at Wolfgang, and he glared back, daring me to say something. I fulfilled his wish, "So you're ready to send out the next video are you?"

"Yes, we are just waiting for your orders."

"I have a feeling that there is something else that you want to say," I said. To be honest, I wasn't feeling anything of the sort, but he didn't know that, and it paid off.

"It about you and Alicia," he said, and I was glad that Alicia wasn't there at that moment: Skoll and Hati had taken her to see with the werewolf leader. He had wanted to meet me as well, but I explained that it would be an unnecessary risk.

"What about us?"

"You know how Alicia thinks of our leader, Clan-Lord Fenrir, as her father. Well, he's my half-brother, and so I was always fairly close to Alicia, and she is like my niece."

"You don't trust me with her do you?" I said bluntly.

"No. I trust you to be a master strategist, I trust you to help us if it serves you. But I also trust you to turn your back on us if it helps you."

I smirked, "Fair enough, but you haven't thought of one thing."


I stood and walked towards the door, "Protecting Alicia helps me."

"How so?"

I looked round at him, grinning and showing my fangs, "Neither she nor I want to be alone." I turned to face the door again, "Prepare for dropping me, and send out the video today. Understood?"

"Yes... sir."

I left the room, and smirked, Wolfgang did, it seemed, trust me to a degree. But he only trusted me to act in my own self-interest. At least this explained, in part, his aggression. I went and found the clothes that I had been wearing when I was 'kidnapped.' Soon I would be in the hands of the police, and had to be prepared to act my part.

It was just after noon on the next day that I was ready to be dropped off in the woods surrounding a town about twenty miles from my home. I was dressed in my bloody uniform shirt and trousers. I turned to look at the werewolves and then Alicia, who stood very close behind me. She gave me a small smile, "Well I suppose you have to go now Corby..."

"Yeah, but don't worry, I'll see you soon, Alicia." I leaned closer and pressed my lips briefly to hers. I then pulled away, and before anything else could happen, I sprinted away, only cast one look back at Alicia.

I continued running through the wood, until I was a fair distance from where I had been dropped, then slowed down. I had to get to the town, and then fake that I had escaped. The wood was quite thick, and I had to force my way through. I got a few scratches, but they didn't hurt much, and it made the whole thing seem more authentic.

Eventually, the trees and bushes thinned, and I made sure that I retracted my fangs, before pushing out onto the pavement beyond. I heard a few people gasp as I appeared, and somebody said, "It's that boy who was kidnapped!"

I smirked slightly, before clearing it off my face, knowing that things would go just the way I planned.

It was just a little over two weeks later that I was getting ready to return to school. My 'escape' had almost perfectly coincided with the end of the spring term at school, so I had had two weeks to collect myself from the 'terrifying experience' that I had been through. Really the two weeks had been the dullest in my life, ever. I was alone at home, except for the police sending a social worker round every few days. It really was annoying. My father had said to them that I could look after myself, but the police wouldn't allow it, even though I was not far off 18 years old.

I pulled on my shirt, not the blood-stained one, and tied my tie, then grabbed my blazer and bag before heading downstairs. As I walked down the stairs, I suddenly thought I saw two bodies by the front door, my mother and brother's. But when I blinked, there was nothing there. I looked round, and at the top of the stairs I saw... Alicia, blood spattered, and her pink eyes glowing in the low-light. I blinked once more, and the image disappeared. I shock my head thoroughly before I walked to the door. I was hallucinating, or more accurately I was remembering. Remembering the night I was turned, or was I? It almost felt like a dream now. I looked in a mirror that hung on the wall as I passed, and opened my mouth, revealing my teeth, with no fangs, but then I detracted my canines, revealing the true me. I looked back to the door. It hadn't all been a dream.

I retracted my fangs again, before putting on my school shoes and leaving. It was the first day back, so I wanted to be on time. No doubt all my 'friends' would have millions of questions for me when I arrived. I smirked as I thought about what I had prepared for today.

I was sitting in my form room, being bombarded by questions, which I was having to answer passively. Initially, everybody had only stared when I entered, and fell silent. Then one of the girls plucked up the courage to ask me if I was 'okay.' When I nodded, a whole host of other questions were asked in rapid succession. Another girl, one of my friends Rebbecca Lepoint, was asking me "What about the rest of your family?"

I looked up, with a blank expression, "I don't know." I didn't elaborate, I didn't need to, the girl didn't ask for any specifics.

It was then that the teacher came in, and everybody ran to their seats. I was near the end of my row, and there was a space next to me as the last desk, with Rebbecca on my right. I smirked 'Just as I hoped.' Everybody was so terrified of me that normally they would avoid me like the plague. Only a few were brave, or perhaps foolhardy, enough to sit next to me.

The teacher began talking, "Class, today we have a new girl joining us. She moved here recently, and so had to change schools. Please make her feel welcome. You can come in now."

The door opened, and in stepped the girl, her long black plaited hair swinging slightly, and her pink eyes gazing round the classroom. Then she spoke, "Hello, I'm Alicia Wight, I hope we can get along."

I smirked, then quickly turned back to my blank demeanor. I had carefully planned this. Alicia would come to my school, then in a few weeks she and I would officially start dating, and then it would become easy for us to be together without seeming suspicious. I didn't listen to what the teacher said next, but noticed when Alicia sat down at the desk next to me, and spoke, "Hey there, I'm Alicia." She held out her hand to me, smiling as one does at a person you are meeting for the first time. The entire room gasped as they awaited my response.

I held out my hand, and grasped hers. "I'm Corbett," I said, "Corbett Dierdre."

It was at lunch that I was able to have a decent conversation with Alicia, without others being around to listen to it. We were the last two in the classroom, as everybody else had run off to eat. I spoke first, "So, Alicia, you got in okay then?"

"Yeah, we managed to fake some records and things to get me in, it was piss easy," she chuckled a little, "I mean, it's almost like they want people to fake their records."

I smirked at that, "But most people aren't princesses with half a species behind them."

"True," she replied. Then she stepped up to me, "You know I missed you Corby."

I smiled at her, "I missed you too." I leaned in and kissed her. Even two weeks without her was more than I was comfortable with. But then I heard a noise and spun round, seeing blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Rebbecca was leaning against the door. The usually quiet and timid girl was grinning broadly, "You know, you two should be more careful. If I were one of the hunters, you'd be dead by now."

I glared at her, "Who are you really Rebecca?"

She stood up and raised her right hand in salute, "Rebbecca de Lupe, spy in the service of Lord Fenrir."

"A werewolf? I'm surprised, and impressed, that you concealed it so well." I smiled, "But tell me, what is a werewolf spy doing here? You've been here since we both started secondary, so why would a werewolf have interest in this school?"

She smirked, "Maybe you should ask that fool Wolfgang. He might have discovered the truth by now."

"But I'm asking you Rebbecca, so tell me, why?"

Rebbecca gave an uncharacteristic smirk, "Why should I tell you? If you wanna know, you'll have to beat it outta me."

I sighed, "If you really want to try that then I should warn you, I'm currently carrying three pistols, each made from silver, and loaded with silver bullets. If you were to try to attack me, I could beat you in one shot, and still have a few dozen to spare."

She glared, "Really?"

I smirked, "No." She was about to turn and leave but I was behind her in a moment. I kicked the door shut, and grabbed her arms, forcing them behind her back. I bared my fangs, "Now tell me, or I bite you."

"Do you want to be charged with murder or something?" Rebecca asked.

"Simple, I burn this place down, and only your ashes are found." She glared at me, trying to work out if I was bluffing or not. A staring contest ensued, which was only broken when Alicia's phone rang. We had both almost entirely forgotten her presence, and had turned to face her simultaneously.

"Hello?" she answered. There was someone speaking on the other end of the line. She gave a few 'Uh-huh's and 'okay's, before turning to me. "It's Wolfgang, he'd like a word with you."

"Put it on speaker," I said, still retaining my hold on the werewolf spy.

She pressed the button, and I spoke "Wolfgang, what is it?"

"Dierdre, remember you asked me to look in to your father, and a possible connection to the hunters. Well I found one connection. It's from an old report, of when the hunters first emerged 300 years ago. A hunter group attacked a vampire settlement. The leader of the hunters was named Avis Dierdre. We've found out that he was you ancestor, on your father's side."

I didn't say anything to begin with, I just stared at the phone. It couldn't be true could it. I looked at Alicia, who looked just as shocked. Then I heard laughter, it was Rebbecca. Then I understood.

"Did the werewolves not know this?"

"As far as I know, they had no idea."

"Really? Then how come they sent a spy to keep tabs on me?"

"W-what?!" Wolfgang sounded genuinely surprised. "Who sent a spy?"

"Your leader. But now, I shall speak to you later. I have business to attend to." Alicia hung up the phone, and I turned to Rebecca, who was still giggling, but I shut her up quickly by hurling her across the room.

"What the heck are you doing?" she cried out indignantly.

"Just reminding you of your place, however strong werewolves are, vampires are stronger. Especially ones like myself."

"What do you mean? Why are you so special?"

I turned to the door, Alicia following. As I put my hand on the door, I stopped and spoke, "Remember what I am, a being beyond any other in strength." I turned my glare at the girl, "So watch out, or I might just get you."

I retracted my fangs and stepped out. Although I had acted tough, my mind was in the midst of turmoil. I was my own worst enemy. What kind of screwed up chance had caused that? I tried to calm down, and strode quickly through the corridors.

Alicia spoke, "Corby, are you alright?"

"Yeah, just a little surprised. I didn't expect to be this... thing."

Alicia put her hand on my shoulder. "What do you mean 'thing?'"

I turned to her, and my glare which had been fixed there softened slightly. There was nobody in the corridor, so I could speak freely. "I... I'm a vampire, and a hunter." I felt the anger well up inside me, "I'm something that shouldn't exist."

Alicia suddenly put her arms around me, and pulled me gently into her embrace. "Do you think vampires should exist in this world at all?" she asked quietly.

"But they can have a place in this world. They came to be naturally. But what am I? I am the result of two things mixing that should never come together. I am..." I couldn't think of words to say then. Just looking at myself now made me feel sick.

"If there isn't a place for you, then make one. Because without you, I can't live either." She hugged me tighter, "Your the only one I can ever love Corby. My vampire, my hunter. My Corbett."

I was shaking at that point. Emotions that I hadn't felt in a long time welled up in me: sadness, fear, worry. Then they all subsided and something else appeared. Resolution, I knew what I had to do, I had planned it for a long time, but it was time to start enacting it. I smirked, and Alicia noticed my change in attitude. "What is it Corby?"

"I know how to make us a place in this world. It's time to come out of the shadows, and let vampires walk the surface again."

Alicia looked at me, surprise on her face, which then changed to a smile, and then she let out a light laugh. I would raise the vampires back to prominence as a race, even if there were only two of us at the moment. I was ready to become a real king.

Bis Bald