I am here.

But I want to go

My head is soup

A little bit of confused

And a dash of scared

And you have me.

What should I do

Well it is too late now

It ended

What's done is done

As perplexing as this may be

I am ok

But as I go by

People see me and ask

'Where has the confidence in her step gone?

The happiness in her eyes?'

It is still there and you will see it

I promise

Just not right now

The wound is new

The soup too hot to touch

For now I just have to blow

They are good as friends

But to me nothing more

You have to make good friends with them

And you will

But you still wont understand them fully

I sound like I am just trying to convince my self now

And maybe I am.

But the moral of the story is:

Don't Love Hate, Hate Love.