Time and time again you have heard the scary stories of Halloween. This is one you have not yet heard of before. It starts in a neighborhood as ordinary as any other. Here we meet the dark, comical Sicily May, a girl of 15 with red lush hair and black finger nails.

Now was coming a dreadful day. A day that Sicily May could not stand. It was Hallows Eve. Children have turned the spiritual day into a joke. All they do is hand out candy and mock the dead. It was sickening. She wasn't sure that she could really believe in ghosts or poltergeists but disgracing those who have passed on was disgusting.

As she roams in the halls of Carlington High she scoffs at the cheerleaders in their Halloween costumes. (They were allowed to wear their Halloween costumes on Hallows Eve for today was Friday) The Cheerleaders looked back at her, turned their snobby noses up, and walked away. Sicily May did not dress up that day. Instead she wore a silver cross around her neck to honor the dead.

When the bell finally rang at 3:30 pm, Sicily May ran for home. Her house was one of the most decorated houses on the block for her mother was obsessed with Halloween. Stone graves were scattered among the yard with skeletal hands sticking out and moving to grab your heels when you passed by. Jack-O-Lanterns were placed all around the house. Salt was also circling the house. (Her father believed in ghosts and spirits). The little ring made Sicily May feel a little weird. It seemed to radiate with something more than just salt.

Shivering a little she entered her house and left her backpack on the table. Immediately Sicily May's nose was filled with the sweet smell of cookies. Mom was in the kitchen and preparing these little treats. Sicily May and her mom exchanged greetings and then she was off into her room. She turns on one of her stereos and hard rock starts booming from the speakers. She bobs her head to the rhythm and then jumps onto her bed. She reaches for a horror story book but stops when she hears her phone vibrate. Curious Sicily May picks up her phone and opens the text. The screen brightens and a picture appears. The image is of a black shadow that was hard to make out. She squinted to see the picture but it didn't help. The only thing she could see was a knife above the shadow and some blood on the wall. She switches the screen to see what the text has to say. It read: Dear reader, I'm sorry about this but there is a spirit that haunts you day and night. On Halloween he is sure to appear before you, peal your skin off, and leave you in the bathtub to rot. His name is Bob Rodkus. He was killed over a hundred years ago and reaps on young souls to keep himself existing. To keep this calamity from spreading you must forward this to as many people as you know. The only way to keep Bob from coming after you is to sleep with the light on, knock on your door 3 times, and then spread baking powder all over yourself. Warning: Stay away from the bathroom.

After reading this Sicily May chuckled. What retard would make this up? Even though it was the dumbest thing she ever heard she forwarded it to all her friends. Wondering who the sender was, Sicily May checked the number to find that it was unknown. Probably one of her friends playing a prank on her, she thought.

That night Sicily May went to do the dishes. Her mom went to a Costume party and her dad was staying late at the office. She turned on the faucet and water spewed from the tip making a deafening rushing sound. Sicily May took her time washing through each dish. Then when she came to the knives, she heard a rustling sound. At first the noise was so quiet she could barely hear it and thought nothing of it. She kept right on washing until she accidentally cut herself with one of them. The pain on her finger was stinging and bleeding. She turned off the faucet and got a paper towel. As she put pressure on her finger another noise was heard by the bathroom. She stopped breathing and listened. A faucet squeaked and water started running. Someone was in the house. Sicily May's heart started to beat so hard she heard it ringing in her ears. She swallowed and grabbed for a kitchen knife. If it was a burglar she would dispose of him. She tiptoed over to the bathroom door and placed her hand on the handle. A grunting noise was heard behind the door. Sicily May was now immobilized. All her joints tightened and her face turned pale. A low moan was heard and then growling. Sicily May removed her hand from the door and tried to steady herself. She thought she might faint. She parted her lips and whispered. "Who is there?"

Another growl was heard. It sounded as if the curtains were being ripped off the hinges and a lot of struggling was going on behind the door. Then it was a scream and Sicily May could not take it no longer. Who was it screaming? When she flung her hands to her face she realized it was her screaming. She closed her mouth and listened for another sound. Then it was another scream. It was ragged and bubbly. It made her blood curdle. She fell to the floor and dropped the knife beside her. Her heart was pumping so hard she could no longer stand. Then something horrible happened. IT spoke.

" MMMMMMMMaaaaaayyyyy…….."

"Who are you," Her words were almost inaudible.

"Ddddoooonnn'ttt yooooo knnnnnoooooowwww mmmmeeeee?"

"N-no, I don't. What do you want?"

"Yoooooouuuuurrrrrr ssssssooooouuuuuuullllll chhhhhhhhiiiiiillllllddd….."

"No," Sicily May started hyperventilating. The door creaked and banged. HE WAS TRYING TO OPEN THE DOOR! She squeezed her eyes shut, afraid of what she would see. She kept the knife clenched in her fist. She was going to have to fend for her life. Then, the door busted open and Sicily May made her mistake. She bolted her eyes open and looked at it. It was black. Her mind was racing so fast that everything became a blur. She picked up her knife and threw herself at it screaming. She felt something cold against her skin and then there was nothing. Something grabbed her hair and the bathroom door shut closed and locked. She was trapped in the bathroom. Everything was dark. The only light on was the red one. She felt herself getting dizzy. She searched like a maniac in the bathroom for the dark shape she had seen. Her mouth fell open and she fell to the floor. In the mirror was IT. He was smiling at her and his eyes were a bloody red. When his mouth opened his teeth were sharp and long. She screamed and IT grabbed hold of her. Now she can feel pain all over herself. IT ripped off the skin off her arm. She screamed bloody Mary and started scratching for the door. She tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. Giving up Sicily May fell to her knees and closed her eyes.

When her mom and dad came home they looked for her. They called out her name but there was no answer. They heard something in the bathroom and pulled it open. There eyes bulged with horror. There in the bathtub was Sicily May. The tub was over flowing with her blood and her skin was entirely ripped off. All that was there were her organs and her eyes looking dead straight ahead. Her parents screamed and the bathroom door shut on them and a whispering deep laugh rang out in the house. The clock ticked to the next minute and it was now 12:00 midnight.