A.N.: I wrote this some time ago between a mulcichaptered fic for some submission call - it was too light of a theme to be excepted, and I haven't posted it here, because I thought I would re-write it and changed it into a multichaptered fic. But since I don't see this coming in near future (if even), I'm giving you a taste of Melyn. It would be a shame to let him rot in my folder from where he might or might not be resurrected. Hope you would enjoy in his antic.

This has been beta-ed by the amazing diluain.

WARNING: This is GBLT/LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) themed fiction with explicit contents that is NOT appropriate for minors.

Play with me

Melyn peeked around the corner; his sky-blue eyes zoomed through the wide-open door onto a blond, who napped behind the desk with his head resting on his arms. "Look, he's working overtime again." He pointed the blond to his best friend, Darwen, before he sneaked closer to the door of the well-lit office with a desk, chair and filing cabinets.

"Don't. Please, Melyn, don't. He almost saw us the last time." Darwen grabbed Melyn's shoulder.

"He's sleeping. He won't see us, stupid." Melyn wiggled out of Darwen's hold and his dragonfly-like wings carried him toward the office.

"It's always something with you." Darwen whined, but he followed him anyway.

"It's always something with you, too." Over his shoulder Melyn poked his tongue out at Darwen. "Didn't I have to keep you company in the ladies' loo just two days ago, so that you could ooh and ahh over the ladies?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"But what?" Melyn's wings disappeared as he stepped onto the simple desk.

"I just like to watch human girls, but it's different with you. You are so serious. It's almost like you are in love with him." Darwen looked at the blond human. "Why him? He's human. He's tall. And if you haven't noticed, even though you always stare at him, you're about as long as his forearm."

"He's the same as me."

"You don't know that for sure; just because those girls gossiped about him, that doesn't make it true. And even if it is, he's big; you are tiny -- what you are going to do? Have a lasting relationship with him? Huh?" Darwen scratched his nose. "Ewythr is the same as you; he doesn't like girls, either, but you don't fancy him, even though he's a fairy."

"Uncle's old and wrinkled. But look at James." Melyn tilted his head, his eyes glazing. "He so handsome. And his chest..." He licked his lips, remembering the last time that James had stayed in the office after-hours, when Melyn and a reluctant Darwen had arranged a small accident with a chair, just as James held a cup of coffee to his mouth. "The abs..."

"You are drooling over a human man." Darwen grimaced, his voice low and quiet.

"How could I not? He's beautiful," Melyn whispered. He closed that little distance that separated him from the object of his admiration and buried his hands in the golden tassels of his hair.


Melyn ignored Darwen, knowing that his friend was too chicken to come closer and drag him away. He closed his eyes, his hands combing though the softest hair before he leaned closer and his face touched the strands. He inhaled deeply. It smelled like oranges.


Melyn opened his eyes and with his hands still in the hair turned to say: 'Darwen, you idiot, don't yell, you might wake him up', when his world turned up side down and he flew through the air toward the metal cabinet behind the desk. Damn it, damn that stupid shit, spoiling one of his best moments like that. He was never going to take Darwen on his ogling trips ever again. With his hands shielding his head and with his half-transparent wings flapping frenziedly, he slammed against the hard surface. A steam of profanity crossed his mind before the darkness embraced him and his small body fell on the floor.


Melyn moaned; his eyes fluttered open before he closed them again. The side of his body and his back hurt, but that was not the only reason for his moan. The main reason for his moan was the gentle pressure that stroked along his spine. "Lower, lower, just a bit lower." Even the caresses that brushed against his sore spots felt good.

The pressure slid lower and rubbed the small of his back. "You can talk?"

"What?" Melyn's eyes flew open. The voice was deep and even though it was familiar, it wasn't familiar enough to belong to any of the fairies. He jumped up, but the fabric of his pants pooling around his ankles restricted his movement, he tumbled onto the wooden surface. On his ass. On his naked ass. Damn, he was half-naked.

"Rape! Ra-" He looked up into the large face framed with short blond hair and green eyes that stared at him. James. It was James. And he was staring at him. And he wasn't freaking out. Melyn tilted his head and smiled, brushing the black curls away from his face. "Hello, there."

James's forefinger touched Melyn's forehead and gently pushed against it.

"Hey, hey." Melyn's swatted the finger away. "What do you think you are doing?"

"You are a living, breathing thing?" James rested his elbow on the counter and propped his chin in his hand. "I mean, I know you are, but it's so surreal, especially now that you are moving and talking."

"Well, yeah. I'm probably not something a human sees often, but we fairies do exist." Melyn stood and pulled his pants up.

"A fairy, eh? Don't fairies have wings?"

"I do have wings. But I have to call them for them to appear." Melyn tied the binding that held his pants on his hips.

"I see. " James smiled. "So, do fairies have names? Mine is James."

Melyn had known James's name for quite some time now. He had heard it when James still worked in the office cubicle. "Of course we have names. Mine's Melyn. He looked around. "Where is my shirt?"

Melyn frowned when he noticed that the walls that should be white were light yellow. The surface that he had thought was a desk was actually some kind of counter with high chairs on either side; it divided the room from the part hidden in the semi-darkness on one side from the space with low cabinets, a weird looking metal cabinet with four different sized round circles and a glass door, high white closet and small cabinets attached to the wall above the counter. "This isn't the anthill. Where am I?"

"The anthill?" James straightened up.

"The office, the building where you work. It reminds me of an anthill." Melyn lifted his arms above him and stretched, testing his bones and muscles. An hour or so and the soreness from the fall that lingered in his body would disappear.


"Yeah, ah." Melyn frowned. He spotted greenish fabric that lay under James's left forearm. He stomped toward it. "So where am I? And why was I naked?" He hauled the garment out from under James's arm and dressed in the knee-length shirt.

"You are in my home and you were naked because I put some Bepanthen cream on you." James wrinkled his forehead. "I didn't know what you were when I picked you up. I thought you were a toy, but you were breathing and... So, I just took you home and took care of you as best as I could." He looked at Melyn. "It seemed that you had quite a fall. Shouldn't you be lying down?"

"All fairies have quick regenerating abilities and unless something is broken, we bounce back fast. Don't worry, I'm okay."

James nodded as he leaned back in the chair.

Melyn's eyes travelled around the room. "What's this?" When James lifted his brows, he indicated the space they were in with a wave of his arm. "This room?"

"It's a kitchen."

"What do you do in the kitchen?" Melyn went toward the plastic bag on the counter that connected the cabinets to the counter on the opposite side. Bags were usually like treasures. If you had an opportunity to look in one of those, you always found something.

"You prepare food and eat."

Melyn nodded and peeked into the bag. Food, there was food in the bag. And lots of it. Apples, a carton of milk, some brown and white bags, some brown bottles and even eggs. He tugged the bag down, his eyes on the word on the green label of one of the bottles. "Foster's Premium Ale." Ale! It was ale! YEY. His eyes started to shine and he wrapped his arms around the bottle, lifting it and pulling it out of the bag.

"What are you doing?" James turned in his chair.

"It's ale." Melyn had trouble balancing with it in his embrace. It was a big, heavy bottle of ale and, since there was nobody of his clan around, it was all his. He giggled.

James grabbed the bottle by its neck and lifted it. "So?"

Melyn wrapped his legs around it, holding on it tight. "It's mine. It's mine. Finders keepers."

"It's mine, I bought it. And if you haven't noticed, I'm also holding it and I'm bigger than you."

"Finders keepers." Melyn refused to give up the bottle.

James sighed and put the bottle down. "Do you want to drink it?"

Melyn nodded. He still held his arms and legs wrapped around the bottle, just in case James was trying to trick him.

James went around the counter into the darkness. He turned on the lightswitch.

The light revealed a space with a small table and four chairs, a couch, armchair, low table and another low, wide table with shelves between two bookshelves. There were silver boxes on the table's shelves and a silver square with dark glass. It reminded Melyn of the squares with moving pictures that every desk in the office had, but they were a lot smaller; similar to the one that was on the desk in the right corner by the bookshelf.

James went toward the left bookshelf and rummaged through the wooden box he pulled out from the lower shelf.

Melyn decided that there would be plenty of time to investigate the room and focused back on the bottle at hand, trying to get rid of the cap that separated him from the golden liquid.


"To your health." Melyn lifted up the thimble and gulped down the last sips of beer. With flushed cheeks and shining eyes, he pushed it before James again. "Another one, please."

"You've had enough." James eyed Melyn.

"One more." Melyn leaned his arms on his crossed knees. He was sitting on the low white plastic table in what James called the living room, while James sat on the rust-brown couch before him. And since today was Friday, or so James said, he would spend two days with James before the blond would carry him back to the office. Even though his mom could feel his life's thread and by that knew that he was alright, everybody was probably worried about him. But even so, Melyn didn't want to take James's offer to carry him back to the office right away.

"This is the last one." James poured a drop of beer into the thimble and gave it to Melyn. "I thought that the fairies were elegant, a little snobbish and sparkling creatures, but the way you act you reminds me more of a dwarf, not a fairy."

"I'm a forest fairy, not a garden one." Melyn grimaced. He never got along with those fairies and for the last couple of years, just talking about them made him growl in anger. But right now he just couldn't force himself to make a hiss. He had a lovely buzz from the alcohol in his blood and the only things that annoyed him were: that he needed to pee and he was too lazy for that, and how even though he shamelessly flirted with James, the man hadn't reacted to his irresistible charm. "There was a wonderful garden where our clan used to live and we had garden fairies for neighbours. I never liked them. They always tried to boss us around. Just because they had more magic than us, that didn't give them the right to turn up their noses and look down on us, or to even tell us how to behave and who should we keep company with." He looked up at James, tucking the black hair that had fallen over his face behind his ear. "We'd rather hang out with dwarfs and other forest beings, but garden fairies didn't approve of that." He took a small sip of beer before he continued. "After our clan refused their meddling, the Blaenors, the leaders of each clan, got in the fight and the next day we found ourselves in that office building. And we don't know where our home is." And even if they had known, they lacked the magic to return, since the stash of magic they had with them was getting smaller with time and the only flowers that could be found in the office were too few to be really useful. "Our Blaenor thinks that the reason for that is because we were sent into the future."

"I'm sorry to hear that." James leaned his elbows on the table. "How many of you are hiding in the office?"

"Twenty-one." Melyn said and then put his hand over his mouth. "I shouldn't tell you that. Or how we found ourselves here. If mom heard me, she would be very cross with me." He giggled. "I'm probably drunk, that's why I'm telling you all this."

"Yes, you drunk." James patted Melyn's head. "No more beer for you."

Melyn grabbed James's finger, pulled it down and leaned on James's hand. He rubbed his cheeks against the back of the hand. "Give me more beer."

James smiled. "What are you doing?"

"Snuggling and trying to charm you." Melyn gave James a cheeky grin. "Is it working?"

"You are the cutest thing I have seen in a long time."

Melyn was aiming for something else, but cute wasn't bad for a beginning. "You are not just saying that?"

"Of course, not." James took the thimble from Melyn's lap, ignoring Melyn's protests, before he wedged his fingers under Melyn's armpits, lifted him and sat him on his hand, which he lifted so their eyes were at the same level. "Look at you. With those black curls of yours and your pink cheeks, you're just too adorable."

Adorable could work, too, for now anyway. Melyn puffed his cheeks then released his breath in long sigh. He tilted his head and from under his black hair gave James a suggestive look, which probably went unnoticed. "Cute enough to give me a kiss?"

"A kiss? Sure, why not." James gave Melyn's forehead a quick press of lips.

"That's not what I meant." Melyn stood up. Leaning forward he put his hands on James's cheeks and pressed his mouth against James's. He darted out with his tongue and licked the tender and soft skin.

"Hey." James lifted Melyn. "Did you just lick me?"

"So?" Melyn asked.

"Nothing." James sighed and set Melyn down on the couch.

"I just wanted to taste you." Melyn plopped down and pressed himself against James's side. "Is there something wrong with it?"

"Are all the fairies as weird as you?"

"You can't even imagine it." Melyn wiggled his way under James's arm into James's lap.