Melyn stared in the mirror in the bathroom, and he couldn't actually believe that the he managed to make the spell work. He giggled. It worked. Too bad that he had needed almost two days for that – and it would have taken even longer if James hadn't helped him find the words on his gadget, the computer, the thing that Darwen was so interested in. And too bad that he only had enough dust for three hours. He frowned. Only for three hours. And he wasn't used to the whole coordination thing. The size hadn't changed, just perspective, but also the distance between him and objects.

He tried to grab the glass standing on the narrow shelf above the sink and his hand bumped against the wall. "Ouch."

"Melyn. What are you doing?" The steps rushed toward the bathroom and James appeared through the door. "Mel-" James stopped with opened mouth and one foot in the bathroom. "Melyn? What?" His gaze travelled up and down Melyn's body. He closed his mouth, opened it again and closed it before he blinked a couple of times. "How...?"

Melyn turned and grinned. He ran his fingers through his hair, almost poking his eye in the process, before he put his hand on his hip and pushed his pelvis out, delighting in the way James's eyes were fixed on his naked body. "Not bad, right?"

"Well..." James seemed to have trouble with swallowing. He made two steps forward. "How did you...?"

"Magic." Melyn closed that little distance that divided them.


"I am a fairy, you know. And fairies are magical creatures." Melyn put his hand on James's shoulder. Okay, he was getting the hang of that coordination thing.

"Yes, I can see that, but..."

"Now, give me a kiss." Melyn pushed himself onto his toes, since he was still a shorter than James by two inches. He pursed his lips.

"What?" James stepped back.

"You said that if I were the same size as you, you would do whatever I want." The grin on Melyn's face modified into something completely indecent as he took a step forward.

"Erm... I did say it, but I didn't know you could transform like that." James would have retreated, but because of the wall behind him, there was nowhere to retreat.

"You said it." Melyn pressed himself against James. "And that's the same as a promise." He pushed his hands under James's shirt.

"Melyn..." James put his hands over Melyn's, holding them immobile.

"Doesn't it feel good when I touch you?" Melyn pulled himself on his toes again and he pressed a kiss on James's mouth.

"Well, I can't say that it feels bad." James said against Melyn's mouth.

Melyn could complain about the choice of words, but he preferred to use the opportunity to shove his tongue down James's throat. He entangled him into a soft, sensual kiss that left both panting after it ended.

"You feel and taste so good." Melyn leaned his temple on James's cheeks. He could feel his blood rushing south and he wanted to press himself against James, to touch him, to immerse himself in him.

"You are not bad either." James released Melyn's hands. "A little over the top, and you give me one shock after the other, but..." With his hands he cupped Melyn's cheeks, forcing him to lean back and look at him. "You are so cute, even in your bigger version." His lips touched Melyn's before he laid a kiss first on Melyn's left eyelid, then the right one.

"I would rather be hot or sexy." Melyn's splayed fingers ran up and down James's torso.

"You are too adorable for that." James chuckled, but when Melyn's fingers rubbed against his nipple, in a not so adorable way, his chuckle changed into a catch of breath. His face become serious and his eyes got a slightly glazed look.

A sly smile decorated Melyn's face as his hands slid lower and started to untie the binding of James's slacks.

"What are you going to do?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm going to undress you." Melyn pushed the untied slacks with the loose boxers over James's hips. They fell to the floor.

"And then what?"

"Then hopefully, you'll let me do what I want." The shirt was next, before Melyn turned James around. He would have preferred to drink in the sight of James's strong body, of the muscles that flexed under that unblemished skin, but he was on a time limit here.

"And what is that?" James set his hands on the tiled wall before him.

"I want to kiss you and touch you." Melyn pressed a kiss on James's neck, his hands caressed James's sides, then glided down to knead the tight ass. He was surprised when James didn't object, when all that he got were hushed moans that sent shivers up his spine and made the blood pump even faster in his veins.

He pressed closer, his chest touched James's back and his erection wedged into the crease of James's ass. His chest heaved as he wrapped his arms around James's middle and his hips started to move on their own.

"Melyn." James's voice was raspy and slightly out of breath. "I don't intend to be your rubbing pole again. You better stop, and if you don't have a self-lubricating dick, you should also prepare me."

Melyn frowned, he really didn't want to stop and the 'prepare me' thing didn't sound too appealing. But in the end, when James promised him that it was going to feel even better, he shifted away from James. They moved to the sink, and listening to his instructions Melyn greased his fingers with a sticky, transparent gel and then pushed one finger into James's ass. It felt hot and smooth and the way the walls contracted around his digit, Melyn almost came, right then and there.

He couldn't wait to be buried inside James and when he was, the feeling of James around him was overwhelming, it made him dizzy and for a few long moments he couldn't even move, too afraid that if he did he would just embarrassed himself.

"Wrap your fingers around my cock." James's wavering voice instructed him and widened his stance.

Melyn leaned his cheek on James's shoulder, his arm went around James's hips and he curled his hand around James's thick erection.

"Now, jerk me off."

Melyn started to move his fist up and down James, while he slid partly out and pushed back in, plunging into the tight hole, where the moist, smooth walls were caressing him and gripping around him. It was heavenly, better than any thing that had experienced in sixty-eight years of life, and he couldn't keep himself from pushing deeper and harder.

He pressed a kiss on James's skin, the small moans coming from James's throat every time he impaled him on his hard shaft made his gut twist in fervid delight. He dug the fingers of his free hand into James's hips, his hips rolling as he rammed into the wet heat. The drops of sweat stuck his curls to his forehead and temples and the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed in the small room, adding fuel to an already burning fire. It was too much. Too much of everything and he couldn't take it any more. The voluptuous tension in his balls threatened to explode, but he didn't want to stop moving, to stop grinding his body into James's, wishing that this feeling of carnal bliss would last forever.

James's insides squeezed around Melyn almost painfully and Melyn couldn't hold the roaring orgasm at bay anymore. It crashed on him like a tornado, swept him off his feet and shoved him into the abyss of raw pleasure. His limbs shook as he emptied himself inside James, his hands still working, albeit weakly, on James.

James's fingers found their way between Melyn's, he tightened Melyn's grip around him and accelerated its rhythm until his spine arched, a raspy groan escaped between his lips and he spilled himself on the white cabinet.

"That was so good," Melyn gasped out, refusing to move away or out of James. "How many times we can do this in two and-a-half hours?"


Melyn felt the urge to whine. He didn't want to leave. Why did he need to leave? Couldn't James stay at home, and they could go to the nearest florist's shop and gather more magic dust, and go to the office tomorrow?

But James said, no. He said that Melyn should go back home since his clan was probably worried about him.

Melyn knew that he was right but... He was still in the whining mood when they arrived at the office and when he sneaked from James's office into the ventilator duct, but he consoled himself that separation from James was just a temporary thing.

As soon as he returned to the 'nest', everybody gathered around him, admiring his new clothes and gladly accepting the fruits James had given him for the fairies. And there was also a bottle of ale and some food waiting in James's office to gather after the working hours.

He planned -- as soon as he had assured everybody that he was fine and that James's seeing him hadn't put his clan into any danger -- to return to James's side, to curl in James's pocket or somewhere near, but Blaenor, the clan's leader and his mom, kept a close eye on him.

She caught him when he wanted to sneak out. First she give him a lecture, about how fairies are forbidden to make a first contact with humans, but since she had heard from Darwen that it had been more of an accident than a planned thing, she wasn't too heavy on his case, but she did wiggle the promise from him that he wouldn't approach James until she talked with James and made sure that he really didn't pose any threat.

Fairies might lie and steal, but when they gave their word they always abided by it.

So Melyn, like a good boy, waited for the Blaenor's return with Darwen, who was full of annoying questions and who couldn't be chased away with short answers. Darwen could be so annoying. And when his mom returned, he was prepared to rush to James, but was stopped in his tracks when his mom ordered the whole clan to start packing.

"What? Why? What's happening?"

"I just talked to James." His mother smoothed her black hair tied into a high ponytail. "I like him. He's a mature and polite young man, and he doesn't act irresponsible and spoiled like somebody that I know."

"Yeah, so?" Melyn asked. "Why are we packing?"

"Because he is going to take us out of this building and out of the city, to the country."

"What?" Melyn needed to lean on the metal wall of the square tube.

"He has a sister, who has a house with a large garden and he said we could live there if we want."

"And you trusted him?" Darwen asked.

"I use a spell of truth and intentions on him." The Blaenor said. "He can be trusted." She looked at Melyn. "But you on the other hand..." She shook his head. "I heard what you did to him."

Melyn had a decency to blush. "Mooom."

The Blaenor chuckled. "You are a piece of work, you really are, but I'm happy for you. I know that you have been pining for him for a long time."

"Mooom. Stop embarrassing me."

"Nobody is embarrassing you. Well, except your childish behaviour." The Blaenor said. "Now, boys, go pack."

The sleeping and storing cloths were quickly pulled down and together with personal belongings tied up with ribbons. Then the fairies with their bundles sneaked into James's office, where James waited for them with a fabric shopping bag.

"Why are you doing this?" Melyn climbed into the pocket of his jacket.

"Because the office is no place for fairies and I can help you live somewhere more appropriate for you." James said. He waited until all the fairies were comfortably resting in the bag before he lifted it.

Melyn knew already what expected of him; the trip by the train in the underground, James called it the Tube, but what he didn't expect was James taking them into a metal box, similar to those that that drove around on the asphalt between the buildings.

"It's called a car." Darwen explained to everybody as they floated out of the bag, which James set on the floor before the passenger seat. "I saw many pictures of it on the internet."

"You use the internet?" James turned the key in the ignition.

The machine buzzed to life and some of the older fairies and the children got scared and hid back in the bag, while the Blaenor and the other fairies occupied the passenger seat.

"Sometimes." Darwen flew up on the dashboard.

"He watches humans while they use erm, the computers. Here and there he tries to use it on his own, but he can't go as far as you did when you looked up those words for me." Melyn sat down on James's thigh.

"My sister has two children and they are both hooked on the computer. I think that they would love to show you how it works." James said to Darwen.

"Would they really?" Darwen got all excited.

"Who cares?" Melyn mumbled under his breath. He leaned his back on James's torso, enjoying the warmth. Listening with one ear to the conversation between Darwen and James, he looked out of the window to the sky that could be seen between the tall buildings.

With each driven mile the buildings became shorter and shorter, with the green tops of the trees between them. The car slowed down and drove on a sandy road.

"Just fifteen minutes more." James patted Melyn's head before his hand was back on the steering wheel. "You are going to love it here, Melyn. My sister has a large garden with lots of different flowers, and there's a small forest nearby. I'll show you my favourite spots when I visit for the weekend."

"What?" Melyn looked up at James.

"My sister has a garden and there's a forest nearby."

"Not that. You said that you are going to come for a weekend."

"Yeah, I usually visit every second weekend or less, when there's a lot of work, but I'll try to come every weekend."

"That won't do."

"Oh, here we are." James stopped the car.

All the fairies, even those who spent the ride in the bag, flew up and glued themselves to the window.

A kind-looking two-storey- house in the middle of lush greenery greeted them.

After the car motor was turned off, James went inside the house, saying that he had better explain to his sister, Alice, why he had come, before she saw the fairies and had a heart attack.

Melyn watched James disappear though the house's door before he turned to his mother. "I'm going home with him. I'm not leaving him."

"But honey, you have to consider, you might have known him for five years, but he has only known you for three days. What if he doesn't want you there?"

"I'm going back with him."

"But, honey..."

"Let the boy go," said the oldest fairy, whom they all called Ewythr, the uncle. "If being with this human makes him happy, you should let him go."

"Yeah, mom, please."

"I don't know."

Soon the other fairies started to give their support to Melyn, who was quite surprised, but he took all the back-up that was offered and his mother gave in. Actually with almost all the clan supporting Melyn there was nothing else she could do. At the end she even gave him the pouch with magic dust -- or what was left of it, since now there were more than enough blossoms for harvesting magic from.

James came out from the house, with a blonde woman who looked like him by his side. He opened the car doors and took the bag out from the car, and then after all the fairies flew out on the open- except Melyn who hid behind the seat- he closed the car door.

James introduced Blaenor and Alice, and they talked quite some time.

The voices drifted by Melyn, but he was too restless and excited to really focus on the words. He almost lost his patience when the door opened.

James threw his jacket over the passenger seat. "Where is Melyn? I want to say goodbye to him?"

"He's probably pouting, because you are leaving so soon." The Blaenor said. "My son gets really childish when something doesn't go his way."

"Yeah, I noticed." James sighed. "It's a shame. I hope he has calmed down by my next visit."

"I'm sure he will." Alice patted James's shagged shoulder. "And I'm confident that he will like it here, you don't have to worry."

Melyn sneaked into the pocket of James's jacket.

"You are probably right." James squeezed Alice in a hug and nodded to the Blaenor before he slipped into the car's front seat and started the engine. He drove off, giving a last wave to the woman and the floating creature.

Melyn yawned and snuggled deeper into the pocket. If James thought that seeing each other every weekend would be enough for Melyn, he was wrong. And if he thought that Melyn would so easily accept that, he was in for a surprise. For a big surprise. And since this time he was coming with James with his clan's blessing, there were more surprises in store for James. He smiled and wrapped his arms tighter around the pouch filled with a week and a half worth of magic dust. A week and a half worth of magic dust. And plans of how he was going to use it. James wouldn't even know what hit him. He giggled.